Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aion Cheats - Be aware of Asmos/Elyos

Aion gives you a very simple way, to get warnings if an enemy is near long before you can actually see him, or see him on the map.

  • Add a new Chat Tab
  • Check "Combat Other - Enemy Buffs"
  • Check "Combat Other - Enemy Skills"
  • Check "Combat Other - Enemy got Hit"
  • Set the Color for theese channels to Red or any other Color you see fast enough.
  • Move the Tab to a place where you see it fast
  • Enemy Skills and Buffs appear in that chat window much much faster than they appear on your minimap or as you can see them.
  • Only Enemy Player´s appear in that chatbox (no monsters......)
  • The Chat show everything an enemy player does, like Stealth or Buffing or things like that.

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