Friday, November 19, 2010

Videos Give Details on Expansion's Lore, Factions [Aion]

Aion's Assault on Balaurea expansion launched about a month ago, and NCsoft is celebrating today with the release of two video podcasts that provide some details on the expansion's factions and lore. Whether you picked up Assault on Balaurea when it came out or are new to Aion, the videos are worth checking out.

The first video podcast introduces players to the three new factions in Assault on Balaurea and investigates the expansion's two new lower-level instances: Harimel and Kromede's Trial. The second podcast focuses on the lore and investigates the homeland of the Balaur on the outside of the shattered world.

You can watch both videos after the jump. What are your thoughts on Assault on Balaurea?

Aion Podcast: Factions & Instances

Aion Podcast: Lore

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