Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NCsoft's Halloween Event Round-Up [General News]

Almost every MMO is running Halloween events this time of year and NCsoft's games are no exception! Take a peek at all the spooky stuff happening in the world of NCsoft.

Aion: The Harvest Revel event started today and is going on until November 10. Players need to help find the stolen candy taken by the Sugarcrooks. Visit the official Aion site for full details on how to start the spooky quest and help save the lollipops!

City of Heroes: Zombies, and monsters, and candy, oh my! Zombies and monsters have run amok in-game and it's up to you to restore order! Join in on the Zombie Hunt and Monster Hunt, and don't forget to go trick-or-treating as well! The events are currently taking place and will go until October 31 at 11:59pm PDT.

Keep reading after the jump for details on the Guild Wars, Lineage and Lineage II events.

Guild Wars: Mad King Thorn has returned to Tyria for this year's Halloween festivites. Thorn brings with him new holiday quests, the Costume Brawl PvP event, Halloween-themed guild vs. guild battles, imposing new Halloween costumes and more. Get in on all the action taking place now until November 2 at 12:01am PDT.

Lineage: Starting today, Halloween events will bring lots of new content for Lineage players. Explore the new map, Witch Village, and see all the polymorphs and monsters. Players who join in on the Halloween fun can recieve a brand new Spartoi Doll that includes damage reduction +3! The event start today and will go until November 10.

Lineage II: The GMs have cooked up some awesome Halloween fun that rewards players with useful items, instead of tooth-rotting sweets! If you go hunting during the event times, an elpy may appear nearby. If you tell this Halloween Elpy "Trick or Treat," it invites you to play a game in a special GM-controlled area. The event will be going on October 26-28 between 9am and 6pm PDT.

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