Monday, August 31, 2009

Aion Cheats - Easy 20k-200k Abyss Points For lvls 10-20

This one is harder but works for any level from 10-20. You need a spiritmaster from (for eg Asmos) and a level 10-20 character B from (for eg Elyos)
Meet up like above. The spiritmaster summon a pet for B to hit. The pet will not retaliate, don't worry.
Depending on the level of the spiritmaster's pet, B will earn between 20+AP to 200+AP (level 30 is the highest i have tested)
The bug here is that the pet gives abyss points when killed on opponent land (non-abyss)
Extremely easy abyss points

  • Buy some teleportation scrolls and use your AP as soon as you got them. You have been warned.

  • Both Asmos and Elyos have many hills in their deserts. Use these hills to farm your abyss points. Don't do it on flat terrain. It's suicide.

  • Do it during early morning (china time)

Have fun with your abyss gear

This will only work if the 2nd account is high enough level to enter the rift. Maybe the rift I tried was too high level? Dunno I was lvl 10 and couldnt get into the 2 rifts I found as I was not the "appropriate level"

Once I get a char higher level If I can get back to my lvl 10 I will try this.

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Plus you can only kill them 5 times before you

"you cannot gain any ap from this target"

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