Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aion: Awakened Legacy - Item and System Changes

Aion: Awakened Legacy update arrives in a couple of weeks, and to prepare you for the update there are several impactful systems changes you should be aware of. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch notes available as we near the launch on October 24.

Equipment and Accessories
  1. Equipment will now use a rarity progression of Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate. This also applies to items that use rarity.
  2. With the rarity change, characters will be granted new gear based on their current gear. Click here to see the list. Characters will keep their current gear along with receiving the new gear after the game update.
  3. Equipment will be explicitly divided into PvE and PvP equipment, which determines how it can be acquired and powered up.

  1. Enchanting gear no longer breaks when the enchantment fails.
  2. Equipment and accessories will use either PvE or PvP Enchantment Stones, which is determined by the type of equipment (PvE or PvP).
  3. Supplements can no longer be used and can be sold to the vendor for Kinah.

  1. Most equipment will need to have their Manastone sockets unlocked before they can have Manastones added. Slots can be unlocked with Manastone Fasteners. The amount of Fasteners required will be based on the level and rarity of the gear, as well as how many slots have already been unlocked on it.

Crafting and Gathering
  1. The old crafting disciplines will be removed.
  2. Aethertapping will be removed, but Essencetapping will remain.
  3. The Aetherforging craft list will change. Players will be able to craft both craft both PvE and PvP equipment and accessories of various rarities.

  1. The number and type of craftable items in Karunerk’s Workshop in Luna will be changing. You will also be able to craft PvE Enchantment Stones, Aetherforging crafting materials, and more.
  2. Luna will replace the bonus instance entry scrolls. You’ll be able to use Luna to add additional instance entries. Scrolls currently in the game can still be used up.
  3. Kutana’s Teleport Station will be added, allowing players to spend Luna to teleport to strategic areas quickly.

  1. The Transformation system is a new system that will allow you to transform into a powerful being for a short time, granting bonus stats.
  2. There are different grades of Transformations which players can earn from Transformation Contracts. Higher grades provide better stats, but have a shorter duration.
  3. Transformations will be permanently unlocked account-wide via a Transformation Contract. To use a Transformation, players need a Transformation Scroll.
  4. Transformation Contracts and Scrolls can be purchased from the Gold Sand Traders for Kinah. Other means to obtain them will be made available in the future.

  1. The new Cubics system will provide you with permanent stat boosts for a character through the use of Cubicles.
  2. Cubicles can be acquired through Qubrinerk’s Workshop as well as other means.
  3. There are many types of Cubicles, and you can see the various stats awarded from the Cubic menu.

Item Changes
  1. Many consumables including power shards, crafting recipes and buff scrolls will be obsolete and automatically sold or removed upon login. Full item details will be available later.
  2. +5 Essence Cores will automatically be exchanged for Gold Ingots. Essence Cores lower than +5 will be immediately removed from players’ inventories.
  3. Gold Ingot is a new token that can be used to purchase items from the new Gold Sand Traders. Kinah can be exchanged for Gold Ingots.

Keep an eye out for additional articles and features explaining the biggest and best changes coming to Aion: Awakened Legacy—arriving October 24!
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Power Up Week & All Boosts

Starting on October 10, Power Up Week and All Boosts will be running for the next two weeks. Read on for full details!

Power Up Week

These server-wide buffs will greatly help when attempting to temper or enchant Essence Cores, Accessories, and Stigmas:
  1. Attempts to enchant a Stigma that are unsuccessful will only result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Attempts to temper accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Attempts to enchant Essence Cores that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one enchantment level, if using Omega Enchantment Stones, rather than the destruction of the item

You’ll be able to stock up on items you may need by visiting the in-game store or web store.

All Boosts

All the boosts you know and love will be activated at once. These server-wide bonus buffs will help you with leveling, crafting, drops, and AP!
  • 400% bonus EXP gain
  • 100% bonus crafting EXP
  • 100% bonus AP gain
  • 100% bonus drop rate
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

End of the World Event

Ereshkigal’s fury will soon be unleashed upon Atreia. Many of the zones and instances we’ve grown fond of will be destroyed by her rage. Before Ereshkigal unleashes her devastating attack, you’ll be able to visit some of these instances one last time and be generously rewarded.

How To Patricipate

In select instances, monsters you kill inside will have a chance to drop an [Event] Apocalyptic Chest. Killing the instance bosses will have a significantly higher chance to drop the chest as well. The Apocalyptic Chest will be rewarded to the party member with the highest roll. Getting the loot inside is simple, just open the chest and be rewarded!

In some instances however, the Apocalyptic Chest will only drop from the instance boss. These instances have been marked with an asterisk.

  • Danuar Sanctuary
  • Ophidan Bridge
  • Linkgate Foundry
  • Danuar Reliquary
  • Illuminary Obelisk*
  • Seized Danuar Sanctuary
  • Sauro Supply Base
  • Infernal Danuar Reliquary
  • Infernal Illuminary Obelisk*
  • Infinity Shard
  • The Eternal Bastion
  • Archives of Eternity
  • Drakenseer's Lair
  • Adma's Fall
  • Theobomos Test Chamber
  • Fallen Poeta*
  • Trials of Eternity

  • Caeus Weapon Box
  • Caeus Armor Box
  • Berdin's Lucky Star (x3)
  • Omega Enchantment Stone
  • Tempering Solution
  • Omega Enchantment Stone (x3)
  • Tempering Solution (x3)
  • +12 Manastone Selection Bundle
  • Gray Wolf Mark (x50)
  • Master Harvester's Wings
  • Distorted Sunayaka's Weapon Box
  • Pure Empyrean Plume Box
  • Heavy Stigma Box
  • Master Harvester's Armor Box
  • Master Harvester's Weapon Box
  • Master Harvester's Accessory Box
  • Master Harvester's Hat Box

Be quick! The End of the World event will end October 24 with the launch of Aion: Awakened Legacy.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Aion: Awakened Legacy - Lakrum & New Instances

When Ereshkigal gathered enough power, she destroyed the Abyss, and in that process sent its fragmented islands into Atreia. As the skies darken, all would have been lost if not for the sacrifice of Archdaevas—protecting what could be saved. What was familiar is now lost; uninhabitable and destroyed. Survivors rebuilt, and have discovered an ancient land with new secrets to tell.

New Zone: Lakrum

Lakrum is an ancient land, created by Aion centuries ago and protected by the Jotun. At the center of this ancient, forest-covered area, Aion built a grand temple to house a divine relic imbued with Aion’s divine magic. Ereshkigal has caught wind of the relic’s powers.

Once you reach level 75, you’ll continue your journey to Lakrum. Exploring this ancient land will take you to level 80; but remember, Lakrum is dense with both friend and foe alike—all fighting to gain power. You’ll need to be ready for anything that comes your way.

Sitting at the north of Lakrum, and nested in Shaded Pine Forest, is Lakrum Fortress. This fortress is key to maintaining power in the region, so it’s highly desired by Asmodians, Elyos, and the Balaur. Artifacts scattered around the area can also be vital in capturing and controlling the fortress. Claim the fortress to bring a strategic advantage, and rewards, to your side.

New Instances

Primeth’s Forge

Level 80 - 6 members - 4 Entries per week

Rewards: Legendary & Ultimate Armor, Plumes, PvE Enchantment Stones

The Jotun protecting the relic have been turned to stone, and Frigida, under Ereshkigal’s orders, is using Primeth to createa weapon capable of containing the relic’s pure divine energy. Venture into Primeth’s Forge to wake the Jotun and stop Frigida!

Qubrinerk’s Cubic Workshop

Level 80 - 1 Member - 7 Entries per week

Rewards: Cubicles

The Shugo scientist, Qubrinerk, was working on “Cubics”— concentrated Aether capable of making any Daeva more powerful—until Shulacks raided it and took control of the lab. With the help of Qubrinerk’s Mercenaries, enter Qubrinerk’s Cubic Workshop to help rid her of her Shulack problem and be rewarded. Nyerk.

Updated Instances

Infernal Drakenspire Depths is an updated and more difficult version of Drakenspire Depths. This instance will offer some of the best equipment you can get, but you’ll only be able to enter if your faction controls Lakrum Fortress.

Some more familiar instances can be found in Lakrum, and have been updated for the higher level cap with new rewards and higher difficulty.

Mirash Sanctum
Level 76+
5 entries per week

Ancient Accessories, Plumes
Cradle of Eternity
3 members
Level 78+
5 entries per week
Ancient Weapons/Armor/Accessories, Plumes, PvE Enchantment Stones
Frozen Monolith

6 members
Level 80
5 entries per week
Legendary Armor, Plumes, PvE Enchantment Stones
Bastion of Souls
6 members
Level 80
5 entries per week
Legendary Weapon/Accessories, PvE Enchantment  Stones
Infernal Drakenspire Depths

12 members
Level 80
2 entries per week
Faction control Lakrum Fortress
Legendary & Ultimate Weapons/Accessories, PvE Enchantment Stones

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the launch of Aion: Awakened Legacy on October 24.
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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Aion: Awakened Legacy Arrives October 24

The next major update for Aion arrives in just a few weeks, with amazing improvements to almost all major game systems and features. Aion: Awakened Legacy brings a refreshing and simplified experience for Daevas old and young, promising to create a streamlined and more enjoyable experience regardless of your experience with the game. If you’ve never played Aion before—or if you’re looking to return—there’s no better time than with this update.

Visit the Aion: Awakened Legacy update page to register your account to receive a free Awakened Gala Gift Pack to help your Daeva take its first steps in the new update.

Level Cap Raised to 80

Characters can now access new skills and abilities as they increase their power to level 80.
Leveling Campaign Revamped

The landscape has changed, offering new pathways and blocking old ones. The leveling campaign has been completely reworked to improve quest and progression flow, as well as increase how quickly a character can achieve max-level.

New Zone – Lakrum

A vast new land, dotted with long-forgotten ruins, has been discovered. Populated by mysterious new creatures and a solemn fortress guarded by the Jotun, the area known as Lakrum beckons adventurers to discover its secrets.

New Instance – Primeth’s Forge

Ereshkigal’s troops have invaded the home and workshop of the Jotun’s greatest smith: Primeth. Brave the dangers of an active forge, liberate Primeth, and discover the true intent of Ereshkigal’s plans before it’s too late.


Assume the appearance and power of creatures, monsters, and even a divine being, boosting your stats for a short time. By collecting multiple transformations of the same tier you can combine them to achieve truly incredible feats of combat prowess.


With the update we’re introducing a new Cubics system that can permanently increase your character’s stats. Within the new region of Lakrum, max level characters can traverse a portal to Qubrinerk’s Cubic Lab for a chance to obtain the magical Cubicles. Cubicles can then be stored in Cubics, which provide permanent stat increases.

Daevanion Skills

Characters at max level will have the ability to further customize their builds for PvE and PvP combat through skill specializations called Daevanion Skills. These are able to be switched at any time out of combat, allowing you to customize your approach to each and every encounter.

Infernal Drakenspire Depths

The regular Drakenspire Depths is being integrated into the revamped leveling campaign as a solo dungeon. A new more difficult version of the raid—Infernal Drakenspire Depths—is once again an endgame raid, offering the most powerful gear in the game.

Equipment & Enchanting

With the vast changes coming in Aion: Awakened Legacy, an entirely new item-grade system in will impact a few systems. There are only three quality levels of new gear—Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate—which reduces much of the complexity built up over past releases. Gear is also now strictly PvE or PvP focused, with each type of gear earnable only from that type of content. Enchanting is also specific to PvE and PvP, allowing you to specifically customize your character for the content you’re interested in.


The ability to Rift is back! Rifts are once again specific to level ranges, and restrict higher level characters from entering lower level Rifts. Lower level characters can still enter higher Rifts, encouraging groups and Legions to help support their members for higher level rewards.


Sieges are being reverted to a pre-Coalition version, putting the focus back on Legions and Leagues. We’re also reducing the number of sieges down to two: Lakrum Fortress and Divine Fortress.

These changes and a lot more will be explored through in-depth feature articles from now until Aion: Awakened Legacy releases on October 24. You also won’t want to miss our update overview livestream the Friday before release, at 11am PDT on October 19. Be sure to follow us on Twitterand Facebook to know the minute we post a feature preview or promotion.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Prestige Pack Recurring Subscription Change

The Prestige Pack recurring subscription has come to an end. As of September 17, new Prestige Pack subscriptions can no longer be purchased, and on October 3 all active auto-renewing payments will be cancelled — subscribers will no longer be automatically charged during the next renewal period after that date.

As long as your Prestige Pass is active, you can continue to use and redeem its benefits until the items’ time limit has expired. When it is time to renew your Prestige Pass, it will now be available for purchase in the store for 1,200 NCoin for a 30-day pass and 3,200 NCoin for a 90-day.

For additional information regarding the Prestige Pack recurring subscription changes, please read our FAQ below.

Q: My Prestige Pack renews after September 17 and before October 3, will I be charged?

A. If your renewal date is before October 3, you will be charged for the new month of your subscription. On October 3, we will cancel your auto-renewing payment so you won’t be charged for the subsequent month.

Q: I am working towards one of the monthly rewards. Will the cancellation not allow me to get the milestone rewards?

A: We will provide all active subscribers with rewards based on the month they were in, which include the next 6 month milestone reward. These rewards will be delivered via in-game mail. For example, if you’re on month 3 and working towards your 6 month reward, you will be delivered the 6 month reward via in-game mail along with the other rewards we provide.

Q: I have unclaimed Prestige Pack codes in my NCSOFT My Account page. What will happen to those?

Your unclaimed codes will remain available until you claim them or until they naturally expire at the end of their validity period, which is indicated on the code redemption page itself.

Q: Will you be deleting my Prestige Pack items once it’s cancelled?

A: No, items will not be deleted or removed from your inventory. You can continue to use the Pack and its items until you’ve used them all or the item reaches its expiration (i.e. Prestige Pass and Prestige Case).

Q: What is the different between the Prestige Pack and Prestige Pass?

The Prestige Pack contained the Prestige Pass, Prestige Case, and Lucky Scroll Pouch x5. Effective September 17, we are only offering the Prestige Pass in the store.

Q: What are the benefits of the Prestige Pass?

The Prestige Pass is used from your character’s inventory and provides the following benefits for a limited time:
Generates coins which can be exchanged for items at a special vendor
Allows access to special NPCs, buffs, and quests
Increases entry counts for end game instances
Provides a boost to fortress siege rewards
Provides other benefits to the user

The time remaining can be viewed on the Profile window à Account tab in-game.

Q: If I buy the Prestige Pass from the store, do I get the Prestige Case?

The Prestige Case will not be part of this iteration of the Prestige Pass.

Q: Will there be additional benefits to the Prestige Pass in the future?

Yes, there are plans to update the Prestige Pass to reflect the content in our next game update.

Please visit our community forums if you have any questions on the changes to the Prestige Pack.
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Power Up Week Returns

Greetings Daevas!

Power Up Week has returned and will be running from September 19 to September 26. These server-wide buffs will greatly help when attempting to temper or enchant Essence Cores, Accessories, and Stigmas:
  1. Attempts to enchant a Stigma that are unsuccessful will only result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Attempts to temper accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Attempts to enchant Essence Cores that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one enchantment level, if using Omega Enchantment Stones, rather than the destruction of the item

During Power Up Week you can restock on enchanting items on the web store or by visiting the in-game shop. Be quick though, Power Up Week will only be here for one week until September 26! Take advantage of these buffs before it’s too late.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kromede's Revenge Returns

Kromede is back to celebrate Aion’s 9th Anniversary. Lurking inside of the Smoldering Fire Temple, you’ll need to grab two friends and infiltrate it to keep her sinister plans at bay.

- How to Participate -

In the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum, you can find Annaerunerk willing to transport you and your party (max of three players total) to the Smoldering Fire Temple for levels 40+. The event instance is available once per day but you can unlock additional entries with the Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls available for purchase on the store. Once inside, you will find three adventurers named Irish, Shine, and Stomper – each with their own unique abilities. At the beginning of the instance you will also find a Potion Chest that will give you consumables you can use during your exploration.

Proceed through the Smoldering Fire Temple defeating monsters and Kromede for points. After eight minutes, you will be given a grade based on your group’s total points which will determine how many Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain. You can use one key to open the Elegant Treasure Chest or use three keys to open a Dazzling Treasure Chest. You have a chance of receiving an Elite Treasure Chest from both the Dazzling and Elegant Chests. Open it with an Elite Treasure Key, which is available from the store for even greater prizes! Elite Treasure Keys can also be used to open the Elegant Treasure Chest and the Dazzling Treasure Chest.

Note: Treasure Chests do not disappear when you leave the instance, however the Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain will!

You can find Elite Treasure Keys, Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls, as well as special bundles in the store.

- Rewards -

You can find the full list of available rewards on our forums here.

Hurry and explore the Smoldering Fire Temple while you still have time! Annaerunerk will only be around until October 3, 2018.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aion's 9th Anniversary Daeva's Day Events

Greetings Daevas,

This month Aion is celebrating its 9th Anniversary and we’ll be hosting some traditional and player-favorite events for all of September. Join us in these special events as we begin the celebration:
  • Daeva’s Day Cake in Sanctum and Pandaemonium
  • Kromede’s Revenge
  • Anniversary Bonus Boosts

Daeva’s Day Cake – September 12 to October 3

The age-old tradition of larger-than-life cakes will be returning to the capital cities. Grabbing a slice of cake will grant you 100% bonus XP and a 20% bonus drop rate for 2 hours. Be sure to swing by on Aion’s special Daeva Day, September 22, to get a super-boosted cake buff granting 200% bonus XP and a 50% drop rate for 6 hours! The cake boosts will stack with the server wide boosts as well.

Please note the cake boosts will not be granted if you have an active amulet or Lucky Hands boost.

Kromede’s Revenge – September 12 to October 3

Kromede’s Revenge will be returning for the celebration. Infiltrate the Smoldering Fire Temple with two of your best Daevas for sweet rewards.

Anniversary Bonus Boosts – September 19 to September 26

All the following boosts will be active on the servers:
  • 300% XP
  • 200% Drop Rate
  • 200% Gathering XP
  • 200% Crafting

Thank you for being part of the celebration. Here’s a toast to 9 years and many more to come!
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Friday, September 7, 2018

Upcoming MMOs For 2019/2020

If there’s one genre of gaming that refuses to go down, it’s the MMORPG niche, and it’s one that is constantly releasing new games. While some have seen success, most of them ran aground as players lost interest and moved on: it’s part of the reality of living in a world where the next trend only lasts for a few months at most.

Despite this, there are some exciting and interesting MMOs around the corner, and most should debut within the next two years. From sprawling, beautiful open world games to more PvP-centric battlegrounds, the MMO genre is very much alive and kicking.

These are the 5 most anticipated MMORPGs coming out next year and the year after, and each is worth keeping an eye on over the next few months, as they are as exciting as playing the blackjack online Canada has to offer.

1. Bless Online
First announced in 2011, Bless Online has been under development for the better part of a decade, but a release is imminent. Built using Unreal Engine 3, all gameplay videos and screenshots of the game look simply gorgeous, and while it has the same classes and races as most other high fantasy MMOs, it’s unique world and look should set it apart.

2. Project Gorgon
Available at the moment only on Steam Early Access, Project Gorgon is shaping up to be one not to miss for those that love fantasy RPGs and spending time online. Although the visuals aren’t great, the refined skill-based levelling system will allow players to build their characters however they want. It’s also being touted as difficult, with the devs explaining that there will be no hand holding.

3. Dual Universe
Breaking away from fantasy, this sci-fi MMO that focuses on the constructions and usage of space ships. The construction is done on a manual level by players, meaning that there could be some truly deep customisation possible. On top of this, the game promises trade, warfare, and the building of civilisations, all set within an open, sandbox world.

4. Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen
Like most of its brethren, Pantheon is set in an open world environment, with most of the focus being on social interaction and group content. The theme of the game will see the player put on a world populated with gods and heroes, and they will be tasked with scouting the world for ancient and powerful relics. Combat will be unique in that players will need to take the time to prepare and to learn to be fully aware of their surroundings at all times.

5. Valnir Rok
Vikings are all the rage at the moment, and for Viking fans and gamers, Valnir Rok might just be the game to scratch a very specific itch. Using Norse mythology as the backdrop, Valnir Rok will see players trying to survive in a dangerous land full of mythical beasts and baddies. Players will be given the chance to build up their own cities and towns, each with specific customisation options.
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Aion Ready For Platform Expansion

Extremely popular MMORPG Aion is currently in development to be rebooted with a new version of the game which will become available for other gaming platforms, according to developers NCsoft. The Korean-based MMO, which reportedly has a population of around 3.5 million players, may see its debut in the next generation of consoles that are expected to hit the market within the next two years.

Details on what to expect from a console-based version of the game has yet to be released by the Korean developer, but players can expect that it will be very similar to the PC version, with a few tweaks for controller usage. It’s not the first MMO that has recently been declared for multi-platform expansion, but it’s one of the largest, and could see more titles in the genre spreading out on to other forms of gaming hardware.

Mobile platforms tend to be the target for future games, especially within the multiplayer niche – and it will be interesting to see what happens to our current MMOs once they’re on the same devices that offer text and River Belle casino games.

The NCsoft Listing
The news of the port came after NCsoft put out a job listing for programmers, artists, and designers, hoping to put a team together to start development on the next version of Aion, which is being built for next-gen consoles and PC.

Aion, which first debuted in September of 2009, has made a big impact on the MMO world, but its age is starting to show, and like many developers, NCsoft appears to be building a new game from the ground up rather than trying to add more to the existing one. This also means that the next generation Aion will most likely run much more smoothly than the current version would, even after many tweaks to the engine.

Aion At The Moment
Aion received its latest expansion at the beginning of the year in the form of Aion 6.0: Refly, which was met with mostly positive reviews. The game, which will turn ten next year, has managed to maintain a large amount of players, especially in a world where MMO player bleed-out is becoming more and more common.

What We Can Expect
While there have been very few details released, we have learnt that from the job listing that the applicants would have to be able to create monsters, characters, and animations using 3DS Max software. Unreal Engine 4 has also been mentioned, meaning that there will definitely be a large visual upgrade to the next iteration of Aion. As far pricing is concerned, that is another detail that we will have to wait for while the game is under development.

There will undoubtedly be more information released by NCsoft in the coming months on their new project and what it will entail, but at the moment the best we can do is speculate and hope that they build a game worthy of their current and future fan-bases.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Alchemy Event Returns

The Suspicious Alchemists have returned to Atreia! Learn their ancient secrets to turn lead into special keys to unlock chests full of prizes. Turn lead into loot!

- Part One: Suspicious Alchemist -

Every day starting at 9:00am server time, see the Suspicious Alchemist NPC for a free [Event] Key Pouch which will contain either a Copper Key or a Gold Key.

Copper Key

Gold Key

The Copper Key opens the Common Treasure Box and the Gold Key opens the larger Premium Treasure Box. Be sure to log in every day during the Alchemist Event and get your FREE Key Pouch!

- Part Two: Transmusting Keys -

Alchemist’s Pouches will be dropping from instance bosses. Use an Alchemist’s Pouch to obtain (1) [Event] Lead Fragment or (1) [Event] Alchemic Essence. Combining the two items will create an [Event] Key Pouch.


Lead Fragment

Alchemic Essence

Key Pouch

Treasure Chests can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. You’ll be able to find The Treasured Alchemist's Pouch and Alchemic Essence available in the store.

- Locations & Rewards -

Alchemist's Pouches are a guaranteed drop from instance bosses. Please visit our forums for the full instance and rewards list.

The Suspicious Alchemists will be leaving September 12. Take advantage of their magical abilities before they’re gone.
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