Monday, May 3, 2010

Aion producer talks stun removal, Dredgion tweaks

The fourth and final interview in the Ask Kinslon series is hot off the presses, wherein Aion producer Chris 'Kinslon' Hager answers a few questions posed by NCSoft's Daeva of Journalism, a.k.a. Aquilanius. For the lengthy encore, Hager touches on user interface improvements, instance changes, and new skills as they relate to the upcoming 1.9 patch.

"So to clarify, all classes will get the stun removing skill at level 40. The duration when this skill is used is seven seconds. It has a one-minute cool-down. I can almost see the Assassin's minds running now with new strategies to combat this. I am honestly very excited to see what the new strategies that this will generate combat. Our players are smart and adaptive, and I have no doubt we'll see some cool combat tactics come out of this," Hager says.

The interview goes on to list some interesting tweaks to the high-level Dredgion instance, as well as movable hotbars and other long overdue UI tweaks. Check it out at the official site.

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