Sunday, February 28, 2016

Special Greater Aether Treasure, Character Growth Pack, Equipment Enhancement Pack and more

Week on week you'll find new and useful items for your adventure or cool skins for your personal heroic outfit in the AION shop. Today, a new delivery has arrived which enriches the product range quite extensively:

The following items are now available:
[Motion Card] Boxing legend
[Motion Card] Boxing champion
Boxing Champion's Clothing
Boxing Champion's Gloves
Succubus Costume
Succubus Horns
Cube Expansion Key
Character Development Pack (30 days; tradable)
Equipment Enhancement Pack (30 days; tradable)

The following items are only available in the shop for a week:
Feather Set

The following items are only available in the shop for 2 weeks:
Boxer Bundle
Special Greater Aether Treasure

Don't miss out on these items.

Visit the AION shop now!

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