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Aion Online BT Hardmode Walkthrough

The order the bosses are killed in generally are done so cool downs are up at the right time for the bosses that need them. Most bosses in hard mode have about 2x the health as normal mode and hit a bit harder. Feel free to do the bosses in any order whoever you will want cool downs for Captain Lakhare,The Great Virhana, Isbariya the Resolute, and probably Legendary Warrior Taros. Most other bosses shouldn't be necessary.

I skipped mentioning a couple bosses because we haven't done them.

This is a hard mode guide and should be used once you know how to do normal mode as a reference.

Group makeup will be essential. My group tends to run very heavy range group. This seems to work very well for us.

We run with 1 ranger, 1 or 2 sorcerers and an Spirit Master if only one sorcerer. We also have the Templar, chanter and cleric off course. Only a couple bosses are harder or take longer with melee so it isn't a big deal to roll with all range or range and melee.

Recommendation to melee/physical damage classes. Bump accuracy with a piece of armor or two with all accuracy stones in them. Try and get around 2100-2200 accuracy after food otherwise your dps in BT will be terrible since you will not hit very frequently and all that critical stones and attack stones won't mean much when you are swinging at thin air. Trash mobs use normal gear.

First Boss Hard Mode – Captain Lakhare

New Ability: AOE pull- pulls everything in from roughly 16 meters or so.
Use WOW right away

Healers stand and heal at range like normal mode.

Range dps stand outside of aoe pull range

melee runs out when bosses arms go up.

When curse of doom is cast chanter use WOQ and Tank use invincibility

Some times it is helpful if the tank kites a little back and forth in front of the group.

2nd Boss Timed Island boss-Macunbello

Note our group only kills one island and is still a very easy fight.

Hide behind pillar and range dps dpses from range and should be an easy victory.

Temp rezes people and kills add by tombstone

Chanter and cleric heal

Dps stand on both sides of pillar this allows the whole group to not get hit by one of his AOE moves. Both sides meaning left and right side. Kind of in an arc.

3rd Boss The Great Virhana

This is a major obstacle to the rest of the instance.

Have resurrection stones and self resurrection stones

Cleric should have Rebirth on themselves.

This boss does three curses and then AOE as soon as the reflect wears off.

The strategy is to dps as much as possible right away.

Chanter pops WOW right away and everyone make sure you have shards and any possible scrolls and buffs up

Run in dps like crazy 30sec in chanter pops speed cast WOQ.

Once Curses start to go off just after the 2nd death the healer should loci resurrect people and the timing should be so that the resurrection goes off when the third person is dead.

IMPORTANT ALWAYS wait till the boss AOES then resurrect.

This is a dps race so dps need to be dpsing at all times.

When the reflect is off, the range should move outside the AOE range about 18 meters or so.

The tank can save the healer using a bodyguard and take the curse death for them.
Spirit Master can have their pet out and use spirit substitution and save themselves that way.
Chanters can use their 4k dp skill and save themselves this way also.
Video of fight in hard mode to get an idea of what goes down.(In Russian sorry)

4th Boss Stun boss- Vehala Curse

Similar to normal mode

Just dps
Stop dps when tank is stunned

A trick to tanking this boss is to tank in back of the room by a column in the center of the wall tank the boss on either side of the column and then when implosion occurs tuck into a corner on the other side there are a couple spots and you won't get hit .

5th boss monument boss-Ahbana the Wicked

Similar to normal mode just no orbs to fill mana and add cast speed.

6th boss Horse boss- Legendary Warrior Taros

Do this boss next because cool downs are probably up. Pop WOW right away and tank saves Invincibility for 50% and chanter saves speed cast for after that.

7th boss incinerator key boss- Flarestorm

We range dps from up the ramp. Wait for orb of destruction run in to dps range dps and count to15 then run out healer needs to heal.
Do this the whole fight.

Every 20% a massive amount of adds spawn just run up and out of the room and away till they explode our Templar just stood on the hill.

This is a long fight doing it this way however it is a pretty safe method

8th boss Shugo- Bold Dorakiki

Same as normal just CC the sorcerer the whole fight. Kite Chopper and kill Fillit.

A good Trick for this fight also is to run off chopper and you will have an extra dps to help kill the boss.

9th boss blue orb boss-Thurzan

Same as normal mode just make sure to have everyone topped off every 25% and have your back against the wall because he does a fear damage dot at the 25%, 50%, and 75% marks.

10th boss artifact boss-Isbariya the Resolute

Special note as off patch 2.1 you will no longer be able to run out of the room.

Dps like normal first 25% Phase 1 lasts the WHOLE fight.
75% to 50% is phase 1 and phase 2

There will be only 1 person on ghosts and it seemed to be healers a lot. just kill ghosts but make sure hitting artifact is highest on your things to do then get back to ghosts once u see the buff on your bar.

50% to 25% Amazingly hard phase.

One person stays dead the whole phase to call out AOES very easy job. The person should die 3/4 the way toward the door so the temp can rez them when he pokes his head in. Just have the rez ready to go so you don't have to do it later is all.

We dps the boss till orbs come out then hit the artifact and then run out of the room.

BEFORE 2.1 Strategy

We sit in between the pillars outside the room.

The boss will be focusing on one person when the group moves into the room so make sure that person stays back by the door with the cleric. The rest of the group runs all the way up and dpses the **** out of the boss till he casts the AOE. At this point hit the artifact and the people by the door move back to the pillars. Once u get the buff run out and get healed up. You can stay for more then one round by using pots and chanter heals.

Agro may switch around eventually when that happens that person needs to run out and get
healed by the door.

Phase 3 patch 2.1 strategy
Once the orbs come out cleric and temp stay at the base of the stairs and heal while dps moves around. Call out artifacts and run up and hit the artifacts when needed. As soon as buff is applied spread out.

30% the boss kicks off with a fear after that make sure everyone is ready and dps right after artifact goes off to bring him down and cause fear.

Once he is done AOEing run in as an entire group and resurrect your dead group members. Burn the boss down and this part is just like phase one.

Special Note: The artifacts have a glitch that if refreshed at the exact time the AOE goes off it will slaughter your group. To avoid this stop hitting the artifact once you receive the buff. Also once you receive the buff spread out there is no reason to stand on the artifact once you get the buff.

Reason behind this guide was i had no internet for 9 hours and is more of an in depth run through on specifically how to make some of the hard bosses easier.

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