Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Level 80 Boost Event

 Event Duration:

  • March 25 – April 7 (Character Boost)

Two weeks ago, we doubled down on Atreia’s Dungeons with our special Dungeon Boost Event! This event bestowed many of the realm’s dungeons with enhanced rewards, and now we are launching an initiative to help newer players get in on the action!

 The Character Jump System

To ensure all Daevas can participate in this rare, loot-crazed opportunity, we are activating the Character Jump System from March 24 to April 7. This system can be accessed via a dedicated button at the Character Select screen, which takes players to a special creation process. Once there, any player who has at least a Level 10 character on their account can mint themselves a new Level 80!

Your Jumped Character

Character boosts cannot be used on existing characters. This means, if you are a new player, you will need to first level a character up to the Level 10 requirement to be eligible. (You might not want to use your desired name or this pre-requisite character)

After reaching Level 10, the Character Jump system will become accessible to you. Return to the character selection screen and proceed through the Character Jump to create a new character to boost to Level 80! Your character will spawn in either Inggison (Elyos) or Gelkmaros (Asmodians) with a set of equipment, and useful items in their inventory.

[Event] +5 Ultimate Risiel Armor Box1Contains 6 armor selection boxes, a full set!
[Event] +5 Ultimate Risiel Weapon Selection Box2 
[Event] Administrator's Special Treatment - One-Time Ticket10Prevents XP loss on death and provides reduced travel cost for 1 hour.
[Event] Class B Minion Contract1 
[Event] Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Box10 
[Event] General Return Scroll10 Help Box to Grow Stronger1Contains a full set of stigmas for your class and 100,000 Kinah
[Event] Ultimate Risiel Accessory Selection Box1Contains 6 accessory selection boxes.
[Event] Ultimate Risiel Feather Accessory Box1Contains 3 feather accessory selection boxes.
Socket Stone500 
Transformation Scroll100 

Restrictions / Notices

We want to caution all Daevas to proceed thoughtfully when Jumping a character!

Once you have completed your selections… congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Level 80 character. There has never been a better time to begin your adventures in Atreia than alongside our current Dungeon Boost Event – so look at how to get involved and good luck out there Daeva!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Patch 7.8 - Official Patch Notes



  1. Added the Minion Awakening function
    • S-Grade, Rank 4 Minions can now be awakened, which unlocks a special Mini-Minion slot.
    • Awakening a Minion requires another S-Grade, Rank 4 Minion to be consumed. Once awakened, this does not need to occur again.
    • Only Rank 4 minions (of any grade) can be equipped as Mini-Minions.
    • A Mini-Minion’s active skill can be used while the awakened Minion is summoned, and they provide additional stats on top of the summoned Minion’s based on their grade and the class of character that summons it:
Mini-Minion GradeAdditional Sub Attribute
S GradeHP 3000
(Magic/Physical) Attack 80
(Magic/Physical) Accuracy 90
(Magic/Physical) Crit 80
A GradeHP 1000
(Magic/Physical) Attack 40
(Magic/Physical) Accuracy 45
(Magic/Physical) Crit 40
B GradeHP 500
(Magic/Physical) Attack 20
(Magic/Physical) Accuracy 20
(Magic/Physical) Crit 20
C GradeHP 250
(Magic/Physical) Attack 10
(Magic/Physical) Accuracy 10
(Magic/Physical) Crit 10
  • If the same S-Rank Minion (regardless of prefix) is equipped as the Mini-Minion, you’ll receive additional stats.
S Rank Sub-MinionsAdditional Sub-Attributes
Courageous HyperionPVE Bonus Defense 190
Ferocious HyperionPVP Bonus Defense 190
Courageous KromedePVE Bonus Attack 190
Ferocious KromedePVP Bonus Attack 190
Rejuvenated ViolaHealing Boost 95
Tenacious ViolaHP 2500
Deft Sheba(Magic/Physical) Attack 660
Deadly Sheba(Magic/Physical) Crit 380
Stubborn ModorMagic Resistance 660
Agile ModorEvasion 660


  1. Added Yornforged Weapons.
    • Yornforged Weapons are in 3 tiers.
    • The first tier, Incomplete Yornforged Weapons, are available from world bosses and end-game instances.
    • Second and Third tier weapons are acquired via equipment promotion. They can only be promoted at Yornunerk in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
    • Promotion requires Essence of the Craftsman, which is obtained by extracting unwanted first and second tier Yornforged weapons.
  2. Added a +10 refinement effect to Gemstones.
  3. Some items now have a new section on their tooltip containing additional information about that item.
  4. Changed so that Ultimate Legion Scout’s/Guard’s Equipment Box can be sold and stored in account storage.
  5. Fixed an issue where [Event] Ultimate Bitterthorn dual-wielding weapons could not be equipped in the left hand.
  6. Fixed an issue where gemstone skills would incorrectly gain a +5 buff in some situations.
  7. Changed some equipment appearances.
  8. Fixed an issue where hairstyles are shown when wearing Big Decoration Hat items.
  9. Fixed an issue where attack animations look awkward for some weapons at high attack speeds.
  10. Changed some features of Ultimate Starlight Soul Stones.
    • Changed the amount acquired from extracting Royal Heart equipment.
    • Added to the extraction rewards for Ultimate Scarlet Luminance Accessories/Feather Accessories.
    • Royal Heart equipment can now be purchased for Ultimate Starlight Soul Stones.
  11. Bonus entry scrolls for Hard Mode dungeons now offer a choice.
  12. Fixed an issue where Lugbug’s Large Gold Star (7 days) did not have a time limit applied.
  13. Fixed an issue where discontinued quest items could still be looted.
  14. Fixed some awkward appearances when wearing some swimsuit costume items.
  15. Added Glyph buff icons when a +5 enchanted Glyph is equipped.
  16. Changed so that rare Glyph stat colors are only shown at +5.
  17. Adjusted the requirements for rare Glyph stats.
  18. Adjusted the transformation power recharge level of some consumable items used in Advanced Transmutation.


  1. Changed several aspects of the Arena of Discipline to prevent exploiting.
  2. Changed so that the hard-mode instances such as Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard), Primeth’s Forge (Hard), etc. no longer share their entries with their normal-difficulty counterparts.
  3. Changed the MP consumption of some skills in Minium Vault.
  4. Fixed an issue where Lym Ore Grinder would not spawn in Primeth’s Forge (Normal).
  5. Fixed an issue where two stone statues of the same race appear in Illumiel Brawl.
  6. Changed so that using the Crucible Spire (Middle Floor) 4th floor Teleport Scroll will cause Chronomancer Inggril/Inggness to disappear.
  7. Added Combat Relics that appear after defeating the soldiers on Illumiel Brawl and can be obtained for additional points.
  8. Fixed a bug where the same racial icons appeared intermittently on Illumiel Brawl.
  9. Fixed a bug where short range weapons could not attack in Esoterrace’s Research Center ventilator.
  10. Corrected some of Mortasha’s patterns in Altar of Ascension (Easy).
  11. Fixed an issue where Stellin Laboratory (Easy) Reward Chests would not spawn intermittently.
  12. Fixed an issue where Efficient Pain Rune dealt unusually high damage in Chaotic Vale.
  13. Changed some of the Crucible Spire (lower level) challenge completion rewards.
    • Increased the probability of obtaining a 'Crucible Spire (middle level) 4th Floor Teleport Scroll'.
    • Added 'Experience Extractor'.
    • Removed Alcemium Key, HP Cubicle.
  14. Adjusted the XP acquired for defeating monsters in some parts of the Crucible Spire Middle/Lower levels.


Balanced skills for each class:

ClassSkillBefore ChangeAfter Change
GladiatorSecond WindHP Recovery 20%HP Recovery 20,000
HP Increase 20%HP Increase 10,000
TemplarEmpyrean ArmorHP Recovery 25%HP Recovery 25,000
HP Increase 50%HP Increase 25,000
Unstoppable Iron SkinRecovers 2% HP every 1 second for 10 secondsRecovers 2000 HP every 1 second for 10 seconds.
(Advanced) Unstoppable Iron SkinRecovers 3% HP every 1 second for 12 secondsRecovers 3000 HP every 1 second for 12 seconds.
Empyrean ShieldRecovers 10% HP every 3 seconds for 20 secondsRecovers 10000 HP every 3 seconds for 20 seconds
ClericNoble GraceBoosts healing effects by 50%Healing Boost 300 Increase
HP 1800 IncreaseHP 8,000 Increase
(Advanced) Noble GraceBoosts healing effects by 50%Healing Boost 500 Increase
HP 4455 IncreaseHP 10,000 Increase
SalvationHP 50% RecoveryHP 25,000 Recovery
MP 50% RecoveryMP 15,000 Recovery
AcquittalHP 30% RecoveryHP 30,000 Recovery
Additional 20% HP recovery every 2 seconds for 15 secondsAdditional 20000 HP recovery every 2 seconds for 15 seconds
Rapid SalvationHP 50% RecoveryHP 25,000 Recovery
MP 50% RecoveryMP 15,000 Recovery
(Advanced) Rapid SalvationHP 65% RecoveryHP 35,000 Recovery
MP 65% RecoveryMP 18,000 Recovery
Iron Wall SalvationHP 30% RecoveryHP 15,000 Recovery
MP 30% RecoveryMP 10,000 Recovery
(Advanced) Iron Wall SalvationHP 40% RecoveryHP 20,000 Recovery
MP 40% RecoveryMP 12,000 Recovery
Sacrificial PowerPassive SkillActive Skill
(Advanced) Sacrificial PowerCooldown 30 seconds
Judge's Edict20 seconds Magic Defense 1000 Decrease12 seconds Magic Defense 300 Decrease
Physical Defense 300 Decrease
Cannot Dispel
(Advanced) Judge's Edict20 seconds Magic Defense 1500 Decrease12 seconds Magic Defense 500 Decrease
Physical Defense 500 Decrease
Cannot Dispel
ChanterRecovery ShieldRecovers 3% HP every 2 seconds for 20 secondsRecovers 3000 HP every 2 seconds for 12 seconds
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
(Advanced) Recovery ShieldRecovers 6% HP every 2 seconds for 20 secondsRecovers 6000 HP every 2 seconds for 12 seconds
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
Rejuvenating SpellInstant Health RecoveryInstant Health Recovery 20% Increase
(Advanced) Rejuvenating SpellAdditional health recovery every 2sAdditional health recovery every 2s 20% Increase
Roaring JudgmentRequires a selected targetDoes not require a selected target
(Advanced) Roaring Judgment
Protective Ward20s duration
Cooldown 2 minutes
12s duration
Cooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
Protection Ward
Recovery Shield
(Advanced) Recovery Shield
SpiritmasterSpirit's EmpowermentHP Increase 30%HP Increase 12,000
(Advanced) Spirit's EmpowermentHP Increase 30%HP Increase 12,000
SongweaverHymm of HopeHP 20% RecoveryHP 20,000 Recovery
MP 20% RecoveryMP 10,000 Recovery
Aria of HopeHP 30% RecoveryHP 30,000 Recovery
HP 20% IncreaseHP 10,000 Increase
Rejuvenating AriaCooldown 1 minute 30 secondsCooldown 60 seconds
Refreshing MelodyCooldown 60 secondsCooldown 30 seconds
Snowflower MelodyMax Protection 10000Max Protection 12000
HP Recovery 2820HP Recovery 6000
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
(Advanced) Snowflower MelodyMax Protection 12000Max Protection 15000
HP Recovery 8460HP Recovery 10000
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
Snowbound MelodyMax Protection 10000Max Protection 12000
HP Recovery 5640HP Recovery 6000
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
(Advanced) Snowbound MelodyMax Protection 12000Max Protection 15000
HP Recovery 8460HP Recovery 10000
Cooldown 2 minutesCooldown 1 minute 30 seconds
VandalTarget SketchingCannot dispelCan dispel with advanced dispel
Target Concentration
(Advanced) Target Concentration
Time BombBleed effect after 4sStun effect after 2s
(Advanced) Time Bomb
Healing SealIncreases healing skill cast timesIncreases healing skill cast times
Target's Healing Boost 200 Decrease
(Advanced) Healing SealIncreases healing skill cast timesIncreases healing skill cast times
Target's Healing Boost 300 Decrease
BlowReduces Healing Boost by 400 for 5sReduces Healing Boost by 400 for 10s
GunslingerMaterialize MagicHP Recovery 25%HP Recovery 25,000
HP Increase 25%HP Increase 11,000
AethertechHypergate DetonationHP Recovery 100%HP Recovery 100,000

Reworked Transformation: Guardian General at each level.

Skill Name   
Before Change   
After Change   
Transformation: Guardian General (I ~ V)   
I: PvP Attack 1,000 Increase, HP 234,000 Increase   
I: PvP Attack, Defense 1,300 Increase,   HP 351,000 Increase   
II: PvP Attack 1,200 Increase, HP 280,800 Increase   
II: PvP Attack, Defense 1,500 Increase,   HP 421,200 Increase   
III: PvP Attack 1,400 Increase, HP 327,600 Increase   
III: PvP Attack, Defense 1,800 Increase,   HP 491,400 Increase   
IV: PvP Attack 1,700 Increase, HP 374,400 Increase   
IV: PvP Attack, Defense 2,200 Increase,   HP 561,600 Increase   
V: PvP Attack 2,000 Increase, HP 468,000 Increase   
V: PvP Attack, Defense 2,500 Increase,   HP 702,000 Increase   
Attack/Cast speed limit applied   
Attack/Cast speed limit removed   
Effect cannot be removed   
Effect can be removed   
Abyssal Fury I (I ~ V)   
I: 5,000 Fixed damage   
I : 12,500 Fixed damage   
II: 6,000 Fixed damage   
II: 15,000 Fixed damage   
III: 7,000 Fixed damage   
III: 17,500 Fixed damage   
IV / V: 8,000 Fixed damage   
IV / V: 20,000 Fixed damage   
Summon Abyssal Energy (I~II)   
I: Fixed damage 5,000 (6 targets)   
I: Fixed damage 20,000 (6 targets)   
II: Fixed damage 5,000 (12 targets)   
II: Fixed damage 30,000 (12 targets)   


  1. Changed the spawn location of the box in Pandarunerk’s Delve Infiltration.
  2. Edited some terrain in Inggison.
  3. Fixed an issue where portions of the Hall of Eternity’s outer wall were set as safety zones.


  1. Fixed an exploit that allowed entry into some fortresses at the start of the siege.
  2. Changed so that flying is not possible in the Divine Fortress.


  1. Reorganized the items available at Renown merchants.
  2. Weekly limits will be reset at maintenance due to the above reorganization. Future weekly limit resets will occur as stated on the items.

Lugbug Missions

Fixed an issue where the mission [Common] New Strength would trigger incorrectly.


  1. Added the ability to control option sliders using the mouse wheel.
  2. Improved sound related to the adjustment bar.
  3. Increased the maximum number of buffs and debuffs.
  4. Added video volume settings to [Environment Setting] – [Sound Setting] – [Sound].
  5. Changed so that messages are output upon obtaining Ultimate Starlight Equipment through promotion.
  6. Fixed an issue where some unobtainable equipment was shown on the Item Guide.
  7. Fixed an issue where incorrect Runestone effect info was displayed in the transformation buff in some situations.


  1. Changed the combat patterns of some monsters located in Inggison, Gelkmaros, and Silentera Canyon.
  2. Edited some Demaha region NPC titles.


  1. Fixed an issue where sound effects played twice when items are purchased or sold.
  2. Fixed an issue where the game client would not run in some environments.

NCW Feature Changes

  1. Increased the ratio for which items sell to NPC merchants to 15%.
  2. For the first week after the update (until 3/3/2021), players logging in on a level 76+ character will receive the following items via survey:
    • 4x [Event] Ultimate Risiel Weapon Selection Box
    • 6x [Event] Ultimate Risiel Armor Selection Box
    • 1x [Event] Name Change Ticket
    • 1x [Event] Appearance Selection Box
    • 10x [Event] Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Box
    • 10x [Event] Aether Jelly
    • 5x [Event] Administrator’s Boon – Single Use Ticket
    • 3x [Event] Consumables Bundle
    • 1x [Event] Versatile Dye
    • 1x [Event] Large Shard Bundle
    • 1x [Event] General Return Scroll Bundle

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

New Feature: Yornforged Weapons

As we highlighted in yesterday’s news post, we will soon be adding new features to Aion up to and including what was present in the September 9th patch in Korea. Today we are revealing the second new feature coming with this patch: Yornforged Weapons!
Yornforged Weapon Sets

A new weapon set is arriving in Atreia with new progression paths, bonus stats, and unique abilities. Titled ‘Yornforged Weapons’, these stout armaments began their lives not entirely whole but, with your help, can be nurtured into Ultimate grade weapons which bestow incredible strength to their wielder.
Incomplete Yornforged Weapon

Incomplete Yornforged Weapons can be acquired from end-game instances and world bosses. These weapons hold less initial strength, but they also possess a wealth of potential power.

To progress them from this infantile stage, the weapon must possess +10 enchantment. In addition, Daevas must secure a new material called Essence of the Craftsman, which can be obtained by extracting (and consequently destroying) unwanted Yornforged weapons.
Yornforged Weapon

Successful promotion will yield a Yornforged Weapon, which is the second and middle-stage of progress. Melee Yornforged Weapons can have an additional bonus which makes them extendable*, meaning they have double the attack range of normal melee weapons of their type. Three different versions exist, each imbues stats specialized for certain classes or playstyles.

Once a Yornforged Weapon reaches +15 enchantment, the weapon can again be upgraded, this time to Tier 3. This promotion requires Essence of the Craftsman and has a chance to fail. Failure will return a +10 tier 2 weapon box.
Yornforged Named Weapon

Success will yield a Yornforged Named Weapon, the most powerful tier of any Yornforged Weapon. They are Ultimate grade and have a unique naming convention, unlike the previous tiers. Similar to Tier 2 Yornforged Weapons, there are three different stat options and the melee weapons* are extendable. As an added bonus, some of the ranged weapons have a unique weapon skill, Yornforged Living Masterpiece, which will create a buff zone that applies bonus stats to players standing inside of it.

Yornforged weapons present a new way for Daevas to grow and wield their power. We wish you the best of luck in acquiring your first sets of them, and on your path towards acquiring your first Named Weapon!

Happy hunting out there Daevas!
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Friday, February 19, 2021

New Feature: Minion Awakening

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Aion is receiving a host of updates, bringing the game current to the major Sept. 9 patch Korea received last year. The first of the major new features is Minion Awakening, which you can read more about below. Minion Awakening

Now, Rank 4, S-Grade minions can be Awakened, but be warned: awakening a minion comes at a price. You will be required to offer an additional S-Grade minion in order to awaken your chosen minion.

Awakened minions gain access to a new mini-minion slot, meaning they can equip minions of their own. They can only equip Rank 4 minions, of any grade.

Mini-minions provide several benefits. You'll be able to use their active minion skill in addition to your minion's, and will gain bonus stats based on the type and grade of the mini-minion. If a minion equips an S-Rank mini-minion of the same type (regardless of prefix), you will gain additional bonus stats rather than being able to use its skill twice. Awakening is a straightforward feature, it is also a very powerful one!

We will have more news to come on what else will be joining Aion in the upcoming update!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Stolen Hearts Event

Event Duration: 2/10 – 2/24

A towering pile of chocolate candies has appeared in Inggison and Gelkmaros, and while nobody seems to quite know why, one thing is certain: it is getting bigger!

Being the savvy Daeva you are, you deduce that there must be a reason why others are building up the spire of sweets’ size, but what could that reason be? Join in the chocolatey fun to find out!

Acquiring Ultimate Chocolate

Building anything requires materials, and in this case that means candy. LOTS of candy! Specifically, the chocolate kind. To get your hands on some of these valued confectionary chocolates, you can:
Slay monsters across Inggison and Gelkmaros, who each have a chance to drop the tasty treats.
Complete Event Lugbug Missions which require you to slay specific monsters across Inggison and Gelkmaros
Just login! Atreia itself will grant candy to Daevas who grace the realm with their presence during this celebration – up to 10 per day!

Using Ultimate Chocolate

Are you now the proud owner of some savory sweets, but not sure what to do next? It’s time to visit candy mountain and contribute to its growth. In Inggison and Gelkmaros, Daevas will find the towering pile of chocolate candy. Those who donate their chocolate to the pile by adding 10 [Event] Ultimate Chocolates will be rewarded with a random quantity of Event Coins. Between 10 and 50 coins can be earned for each turn-in! So, don’t even think about trying to eat that chocolate!

Event Merchant Seasonal Items

The greedy Baron and Baroness Baroca took bonbons bounties and stashed them away as weapon skins! Consequently, the Heartseeker and Pureheart weapons will now be available, as well as the [Event] Wonderland Hat and [Event] Wonderland Outfit.

The Heartseeker weapon set has an all-new Chromablaster skin!
[Event] Pureheart Weapon Box800
Heartseeker Weapon Box800
[Event] Wonderland Hat100
[Event] Wonderland Outfit400
Good luck candy-hunters; may fortune and the sweet scent of chocolate accompany your wherever you go!
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Friday, February 5, 2021

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Sex Machines VR

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Mirage is a game that takes realism as far as it can go. It’s all about realistic renderings and interactions with the girl of your choice. It’s still under development, but you can start playing it right now. You’ll be treated to realistic environments. The apartment is a new addition that makes you feel like you’re in a real apartment with a real woman who just wants to have a good time with you. On top of that, you can interact with and move anything in the room that you want, just to make it as real as possible.

Group Naughty VR

If you want a little something of every flavor then Group Naughty VR is the game that you’ve been looking for. This is a full on orgy simulator that lets you get yourself into anyone you want. You’re not limited to just straight sex here. There’s gay sex, lesbian sex, bisexual sex, and even trans sex. No matter what you want to do, you can do it right here and you’ll never want to leave the orgy once you get started. It’s all fun and games until someone starts to cum.

Pornflix and Chill

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Garden of Growth Event

    • Event Duration: January 27 – February 10

      Come quickly now to the Garden of Growth, your services are needed posthaste! Garden Tentakluds and thieving Dukaki Swindlers have been ravaging our fields, but with your help the garden can stabilize – even flourish - which will be good for everyone… including you!


      Daevas seeking to participate in the Garden of Growth must seek out the garden’s gated entrance, which will be found in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Only one entry is available per day, however additional entries will be made available via Luna and the Black Cloud Marketplace.

      Once inside, a beautifully sculpted garden awaits. However, it is beset by waves of crawling Garden Tentakluds, as well as thieving Dukaki Swindlers, each with the ability to periodically spawn.

      Defeat them for experience, and the occasional Timeless Terrance Renown Tonic (2000), which they have a chance drop.

      The crops within the garden will mature every 10 minutes. Harvest the crops to obtain Experience Extractors and [Event] Lumiel’s Transmutation Energy Source, which can be used in Lumiel’s Transmutation.

      After one full hour passes, the instance will conclude, and you will be returned to your previous location. Due to the length of the instance, and the repetitive nature of the task, we highly recommend utilizing the Auto-Hunting system, which is available for this event!


      The auto-hunting system will be enabled for players while within the Garden of Growth. We are eager to hear players’ thoughts on this system, including where you would like to see it used in other areas of the game, and to what extent. We discussed Auto-Hunting in our Producer’s Letter, but are curious to hear what existing players think of the feature after experiencing it for themselves.

      Auto-hunting will only be available while in the Garden of Growth instance.
      To set up Auto-Hunting, click the gear icon on the Auto-Hunting HUD.
      The information button (“i” icon) will show various statistics about the current Auto-Hunting session, such as experience, items earned, as well as monsters slain.
      To start and stop Auto-Hunting, click the orange play button in the middle. The button will light up while Auto-Hunting is in progress.

      Skill Settings
      This section is where Daevas can arrange their skill rotation.

      Skills that have a chain combo will complete their chains as best they are able to before moving onto the next skill.
      Recovery Settings
      Here, you can designate recovery items to use once your HP or MP is reduced beyond a certain threshold.
      Here, you can toggle a variety of functions:
      Prioritize Quest Monsters will cause the character to prioritize killing nearby quest targets, as long as the quest is active in the quest tracker.
      Automatically Sell Junk will cause the character to sell junk items once the players inventory is full, via the inventory shop, in order to preserve inventory space as much as possible.
      Automatically Extract EXP will cause the character to use an experience extraction item (for example, Experience Extractors or Bobonerk’s Coin) when the EXP bar fills to 90%. The item used will be the first eligible item in the inventory, when searched left to right, top to bottom. Be sure to manually arrange items in the order which they should be used.
      Minion Settings
      Opens the Minion window. Remember, Minions can automatically loot items if Minion Functions are enabled!
      Item NameContentsQuantityPriceNotes
      Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle[BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle1160A bundle containing a Paragon Enchantment Stone or a Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone. Available until 1/27.
      Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle x10[BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle10144010 bundles, each containing a Paragon Enchantment Stone or a Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone. Available until 1/27.
      Paragon Enchantment Mega Bundle[BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle20288020 Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundles, plus a bonus Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone. Available until 1/27.
      Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone1
      Paragon Weapon Introductory Bundle[BCM] Paragon Weapon Selection Box12000Introduce yourself to Paragon weapons! One Paragon Weapon Selection Box, five Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundles, and a Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone. Limit 1 per account. Available until 1/27.
      [BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle5
      Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone1
      Paragon Armor Introductory Bundle[BCM] Paragon Armor Selection Box12000Introduce yourself to Paragon armor! One Paragon Armor Selection Box, five Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundles, and a Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone. Limit 1 per account. Available until 1/27.
      [BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle5
      Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone1


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