Sunday, November 15, 2009

leveling method and Great spot for grinding 35-39

To Power level you'll need a higher level friend, Cleric/Templar/Chanter work best.

Get them to train a bunch of mobs and get lots of hate and then you pick them off one by one. The only benefit is that there is no down time for resting HP and you can kill the mobs much faster because they're all right in front of you.

Thats not how it was last night, I was recieving 80-85% of regular. The method works.

Great spot for grinding 35-39
Not sure about Elyos but Asmodians have Wrathfull Obscuras, and Gloomy Specters I think there called they look like reapers.

They drop fast don't do lots of damage and give 25k a mob and since there aggro mobs bots don't usually bot there.

You can find them in Beluslan pretty much straight under the Right outpost.

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