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Guide to Warrior Classes

This is a compilation of info found on various Korean sites as well as forums.
It should provide a good starting point for those of you browsing Aion info for the first time.. and if you're a regular, well, hopefully you'll learn something new too.
Note: All skill names are temporary, and are likely to change in the official release of the game.

1. Introduction

If you like the taste of melee combat and enjoy being the first to jump into a fray, this is the path for you. Warrior classes are the most resilient in the game, possessing the greatest amount of strength and constitution. You will start the game as a Warrior and begin your adventures equipped with a 1H sword as your first weapon.

At level 9 you will be given the Daeva quest, during the course of which you will be able to choose between the Templar and the Gladiator as your specialization path (this is the same quest that gives you your wings). Upon completing the quest, your level will be set automatically to 10 in your new class.


2. Warrior Base Stats

Strength: 110
Constitution: 110
Agility: 100
Accuracy: 100
Intelligence: 90
Spirit: 90


3. Gear

Warriors equip chainmail armour before specialization, after which they switch to plate armour.
Shields in Aion do not add to defense stats, but are used instead for shield blocks (% based) and shield skills.

Currently the most popular weapon for Gladiators is the polearm. Templars stick to the usual tanking combo of sword and shield.

3 Stars: Primary
2 Stars: Useful in certain situations
1 Star : Almost never used
No Star: Unequippable


4. Gladiator

Damage Dealer, Off-tank
Gladiators will see their role shift to output more damage, but with the option of moonlighting as off-tankers or substitute tanks.
Comparable classes from other games: WoW Arms Warrior, L2 Warlord/Destroyer

Popular Builds
Although most players will want to focus on enhancing the Glad's damage dealing ability, more experimental players may want to take advantage of the Gladiator's large range of wield-able weapons and try hybrid builds.

1. Damage Dealing Build
Gear: Polearm/2H Sword
Enhancements: + Dmg, + Crit Rate

2. Tanking Build
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: + HP, + Shield Rate

3. Dual Weapon Build
Gear: 2 x 1H Sword/Mace
Enhancements: + Dmg, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Dual Weapon Mastery

Key Skills

See Gladiator skills on the Wiki


5. Templar

Templars are the ultimate tanks of Aion, using the shield for both defense and offense while protecting its party members.
Comparable classes from other games: WoW Prot Warrior, L2 TK/SK

Popular Builds
Templar players will want to keep their shields close for shield stun skills and blocks, though PvP players may want to have a 2H in their inventory for initial gank attacks.

1. Tanking Build
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: + Shield Rate, + HP

2. PvP Build
Gear: Swap between 1H Sword/Mace + Shield and a 2H Weapon
Enhancements: + Dmg, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Prey

3. Offensive PvE Shield Build
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: + Dmg, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Increased Critical Rate

4. Offensive PvE 2H Build
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: All + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Increased Critical Rate

Key Skills

See Templar skills on the Wiki


6. Current State of Warriors - CBT3

As you might be able to tell from the user ratings, Warriors took a hard hit in popularity in CBT3 with the introduction of the Abyss RvR area. Melee classes were found to be at a disadvantage in PvP (which makes perfect sense when players have the option to fly off) and the few stigma skills that were added to neutralize this (Templar's Prey skill, for example) came with long refresh times. The slow attack speed both Warrior classes suffer from didn't help either, and at the moment Warrior class forums on Korean sites are flooded with complaints.

Class balancing should be on the way for open beta however, and Warriors still remain a staple choice for PvE as the only tanking branch of Aion.

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