Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great way to gather with ease!

In my hours of gathering, and macro research, I have come up with an extremely easy way to set up macros on Aion which make gathering almost as easy as using a bot.

For populated areas like Patamor Thicket on the Asmo. side, the popular things to gather are Twisp Fibers, Vinna, and Theonia. I will use them as an example for some macros.

Macro 1:

/Select Twisp

Macro 2:

/Select Vinna

Macro 3:

/Select Theonia

Once you have made these macros, simply drag them to your quickbar. When you are in the gathering area, click on any of the macros, and you will auto-select, run to, and begin gathering the nearest location of the particular item you want. It's great to use this method in an area which you do not get aggro in, as you can just click a macro after you have gathered your current point, and run directly to the next.

Note: You must be in /Select range of the item in order to properly use the macro. If you aren't selecting anything, move a little closer and the macro will begin to work its magic!

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