Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Omega Unbound Enchantment Bonus EXP Weekends


For taking on the challenge of the Omega Unbound Enchantment event, we present your final reward for using over 60,000 Omega Enchantment Stones across the servers. For the next two weekends, please enjoy the bonus EXP and DROP events.

Weekend #1 - 300% EXP + 50% DROP Rate Bonus
12 AM Server Time Friday, March 24 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, March 26

Weekend #2 - 200% EXP + 50% DROP Rate Bonus
12 AM Server Time Friday, March 31 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, April 2

See you in game!
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Server Maintenance - March 22, 2017, 6:00 AM Central

There will be a scheduled game update tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, 2017 from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

- Changes -
  • Routine website and server maintenance.
  • Homeward Bound event will continue for two more weeks.
  • Tempered Power promotion will continue for two more weeks.
  • For full list of changes please visit for forums here.

Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your patience!
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Aion: 5.3 Now Live

Defend our capital cities from Ereskigal's Dredgion forces as for the first time the Balaur has broken through the Aetheric Field that has long protected our home. Challenge contenders, friend or foe, in the Arena of Tenacity and proclaim your self the victor. Continue to wage domainace in the Abyss against the opposing faction and Balaur, and strengthen your PVP stats with the all-new Marchutan or Kaisenel's Bracelet. Aion: 5.3 is now live. Click here to read the full patch notes and check out our trailer below!
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Prestige Pack Updated!

The Prestige Pack contents have been updated! Get your hands on Tempering Solutions, Omega Enchantment Stones, Spinel Medals and more from using the Prestige Case. Spend your Prestige Coins in the refreshed Prestige Vending Machine that contains double the amount of items—buff scrolls, skill reassignment stone, etc.

The Prestige Pack update has been automatically applied to all current subscribers. If you’re not subscribed to the Prestige Pack, click here to read more about it!
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Homeward Bound 2017

With Aion: 5.3 launching tomorrow, now is the perfect time for all Daevas to return to Atreia. The Giving Ayas Flock have returned to cheer on and assist all new, and returning Daevas. Also joining them this time around are some helpful NPCs. If you are a new or returning player, speak to these friendly people for wonderful items and help.

-How To Participate-

If you are a new player, speak with the Helpful Ayas to receive a quest which will reward you with [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Welcome Bundle. If you are a returning player, speak to the Friendly Aras’ to recieve [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Support Bundle. Opening these boxes will grant items which will be very helpful on your journey. For both new and returning players, you will be able to speak to Friendly and Helpful Ayas daily for [Event] Ayas Daily Transformation Candy Box. All players will also be able to obtain the [Event] Ayas Daily Transformation Candy Box available once weekly via survey.

Also during the event there are friendly NPCs, named Leta and Lief, to assist you on your journey. These NPCs will grant new players a special combat buff that last for two hours. They will also be kind enough to teleport any player to many different instances, so use them often because it beats walking!

Bottles of liquid EXP will also drop for new and returning players in the world and in instances. These bottles will have varying EXP amounts. Consuming any of these bottles will immediately grant you the said amount of experience.

Also in the event, for new and returning Archdaevas, you will be rewarded with items everyday just for logging in! These items will be in a menu on the right and includes rewards like Spinel Fragments and other items. All you need to do it stay logged in for the amount of time required for each reward, and you can do this every day during the event.

For all players level 20 or under you will be able to claim a survey that contains Twin’s Gift. When you open this chest it will grant you items for your level and another chest you can open at a higher level. There will be various chests at different levels as you level up which will all grant you useful items.

For all the items in the Ayas Fuzzball Bundles, please follow this link.

Aion 5.3 launches on March 15. Begin your journey while you still have time because Homeward bound ends on April 5.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Aion 5.3 Launch Postponed to March 15

Hello Daevas,

During QA testing, we found a critical issue with the new Atreian Passport. Specifically, the issue is with the function that sends all unclaimed Passport rewards to your player inbox. This means that any player with unclaimed rewards could lose out on some or all of their items without an easy means of getting them back. In order to allow time for a fix to be properly developed and tested, we’re making the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the Aion 5.3 launch until March 15.

We understand you’ve been looking forward to this launch as much as we have, and as we work on resolving this issue we’ll be extending the Kromede’s Revenge event for one more week. Additionally, we’ll also hold a bonus EXP event for the days leading up to our new launch date. Click here for full details of the bonus EXP event.

Please hold on to your excitement for one more week. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for this unfortunately necessary delay.

-- Gideon, Associate Producer
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Aion 5.3 Abyss Changes Preview

With the Aion 5.3 update less than a week away we wanted to cover some of the changes for the abyss in the update!

Abyss Changes
The update will brings new type of grouping mechanic just for sieges called Coalition which will make it easier for players to participate and get coordinated. These new groups will be available to all players 10 minutes before the scheduled siege starts. If you wish to participate, be sure to join one, as you will only receive rewards from the siege if you are in the Coalition. Each fort will have its own Coalition, so be sure to apply for the one you will want to siege! The leaders of the Coalition will be determined based on Abyss rank, and the leaders will also have special skills assigned to them based on their Abyss rank, and their rank within the Coalition. These skills are very powerful and can be vital to winning the siege so be sure to take advantage of them!

At the beginning of each siege, the fortresses going vulnerable will be reset to Balaur for both the lower and upper fortresses no matter who currently occupies them at that time.

Lower Fortresses
In the lower fortress sieges, Shugos will be offering assistance to Daevas against the Balaur. For the first part of the siege, Balaur will attack the Shugos that are there to help out in the Lower Abyss. You will need to work together with your Coalition to save the Shugos from the Balaur. The faction that renders the most aid for each pack of Shugos will gain their assistance in taking the fortress. Each pack of Shugos offers something different! Rewards will be given to all players that participate in the siege regardless of faction and even if the opposite faction takes the fortress. There will be a minimum contribution level required on the losing faction to gain these rewards.

Upper Fortresses
The Upper Fortress sieges will be changed so the winning faction is decided based on the contribution for the fortress siege, instead of the first faction to take the Diety. As the battle begins, players will be transported to the fortress for the Coalition they applied for and both factions’ scores will be at zero, while Balaur will be at 10,000. You will need to work with your Coalition to complete objectives around and in the fortress to gain points. At the end of the siege, regardless of who kills the Deity, the faction with the most points will be successful in obtaining the fortress. If the Balaur still have the most points, or the two factions tie in points, the fort will remain Balaur and both factions will receive participation rewards.

Equipment and Rank Changes
Included in the update will be new sets of Abyss equipment for all ranks of Archdaevas. This new gear will require the new tradeable Spinel Medals and Abyss Points to obtain. The mechanics for Glory Points will be changing too. In order to be ranked by your GP, you will need to gain 1,450 in a calendar month to hold your rank, and it will no longer decay on a daily basis. If you do not meet that threshold, you will be ranked according to your AP until you gain enough GP. Players will also receive a weekly reward bundle for holding their Abyss rank which will be sent via mail.

This concludes our previews for Aion: 5.3. You can view our previous previews that go over other new features and changes in the update here. Aion 5.3 launches next week, March 8, so be ready because the Balaur will not go easy!
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