Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can You Gamble In Aion?

A lot of people enjoy online gambling. It’s considered a type of online gaming. So it just makes sense that people who like other online gaming like MMORPGs may also like online gaming. There’s just bound to be some crossover there, right?

If you think about it, MMOs are in their very nature, gambling. You leave many things to chance such as drop rates, damage counters and more. Think about how many times you have done a dungeon run just hoping you’d get lucky and get that drop you wanted. If there were others in the party who also wanted it, you’d have to also hope you’d be lucky enough to win if it did drop. Yes, MMOs are definitely a game of chance and Aion is no different. How much different would it be to go ahead and add some actual gambling and games to the game?

While you can’t gamble in Aion the way you can in an online live casino like leo vegas, you will find some people who like to incorporate it into the game the same as they do in other MMORPGs. Usually this is done through addons or through private chats between two players, or a group of players. This is not sanctioned or moderated by the game devs and in some games can even get you banned so be careful about certain activities and if you choose to be open about them.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aion Cosplay - Beritra Set by Angelina Chernyak

First Aion cosplay ive seen.. love it!
Cloth set with Plate helm, looking awesome! Looks like a greatsword though, I guess it could be a mace?

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

DreamAion 4.8

Register at Welcome to DreamAion! Best PvPvE Private Server!

Downgrade here: DreamAion News - 4.9 to 4.8 Downgrade | DreamAion Community Forums

4.8 version - Regular Stigma system (no full skills), Free +15 Plumes, //add command, Vote system, Donate system, Working Webshop, Cross remodeling system (can wear other class sets) Freefly addition, Xform, Free consumables, max crafting skills, active/friendly staff - Join us now!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing Aion and other MMORPG - The best or worst decision of my life?

I’ve been playing a lot of different MMORPG during my years as a “gamer”. Born in the 90’s I started out playing Runescape which I though was an absolute bliss. I belive that those of you, who remember the game will be able to relate to my story better but it’s the same with any MMORPG game more or less.

We all start out with no equipment at all, trying to learn what there is to do, how to do it and foremost how to suvive in these massive and unfamiliar worlds. You quickly realize that you need some food. I will refer to Runescape in my example and there I stayed by the jetti for hours, fishing my trouts and eventually lobsters gaining levels in fishing as time passed by...

When my inventory was full I had to have an axe in order to chop down a tree to receive some logs. Then with my firemaking skills, the logs and a tinder box I was able to make myself a fire in order to cook. Obviously, I burned a couple of them even as a high level master chef.

My purpose for fishing and cooking was to prepare for my epic journeys and battles. However, most of the time I just sold my fish inventory to worriors visiting the docks or providing my frinds with HP. Sometimes I was even standing beside battle as a second food inventory in case things went wrong while they were making fortunes collecting tresures from all the high level creeps they could kill.

MMORPG reflections 

I belive we all start out playing MMORPG to become this great champion we are told to become when we enter the game. But somehow, a long the way,some of us settle to play a satisfying role which suits us for whatever reason. As I said, Runescape was a bliss to play but how can I enjoy working for others in a game were, “In the end it doesn’t even matter”, as Linkinpark would have put it. I don’t enjoy working so why do I enjoy taking on the everyday struggles in MMORPG games? Maybe fishing in Runescape is a bad example but I could just as well relate it to grinding gold in WoW or making runs for items in lets say Diablo.

My life today - I switched to esport betting

Today I see myself as a retired gamer with the exception for the mobile games that I bring with me to the bathroom. My conclusions after realizing how much time I spend “working online” is that I rather get the best out of the games and not the opposite or reversed were the game is getting the best out of me. As for now I make real money from my knowlegde and background in gaming. It all started about the same time as esport bacame huge in Sweden. As the Swedish guy that I am I went into the esport affiliate site http://www.ebets.se, picked an online operator which I liked (big welcome bonus helped) and got right to it. My extensive experience in both WoW and LoL made it easy to bet on basically any team in any tournament. I’m not mad at myself for not switching to a grownup game earlier since I enjoyed it all, but my wise words to you is to question your gaming and to invite you to get in on the real action, which is e-sport betting.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

How I started playing Aion

My friends been bugging me to start playing Aion. At first i thought the whole story about the Tower and 2 worlds were silly. But when i started to play it i thought it was so cool. I decided to become a priest. A healing priest! A priest who help his friends when they are low on energy.

I digged the whole vibe of the game from the start to end. Me and my friends played it alot so it went quite quick to reach level 65. We kept playing of course. 

During this time i played other video games. I Played alot of playstation as well as some slots online. It was kind of fun to play with small amounts and have the chance to win big. Because i like to play online casino and only if i were little bit more lucky i could win a bit more. 

My Friend Victor deposited 10 euros and won 500 euros! He is so lucky! I got a bit jealous when he won because with the money he won he went travelling abroad. 

While i was stuck at home. I still played alot of Aion so that kept my mood in better shape.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Aion - Aion Private Server

AION Retail fun without limitations!
- No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win!

Welcome to Just Aion

Server Rates

  • EP - x5
  • Group-EP - x5
  • Quest-EP - x5
  • Quest-Kinah - x2
  • Drops - x5
  • Sammel-EP - x2
  • Crafting-EP - x2
  • Crafting Krit - 25%
  • AP-PvP - x1.2
  • AP-PvE - x2

Just Aion Features
A small overview of Ariel's Features. Of course everything substantial is available.

  • Custom Battlegrounds with different modes
  • Higher Rates
  • High amounts of players online
  • Rewards for veterans (read more)
  • Fully functional 'Dredgion' system with extended rewards
  • All instances fully implemented
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril- medal exchange (read more)
  • Worlddrop-system
  • Qualified in-game support
  • Basic equipment- and consumable-packages for new players
  • No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win
  • 8 Characters per account
  • 2 crafting-masteries per character
  • Reduced instance cooltimes
  • Additional daily tickets for the official PvP Arenas
  • '.noexp' command for 'stay-low-level'-PvP
  • '.decompose' command to decompose high amounts of items easily
  • Player managed boards for Elyos and Asmodians

Just Aion Battlegrounds
The Just Aion Battlegrounds are instanced PvP maps allowing you to fight against other players in different game modes.
If you enjoy fair PvP and you also want to earn various kind of rewards like Abyss Points and Just Aion Tokens, you only have to type ".bg" in your chat. Rewards are limited for 4 rounds a day.

Would you like to know more about Just Aion Battleground, click me.

Important Links

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's go back to the beggining. I first started on Gorgos server as an Elyos and frankly, Gorgos was a pretty decent and balanced server. Then, when other servers started to get unbalanced, NCS decided to merge some of them, so I ended up in Spatalos, were Elyos were already dominating Asmodians, which in my opinion, kinda ended up breaking the balance that existed on Gorgos before the merge. As the server started to fall for a single side, people started transfering, thus making the server less crowded and "forcing" even more people to migrate to better crowded servers.

As patches came by, servers started to get inbalanced and people started to get fed up and left. I ended up moving to the Asmodian on Telemachus about 2 years ago.

So here's where NC/GF or whatever failed a bit.. Server balance. Telemachus used to be fun also (I even was Elyos there in the first place), but everyone was just making more and more Elyos characters. And that happening on an already Elyos dominated server is not a good option.

So here's what I think would be some good ideas, to at least try to restore some order to the servers and maybe make the game more interesting again:
  • Restrict Character Creation on the Dominating Faction on EACH server (Kinda like what NA has) and rewarding new and low level players on the weaker faction with Consumables, Gear (also kinda like NA has);
  • Once a month (for maybe a week) give an extra PvP buff to the weaker faction (ye, cuz it's not fun to PvP when the opposing faction has Abyss 65 +15 and we're still using strife, cuz we can't have enough number to win Katalam Forts);
  • ADVERTISE!! C'mon, you guys are a freaking Big Company, I'm sure you have the means to it.
  • Have a look on how Instances Resets work on NA or in Korea... I think it's a bit simpler than having to wait 2 and half days to go Katalamize, for example. (I know, you gotta make money somehow, but trust me, your store as enough of tempting stuff to buy already)
  • Make some fun PvP events (1 for All in a specific Map/Area for example)

These are just some raw ideas, feel free to contact me if you want to hear more of what's on my mind.

I guess you guys have a lot of stuff to do, specially when dealing with a lot of multi-languaged servers, but if that's the case, hey, I'm studying translation, I can help a bit.

So please, read this, and everyone else make this thread up to the top. We need to support those who can make Aion more thrilling again for us. Blaming never takes us anywhere. I get frustrated with GF a lot of times too, but maybe they need some community love instead of community rage.
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