Thursday, May 21, 2020

Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea - Item and System Changes

On May 27, Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea will arrive! With a wealth of system changes on the way, we’ve put together this guide so Daevas can prepare for the new content. In it, you can find details on the new Renown system, as well as basic functionality of the new Gemstone and Runestone systems, all of which will be available in just one week!

Check out the highlights below, and expect the patch notes on release day to provide all the details you might need!


  • Renown experience can now be earned by completing various quests and zone content across Balaurea.
  • Increasing your Renown level will unlock additional content, such as new merchants, quests, and more!
  • Renown is earned on a per-zone basis. For example, quests in Inggison will only increase your Renown for Inggison.
  • Renown decays each week, so be sure to maintain your Renown level for the best rewards!
  • Higher Renown levels within Inggison and Gelkmaros will allow players to open rifts to invade the opposing faction’s zones. Higher Renown levels will increase the number of players a rift can accommodate.


The Gemstone system grants players access to new active abilities. Gemstones can be socketed into Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Belts.

Each Gemstone possesses three primary attributes: Class, Color, and Quality.

Class: Indicates which classes are permitted to use the Gemstone. This is listed in the Gemstone’s name.

Color: Indicates which equipment sockets can accept the Gemstone. Some equipment has a Rainbow socket, which can accept any Color of Gemstone; however, most accept only one color.

Quality: An indication of the relative power of the Gemstone. Quality can either be Normal, Shining, or Dazzling.


You can attempt to modify the Color and Quality of Gemstones via Combination (note that Class cannot be modified).

Color: Combining two Gemstones of different colors will yield a Gemstone of a third color.

Quality: Combining Gemstones of different Qualities can randomly yield either a Normal or Shining Gemstone. Dazzling Gems cannot be created via Combination.


Gemstones can be improved via Refining, which is a process similar to Enchantment for pieces of gear. It requires Refining Stones.

Refining may be required for some Gemstones in order for their abilities to become usable.

When Refining, there is also a chance the Gemstone can become Corrupted. Corrupted Gemstones cannot be further Refined until they are Sanctified using a Sanctification Potion.


The Runestone system grants players access to new passive abilities. While the system operates similarly to Gemstones, Runestones can be socketed into Plumes, Bracelets, and Wings without any restriction.

When three runes of the same set are equipped (ex: 'of illusion'), all transformations belonging to that set will receive a stat bonus based on the lowest level rune equipped.

For example, having two Level 3 "of illusion" runes equipped and one Level 2 "of illusion" rune will add a +2 to your Kaisinel transformation


Runestones can be enhanced via Refining, which boosts the power of their passive effects.

When Refining, there is also a chance the result can become Corrupted. Corrupted Runestones cannot be further Refined until they are Sanctified using a Sanctification Potion.

We can’t wait to see how Daevas use the new enhanced progression and crafting opportunities that these systems will bring! Look forward to these new changes when Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea arrives on May 27th!
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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Arriving May 27

After their betrayal, Stellin Industries and Benirunerk have been branded enemies of the Daevas. At the same time, Inanna has disappeared without a trace, which can’t be a coincidence. Join in the pursuit to find her and continue to unravel the conspiracy on May 27 with the Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea update. To get Daevas ready, we are offering a FREE Dragon Carpet Pack . But act quickly! Players must register before the update goes live on May 27. Click here to register your account.

This update brings in a Dredgion full of new instances, new items, zone and system changes, and more.

New Instances

Altar of Ascension is a new 6-man instance where you can acquire new Burning Altar accessories. The Chaotic Vale, a stat-equalized battleground will also make its debut. 

Balaurea Revamp

The land of the Balaur will undergo changes and Daevas will need to adapt quickly! Monsters will be more formidable in Inggison, Gelkamaros, and Silentera Canyon--but that’s not all that’s changing!

New Systems

Daevas can earn Renown and climb ranks through this new system by killing monsters and doing quests in Balaurea. Higher levels of Renown will unlock additional items at merchants, bonus quests, and more!

Joining the Renown system are the new Gemstone and Runestone systems. We’ll have a deep dive article on all these new systems soon, so keep an eye out! 
New Equipment

Get ready to update your equipment with the latest and greatest, which can be found in the new instances. Paragon armor and weapons, new unique Imbued weapons, and Accessories and Plumes are waiting for you to unlock their power! Gemstones and Runestones will also be made available to power up your accessories and feather accessories, respectively.

There’s lots more details to come for everything in Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea. Over the coming weeks we’ll have more information to release about the update including the full patch notes on May 26.

Prepare your party and Legion, you must find Inanna before it’s too late! Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea launches May 27 and don’t forget to sregister for the FREE Dragon Carpet Pack!
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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Winds of Change Event

The Winds of Change are beginning to blow as an uneasiness settles upon the monsters lurking within Atreia.Strike now, because for a limited time, Daevas can complete select instances for bonus rewards and gear!

How To Participate

There’re extra drops for all Daevas, check below to see which instances you can run to participate:

  • Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith - defeating the final bosses can earn you powerful Ultimate Sovereign armor and weapons.
  • Beshmundir Temple and Drakenspire Depths - defeating final bosses has a chance to drop Manastone Fasteners, Ancient Engraved Manastone Boxes, and Legendary Engraved Manastone Boxes.
  • Cygnea and Enshar - defeating monsters in these zones also have a chance to drop Manastone Fasteners, Ancient Engraved Manastone Boxes, and Legendary Engraved Manastone Boxes..
The Winds of Change will be active until May 27, so be sure to explore these areas before they’re changed permanently!
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Monday, April 27, 2020

Lost Ring Event

Atreia has a new Silversmith - you! Gather Promise Ring pieces and assemble them for Pamred to appraise. The rarer the ring, the better the loot! The event will begin after maintenance is complete on April 15 and will end when maintenance begins on May 13.

How to Participate

Pamred is looking for Promise Rings. These rings potentially lead to great fortune, so the search is on to find and appraise as many as possible. You can acquire Promise Ring pieces through the following methods:

  • Completing various event Lugbug Missions

Defeat the following bosses:
  • Mutated Daeva in Stellin Laboratory
  • Weakened Mutated Daeva in Stellin Laboratory (Easy)
  • Frigida in Primeth’s Forge (Normal)
  • Cloak of Dragon Lord Beritra in Infernal Drakenspire Depths
  • Nergal in Frozen Monolith

  • Earn up to 5 Promise Ring pieces per day after being logged in for 5 hours (1 per hour awarded). This is open to all characters who are level 76 or higher on an account.
  • Completing a Weekly Quest from Denio in Stellusia
  • Groups of players who defeat the following world bosses will have a random chance to win several completed Promise Rings, which will be included in their loot drops:
  • Kadari, Tremor of the Sands
  • Yanohas, the Avatar of Flame
  • Agaru, the Horned Malevolence
  • Lahmaga, Beloved of the Balaur Lords

Once you combine 10 Promise Ring pieces, you’ll receive an [Event] Promise Ring. The value of this ring is unknown, so you’ll need to take it to Pamred in Stellusia to have it appraised. There are three different grades possible, each with their own rewards.

If you’re not happy with the appraisal by Pamred, you can always attempt to upgrade it with Enio (also in Stellusia) in exchange for some Kinah. Enio’s upgrade process is a little invasive, and if he is unable to succeed, the ring will be destroyed and some [Event] Pulverised Ring Dust will be returned to you. Enio’s upgrading is the only way to obtain the Brilliant Promise Ring.

Lovely Buffs

To help aid you in your search for Promise Rings,you can find Serene Love Angmu, a love bird with the locations of Budding Love Angmu, Kind Love Angmu, and Steamy Love Angmu, who are ready to provide buffs to all in the area. Interact with one of them and all Daevas nearby will receive the following buffs for 20 minutes:

Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +5%
Movement Speed +5%


With your appraised ring in hand, you’ll need to find the location inscribed on the ring (located in the tooltip for the ring). Go to that location and click on the ring to receive the following rewards based on the ring grade you possess:

[Event] Ancient Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone (x3)
[Event] Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone (x3)
[Event] Consumable Bundle

[Event] Legendary Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone (7 days)
[Event] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone (7 days)
[Event] Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Box (x5)

[Event] Ultimate Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days)
[Event] Engraved Legendary Manastone Box

[Event] Brilliant Promise Ring (select one of the following)
[Event] Ultimate Starlight Flare Earrings Selection Box
[Event] Ultimate Noble Soldusk Weapon Selection Box
[Event] [Motion Card] Happy Wedding

Prepare to search for your Promise Ring pieces before the event ends on May 13!
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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Monster Hunt Challenge

Party up because we’re going monster hunting! Earn yourself and your fellow Daevas a Transformation Contract and more by hunting monsters in specific zones in Balaurea.

How to Participate

  • The event will begin on April 3 at 12:00 a.m. and will end when maintenance begins on April 15.

For every 25,000 monsters defeated in Lakrum, Demaha, Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria, the player that landed the killing blow on the 25,000th monster will be rewarded with a Joker's Special Grade Transformation Box (30 types). The reward for each 25,000th monster defeated will be delivered to the qualified players’ mailbox each weekday starting on April 6. There is no level restriction to be eligible to receive this reward.

As a reward for all Daevas who are level 76 and higher, for every 125,000 monsters defeated over the course of the event period, everybody will earn:

  • 1 Transformation Contract (64 types)
  • 10 Transparent Transformation Scrolls

For example, if 1 million monsters were defeated, all eligible players will receive 8 Transformation Contracts and 80 Transparent Transformation Scrolls!

These rewards will be distributed via survey for players level 76 or higher after the event ends on April 15. This is limited to one character per account, per server. The survey will be available for one week until April 22.

Happy hunting, Daevas. Remember, accepted MMO etiquette applies so be respectful of other players in this event.
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Rainbow Snake Festival 2020

Beginning April 1, Rainbow Snake and Hiss disciples in all their prismatic glory will be returning to Atreia. There’s been some changes compared to previous events so read below to ensure you’re paying tribute properly.

How To Participate

For the Glory of Rainbow Snake

Rainbow Snake is known for Hiss benevolence. After being logged into the game for 90 minutes, you will receive an [Event] Chromatic Gift from Hiss Chromatic Brilliance. With the Chromatic Gift in hand, right click it to see what Hiss Chromatic Brilliance has bestowed upon you.

[Event] Chromatic Gift (randomly provides one of the following items listed below)
Ancient Transformation Contract (19 Types)
Transformation Contract (64 Types)
Transparent Transformation Scroll x20
Dye: True White
Dye: True Black
Rainbow Dye Pack II
Versatile Dye
Rainbow Snake Costume
Spotted Snake Costume
Turquoise Snake Costume
Rainbow Big Wig
Heavy Stigma Box
[Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone
Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone
Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone
Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone
Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone
1 milllion Kinah
2 milllion Kinah
5 million Kinah
10 million Kinah
Cute Minion Contract (14 Types)
Abyssal Star (x3)
Berdin’s Lucky Star (x3)
Daevanion Essence
Daevanion Skill Box (10 types

Note: These scales are only available for characters level 76 or higher.

Hiss Chromatic Gaze

Rainbow Snake has spoken to Hiss disciples Ahas Rumin and Serpente Rumin to buff Daevas during the entire festival. The disciples will work together to provide 2-hour buffs to all those who speak with them.

Serpente Rumin will provide players with a special buff that increases Gathering by 100% and the Drop Rate by 50%.

Ahas Rumin will provide players with a special buff that increases Crafting Skill by 100% and AP Gain by 50%.  


All Rainbow Snake disciples are located in the capital cities near the Temple of Gold or Hall of Prosperity.

Show everyone you're a disciple of Hiss Chromatic Brilliance by picking up the Rainbow Big Wig and Rainbow Snake outfit from the Black Cloud Marketplace

Rainbow Snake and Hiss disciples will take their leave on April 29. Celebrate Hiss return before it’s too late.
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Monday, March 2, 2020

New Store Items in March

Special Luna discounts are coming and wings too! Soar high with these deals during the month of March.

Available March 18 through April 1

These Luna discounts won’t be around forever, so stock up while you can.

Black Cloud Coin
Special Small Luna Bundle (8 Bonus Luna)
Special Large Luna Bundle (40 Bonus Luna)
Special Wooden Luna Chest (160 Bonus Luna)
Special Silver Luna Chest (400 Bonus Luna)
Special Golden Luna Chest (800 Bonus Luna)
Special Platinum Luna Chest (2,000 Bonus Luna)

Available March 18

New additions for Wings are coming to the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Black Cloud Coin
Dragon Breath Wings
Shining Light's Wings
Splendid Light's Wings
Red Armor Wings
Blackgear Steampunk Wings
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