Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aion Tips and Tricks

Here is a few Aion Tips & tricks. Some of them you might know, some of them might be new to you. All ifomation have been gathere from

  • Roads aren't always the fastest way between two points. Go offroad! You won't have to worry about aggro (kill on sight mobs) until you get into your level 6 or level 7 quests.
  • Remember that you can gather multiple times on each Angelica node, but Angelica grows throughout the intro areas, so don't worry about getting your ten on the first trip. It's good to get in the habit of gathering whenever you stumble across a node, since you'll have at least one quest later on that requires 15 points in gathering.
  • Don't replace your chest or foot armor - you'll be getting upgrades to the chest piece soon enough, and foot pieces seem to drop with higher frequency than other pieces.
  • Titles give stats in Aion, so be sure to have a title equipped. At level 10, the Raider Hero title is great for melee classes, and the Fluent in Mau title is excellent for magic users (though you'll need quite a bit of kinah to buy the language skill in Pandaemonium).
  • Remember that you can switch titles whenever you wish to! If you pick up the Bottled Lightening title, you can use it during long stretches of foot travel then switch back to a combat title when you need to.
  • Don't neglect your harvesting skills! You'll run into several quests in Verteron that will require you gather from harvesting nodes around the zone and skill levels will become obsolete quickly if you neglect them.
  • Repeatable quests are there for a reason! Grab these quests every time you pick up other local quests for extra experience and coin as a habit. You'll find that they take little effort to complete but offer worthwhile reward.
  • Get the ascension done ASAP! The quest reward, wings, and level 10 skills are all worth earning as early as possible. If you need to go back to the newbie area, do so as a pimped out Daeva.
  • Most class skills update at level 10, 13, 16, and level 19. Save time by planning your trips back to the city at these levels or if you have the kina, buy as many upgrades as you can all at once!
  • Gliding is helpful in quick travel but is definitely an art form! For the best results, travel using your Num Lock or auto-run key then jump from hill peaks or ledges then hit your jump key again, while in mid-air, to glide. You may use your mouse to control your direction and elevation. Glide is also helpful to avoid falling damage. Hit your jump key before you hit the ground to float safely down.
  • Getting a little too crowded in your adventuring area? Change channels! Aion utilizes instances to keep zones from overcrowding and all you have to do to switch is click on your menu button at the bottom of your UI, hover over "Support" and choose "Change Channel". A box will pop up at the top of your screen showing you which channel you are in and allowing you to drop it down and choose a different channel.

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