Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mage attack strategy

This is for those who have trouble fighting as a mage.

Rule 1 is always stay as far away from your target as possible.

I use the numbers over my letters on my keyboard to use spells is quick unison.

1 I place fire bolt because it is the quickest cooldown meaning i can click it more easily.

2 I place some kind of way to stun, trap or get away from a target.... i prefer to get away from a target.

3 i place Ice chain. I use this to slow and push back the target, depending what level u are.

4 i place erosion which damages the target over a period of time.

5 is some sort of extra powerful spell which has a large cooldown but has a large damage.

the numbers following have extra spells which i may not need but could be useful in a tight jam.

I begin with a 3, doubled to get the extra effect, followed by 1, doubled for the extra effect. I then use 4 to make damage occur as I begin to activate spell 5. If the target isn't dead by now I use 1 again. If it gets too close before or after i can use 1 again I use the 2 to get away from it after which i use 5, if it has cooled down, or 1.

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