Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Giving Grove Returns

The Giving Grove is returning on December 6 which brings the mystical prize-bearing trees. Grab your friends and fellow faction mates to grow and bloom the saplings and be rewarded with special treets.

- How To Participate -

Tomorrow in the capital cities you will find three Magic Saplings and the Arbor Keeper. Speaking to the Arbor Keeper will give you a one-time quest, which provides you with a nutrient bundle. Upon opening the bundle you will be able to pick the nutrient corresponding to the sapling you wish to use it on (Robust, Shiny, and Solemn). Use the nutrient on the sapling to receive an Inferior Present and a Magic Tree Seed.

Upon obtaining 1,500 Magic Tree Seeds you can combine them to get a Fused Magic Tree Seed. You can use this seed to grow the Magic Trees to the next stage. Magic Tree Seeds are tradeable so be sure to work together to grow the trees! The player that uses the Fused Magic Seed to grow the tree will be granted the corresponding Very Special Present which contains a unique title! If the tree is already at the final stage, using a Fused Magic Seed will still grant a Present, but it will not be the same one as growing the tree.

There are three different trees, and each one has three stages. The higher a tree’s stage is, the better the reward is when you feed it nutrients. Each tree offers different rewards, so be sure to use your nutrients, or seed, on the tree you want! Additionally, all three trees will be reverted to their sapling forms after each maintenance.

If you are looking for additional nutrients, you will automatically be granted one per hour you are logged in, up to two per day. Prestige Pack holders will get a special survey once per week after the maintenance containing five nutrients. You will also be able to obtain nutrients from certain bosses inside instances.

- Locations -

Kromede's Trial

Draupnir Cave

Steel Rake Cabin

Steel Rake

Hamate Isle Storeroom

Carpus Isle Storeroom

Isle of Roots Storeroom

Grave of Steel Storeroom

Twilight Battlefield Storeroom

Indratu Fortress

Adma Stronghold

Theobomos Lab

Dark Poeta


Taloc's Hollow

Udas Temple

Lower Udas Temple

Beshmundir Temple

Aturam Sky Fortress

Padmarashka's Cave

Rentus Base

Tiamat Stronghold

Raksang Ruins

Dragon Lord's Refuge

Hidden Kysis Barracks

Hidden Miren Barracks

Hidden Krotan Barracks

Danuar Sanctuary

Ophidan Bridge

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary

Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

Archives of Eternity

The Eternal Bastion

Drakenseer's Lair

Theobomos Test Chamber

Cradle of Eternity

Fallen Poeta

- Rewards -

The entire list of rewards can be found on the forums here.

Get your watering cans ready, because The Giving Grove will leaf on December 20, 2017.
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Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Cloud Friday Sales Now Live

Black Cloud Trader Shugos thank Daevas for all their years of assistance. For a limited time, Shugos offer Daeva discounts-- Black Cloud Friday discounts.

From November 22 to 27, get deals on Luna, Berdin’s Lucky Stars, inventory expansion and more. Additional items will be added on Cyber Monday so don’t forget to check back then!

Black Friday – November 24 through November 28

Arcade Mega Pack

Price: 8000 Noin [Limit 2 per account]
·Arcade Tokens (x120)
·Tempering Solution (x10)
·Omega Enchanting Stone (x10)

Berdin’s Lucky Star Bundle

Price: 8000 NCoin
·Berdin’s Lucky Stars (x250)
·Turkish Kitty Pet Egg

Minion Bundle

Price: 2400 NCoin
·Cute Minion Contract (x2)
·Minium Box (x5) (contains 850-1250 Minium per box)

3 Star Bundle

Price: 80 NCoin [Limit 1 per account]
·[Event] Berdin’s Lucky Stars (x3)
·[Event] Berdin’s 50% Drop Boost Amulet (x3)
·Prestige Pass (1 Day) (x3)

·Special Platinum Luna Chest - Price: 8000 NCoin – 1250 Luna (250 Bonus)
·Special Gold Luna Chest - Price: 4000 NCoin – 600 Luna (100 Bonus)
·Special Silver Luna Chest - Price: 2400 NCoin – 350 Luna (50 Bonus)
·Special Wooden Luna Chest - Price: 1200 – 170 Luna (20 Bonus)
·Special Large Luna Bundle - Price: 400 – 55 Luna (5 Bonus)
·Special Small Luna Bundle - Price: 80 – 11 Luna (1 Bonus)

Storage & Inventory

Comfortable Camping Cabinet
·Price: 720 NCoin (50% discount)

Pleasant Camping Cabinet
·Price: 720 NCoin (50% discount)

Cube Expansion Coin x40
·Price: 1200 (50% discount)

Warehouse Expansion Card (IV)
·Price: 1000 (50% discount)

Cyber Monday – November 27

Fancy Cabinet Bundle

Price: 1400
·Cute Fungus Cabinet
·Shugo Butler’s Cabinet

Ailu Claw Egg (Permanent)

Price: 1200

Hair Change Tickets

Price: 320 NCoin

Available tickets are:
·[Hair Change Ticket] Layered
·[Hair Change Ticket] Wavy Two-Tone
·[Hair Change Ticket] Ponytail and Ribbon
·[Hair Change Ticket] Wavy Pigtails
·[Hair Change Ticket] Long and Straight

Note that the hair change tickets are faction sensitive. Be sure to purchase the one for your faction.

Discounted Costumes
·Wonderland Wardrobe –Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)
·Wonderland Headband – Price: 120 NCoin (50% discount)
·The Hatter’s Madness – Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)
·The Hatter’s Hat – Price: 120 NCoin (50% discount)
·Nyerkcarrier – Price: 320 NCoin (50% discount)
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Keep Gaming On The Go

Gaming has cemented itself into our culture; the popular pastime is loved and played by millions across the globe. With strategically smart moves from the world of eSports and bold tournaments drawing more players annually, it’s a pastime that keeps gathering momentum, allowing the world of gaming to expand to new heights.

Starting as far back as TV games and developing into PC and console games, conventional gaming is immersive and interactive yet lacks the freedom of movement that can be found with portable gaming consoles.

Even though handheld gaming consoles lack superior graphics and intense game-play, there’s something to be said for portable gaming consoles as they bring you a world of entertainment on demand and on the go.

The following handheld consoles are the best portable gaming solutions available right now, if you travel often or find yourself strapped to the back of the car for a long haul journey one of these hand-holds may just make your journey that much more pleasant.

Get Portable With Sega
Sega has been a household name in the gaming department for some time now. Bringing players much loved classics like Sonic The Hedgehog; the new At Games Sega Portable is the perfect handheld gaming console for those ultra fun old school games.

At just 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick, The At Games Sega Portable can fit in just about any bag. Jump into a variety of new worlds and fascinating Sega titles for portable gaming excitement.

The Classics Come Back To Life With Wolsen
Featuring 152 classics, all the games and can be taken with you in the go, The Wolsen LCD Portable is a nifty little hand-held gaming device that packs a punch full of classic entertainment.

The games are reminiscent of old school favourites and the best part is that it will appeal to all members of the family. It’s also very affordable and extremely durable.

The Mini Arcade Portable Console
If you were a fan of arcades back in the day then you must have the iWaWa Arcade. It comes paced with dozens of classic arcade style games and offers small and compact versatility for young ones on the move.

Transform Your Mobile Into A Gaming Device
Smart phones have really revved up their processors, and developers are starting to take full advantage of this. As smart phones become the dominant way to take your complete lifestyle on the go with you, and to play the slots NZ has to offer anywhere, anytime, more and more people are going mobile.

The BD&A Power A Moga literally transforms your mobile device into a handheld gaming console complete with all the bells and whistles. Featuring console remote grips and two analogue sticks, the device will even charge your phone while you play.

If you’re in the market for one of these guys then you should be aware that they are currently only compatible with Android devices.

Keep It Real With The Vita

Sony’s PlayStation Vita will keep you coming back for more every time. Link it up with your PS4 and tickle your gaming fantasies with more than 1000 games to choose from.

The device offers players a pristine hand-held console with crisp graphics and a neatly arranged interface that is familiar and friendly if you’re a PlayStation fanatic. It’s the perfect on the go option for when you can’t be face planted in front of your console.
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The Best Simulation Video Games Available

Video games today come in an assortment of genres and playable titles. Everything from adventure games, role-playing games, first person shooters and now more recently virtual reality games has a place in the gaming domain.

It’s fast paced and immersing, modern video games captivate players and submerge then into a suspended reality that allows for an extension beyond the self-realization of you your own human body.

There is no single genre of video game that mimics reality more so than the simulation video game.

A simulation video game mimics Reality almost inseparably and is as much fun as playing at an NZ online casino, only in a whole new way. It’s a computer-generated carbon copy of the world, and has been designed with one clear focus in mind. Simulation games are often developed to train certain fields of humanity, analyze and predict human outcomes. The following games are the best simulation games available to date.

Fly With Flight Simulator X
Flight Simulator X developed by Microsoft Game Studios will wrap you, twist you and turn you over in a 360-degree motion for good measure. Whether you’ve always dreamed of conquering the skies or if you’re just an airborne fanatic, Flight Simulator X has exactly what you’re looking for in a flight simulation video game.

The game is entirely based on real world aircraft controls and allows you to experience what it’s like to be a top dog in Top Gun, first hand. Twist in modern aircrafts for good measure and you’ll be king of the air in no time at all.

Enter Your U Boat With Pride
Silent Hunter III is a submarine simulation video game developed by Ubisoft. You take command of a submarine or U-boat in World War II, slowly entering the peril of the underground graveyard of ships your duty is simple; seek and destroy.

The effect of submarines in WW 2 was undeniable as they changed the face of the shipping lanes and ushered in a silent kind of control many were afraid to tackle. That’s exactly the kind of feeling Silent Hunter 3 provides players with, it gives you full control, allowing players to focus in on being a submarine captain commanding his crew, rather than being an insubordinate charged with tedious duties.

Experience The Hype With Assetto Corsa
From super cars to hyper cars and beyond, Assetto Corsa developed by Kunos is a breathtaking affair strictly for the love of cars. Praised for its technical driving ability and realistic sense of handling that makes you feel like you own the car this driving simulator game affords players with true freedom on the race track.

The game itself does have its downfalls and top critics agree that certain F1 simulators go above and beyond what Assetto Corsa has to offer, but the game's appeal lies in its down to earth driving bliss, which truly places you in the driver's seat of some of the best road going cars in the world.

Harvest Your Crops With Farming Simulator 15
In Farming Simulator 15 there’s no room for error or cutting corners. The real hard gritty of what it takes to be a farmer is exposed in this game. It’s a true reflection of life in a working farm and will leave players astonished at the kind of rugged effort it takes to work the land.

Farming Simulator 15 is unforgiving and the realism in the game is apparent from the get go. If you want to become a farmer, and a successful one at that, it’s going to be long hours of hard work. The game gives you no short cuts either; a few simple tutorials set you on your way, and if you’ve never dealt with farming machinery before, get prepared to learn.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Black Friday Sale Preview

We’re getting into the holiday spirit and providing some deep discounts and special limited-time deals. We’ll have the full sale details on November 24—this is just an early teaser!

Items across the Black Cloud Marketplace are seeing discounts of up to 50%, as well as some brand new items being made available. Here is just a tiny, tiny look at the some of the great deals to be found in Aion during this sales event:
  • · Kumiho Costume Set – New!
  • · Wide selection of Luna bundles – Get up to 25% Bonus Luna
  • · Costume discounts – Save 50%
  • · And a lot more!

Stay tuned for all the details when these sales go live on November 24. Sales begin on Black Friday, and end at 10am PST on November 28.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Upgrade Arcade: November 2017

The Upgrade Arcade has returned until December 6. Level up the onscreen weapon to power up your rewards. The new Panda Power Wheels Box and Dark Wings Skin are up for grabs this time around so grab your tokens and win!

- How to Play -
The Upgrade Arcade can be accessed by clicking the smiling Shugo icon on the lower right corner of your screen. Use this icon to play, browse the prize list, or check out the Help guide.

To play, you’ll need an Arcade Token. One Arcade Token is consumed each time you begin playing at level 1, and will last until you claim a prize. This means it’s possible for you to get to Upgrade Level 8 on one token!

Click Play to start the mini-game and you'll see the weapon on the screen change before you. Subsequently by clicking Play, you will continue to upgrade the weapon and the Upgrade Level. There is a chance to fail at each upgrade level so play wisely! If you want to claim your prize, click Reward and a random item from the tier's prize list will be placed in your inventory.

If your upgrade fails at Upgrade Level 6 or higher, you have two choices. You can claim your level 1 prize, or you can click the Resume option to spend two tokens and regain your place! The Resume icon lights up to let you know it can be used, but can only be used once per play.

As you play the Upgrade Arcade, you will notice the Frenzy Meter filling up. Every token you use to play or resume will fill up the bar. Once the bar is full, Frenzy Mode begins and you have 90 seconds of boosted upgrade chances and additional Frenzy Rewards! Click away!

Once the Frezy Meter is full, you'll fill one of the stars at the top and when all four are filled you'll instantly receive a prize from the highest prize tier.

- Where to Get Arcade Tokens -

There are a few ways for you to get tokens for the Upgrade Arcade.
  1. A survey will be available for players level 30+ for (1) Arcade Token. One survey per server per account.
  2. Prestige Pack subscribers will receive an additional (2) Arcade Token via survey each week of the event.
  3. Arcade Tokens can also be purchased individually or as a bundle from the in-game shop or web store.

- Rewards -

The rewards can be viewed in the Upgrade Arcade menu and are distributed randomly from the upgrade tier you end on. Remember, you can claim your reward at any time. If you want that prize at Upgrade Level 6 without risking a failure on your next attempt, hit the Rewards button to claim it right away. Keep in mind that if your upgrade fails and you do not resume playing, through choice or lack of tokens, you will only get a prize from Upgrade Level 1.

Rewards available include Harvester Armor, Weapon and Accessory Box, Omega Enchantment Stones, Tempering Solutions, Berdin's Lucky Stars, Miinuim and much more. Panda Power Wheels and Dark Wings are also available from the event!

The Upgrade Arcade awaits you! Hurry before it's too late. Upgrade Arcade will end on December 6.
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kumuki's Cave Returns

The Porguses have been captured by the Kumiki yet again, and again! This special Kumuki instance will have different rewards and will come and go every week. Have a look below for the schedule.

- How To Participate -

In the Capital Cities you’ll find Gretel the Mischievous looking for the assistance of any level 46+Daeva willing to help. She has a carriage that will send you to the Kumuki Cave where Hansel the Troublemaker is waiting to tell you how you can help.

Once inside, Hansel will inform you that the Porguses are being held in cages at the end of the cave, and you only have 15 minutes before it’s dinner time! Opening the gate will transform you into a Shabby Kumuki which also grants two special abilities. You can also grab a Shabby Kumuki Transformation Scroll from the Supplies Box if you need it.

Fear Grenade

Causes the target to be feared and disappear.

Stink Bomb

Causes a group of Kumukis to be temporarily paralyzed.

You’ll need to use these abilities to progress through the cave in a stealthy manner avoiding the vision the Kumukis have. Also available are objects you can use to blend in so you won’t be detected. If you’re careless and are detected too many times, the butcher will be alerted and kill the Porguses before you get there.

As you make your way through the cave, you’ll need to keep an eye out for four Key Chests, which contain the keys required to save the Porguses. Also hidden in the cave is a Suspicious Box which has the key to open the Kumuki Crate at the end.

Looking for a bit of experience while saving the Porguses? Three Nutritious Ginseng can be found in the cave, killing them will grant EXP so be sure to end their fleshy rooted lives if you have time! You can also choose to let the helpless Porguses die and kill the Kumukis for additional EXP.

For each Porgus you save you’ll earn one Poppy’s Gift Bundle (but only if you talk to them after opening the cage door), and an additional one if you open the Kumuki Crate. Each Poppy’s Gift Bundle will yield a random reward from the list below.

On the store you’ll be able to purchase Bonus Entry Scrolls to go as many times as you wish!

- Rewards -
  • Fragmented Spinel (x300) 
  • Fragmented Spinel (x600)
  • Fragmented Spinel (x900) 
  • Kumuki Cave Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Blood Mark (x80) 
  • Spinel Medal (x4)
  • Major Ancient Crown (x3) 
  • Major Ancient Goblet (x3)
  • Major Ancient Goblet (x6) 

[Event] Danuar Relic Box (x4)

- Schedule -

Here’s the full schedule that Kumuki’s Cave Returns will be running for the next month:
November 8 to November 15
November 22 to November 29
December 6 to December 13
December 20 to December 27

Be sure to check the schedule above to see when you can enter Kumuki’s Cave and help save the Porguses!
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