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Becaome Daeva Fast

This guide is speed-oriented, not fun-oriented, to make you become a Daeva as quickly as possible. If you have quests piling up or haven't played the game yet and are curious about the details, this guide is for you.

Plains of Akarios > Clione Lake
1. Plains of Akarios > Clione Lake
2. Daminu Forest > Melpone's Camp
3. Kabara Mines > Poja Road
Receive quest ‘Lv1. New Mission' from NPC Elpis who's standing right across from you as soon as the intro cutscene ends.
Quest "A Voice from the Dreams" isn't going so well so let's exclude that from the list.

Talk to the NPCs with cyan diamonds over their heads to receive quests.
Follow the path and you'll see Mires. Talk to Mires to complete ‘Lv1.

New Mission' quest and receive ‘Lv1. Hunting Kerubim.'

The Kerubims can be found spread out around Mires, so quickly kill three and talk to him again.

Report to Mires and receive ‘Lv1. Recovering Crops.

The sacks of crops can be found beyond the hills behind Mires. After collecting [four sacks of crops] return to Mires.

There are some people having trouble finding this area. It's right over the hill behind Mires so don't go wandering off somewhere far!

After completing ‘Recovering crops,' report back to Mires. Receive ‘Lv2. Mission Report.'

Follow the path towards Town Akarios and you will see Kales Farm. Receive ‘Lv2. Problematic Merdion' from Kales.

Croplicker Merdions can be found in the farm adjacent to Kales'. Report back after you're done.

This farmer may not be as noticeable because he's always fighting monsters. Make sure to keep this in mind!

Once you get to level 3 through quests you will receive ‘Lv 3. New Skills' quest. If you're not level three yet, kill some mobs around you to get to level 3 then head to Town Akarios.

Once you enter Town Akarios you will automatically receive ‘Lvl 3. Call to Arms.'
Save your location to Akarios.
Receive ‘Lv3. Lost item without an owner' from Minaring.
Receive ‘Lv3. Uno's Ingredients' from Uno.

Go to your class trainer and complete ‘New Skills' quest. Purchase up to level five skill books.
Mage trainer was inside the church. But a kid(...) Lets' get as many books as we can.

Complete ‘Mission Report' by talking to Akarios Teleporter Polysia and receive ‘Lv2. (Repeat) Capturing Angelicas.'

Every time you see an Angelica pluck it out.

Complete ‘Lv3. Call to Arms' with Kalion who is standing in front of Polysia, then receive ‘Lv3. Kerubim Threat,' ‘Lv4. Elym Tribe's Request,' ‘Lv7. Explore Kabara Mines,' ‘Lv8. Odium Purification(?),' and ‘Lv9`

As you are exiting through the northern entrance, receive ‘Lv4. Book for Namus' from Melampus.

Renew ‘Lv3. Kerubim Threat' with Muranes standing next to Melampus.

Seek Peira of Clione Lake and receive ‘Lv4. Unwanted Guest of Clione Lake.

Peria and Kerubims can be found in these locations

Get to the opposite side of the lake and obtain six Hive meats.

While you're at it, kill five Brown Furred Braxes and five Repsma.

Once you're on the other side of the lake, kill small-horned Kerubims.

Return to Muranes at the town's entrance and renew ‘Lv3. Kerubim threat.'

Go further in where you found the small-horned Kerubims and collect ‘five Kerubim cuspids' from Bigfoot Kerubims.

Occasionally the Kerubim boss called Parurura would pop out. He only has a little more health than a regular mob so you shouldn't really have much trouble killing him.

As you are killing Kerubims make sure to pick up ‘five bottles of wine' lying around.

Return to Peira and report. Complete ‘Unwanted Guests of Clione Lake.'

Return to Muranes at the entrance and renew ‘Lv3. Kerubim Threat' once more.

Turn in ‘Kerubim Threat,' ‘Uno's Ingredients,' and ‘Lost Item Without an Owner' to Kalion, Unio, and Minaring, respectively.

Receive ‘Lv6. Hyean's Clothes' from the armour/weapons vendor.

Receive ‘Lv6. An Object to Light the Night' from Pranoua as you are on your way to Daminu Forest.

If you don't pay attention you'll walk by him without noticing him..

Then the quests lead you to Melpone Camps and Daminu Forest.

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