Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aion – The Divine Fortress Taken! An Interview with the Elysean Council at Ten Ton Hammer

Elysean Council takes down the Divine Fortress for the first time on US servers!

For the first time ever on US servers, the Divine Fortress in Aion was taken. The Elysean Council led over 300 Elyos on the Triniel server on this massive undertaking. Ten Ton Hammer sat down with the Elysean Council to get all the details on this monumental achievement.
Question: Could you give us a rundown of how the event went down and the various stages involved in capturing the Divine Fortress?

Answer: Haven started to capture all the core artifacts while the rest of the legions and Elysian Council continued setting up their alliances. We scaled an initial diversion attack on the Asmodian owned Miren Fortress to buy us enough time to get setup, while being unnoticed. After the diversion attack we moved down to the Aetheric Renewal artifact in the core to be ready to get on the gates for the time of vulnerability.

Read the full interview with the Elysean Council on their takedown of the Divine Fortress.

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