Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farming Balaur Mobs for Maximum Kinah Profits

There are a number of ways to go about making solid Kinah profits in Aion, but one of the most commonly cited and one that you will likely need to take advantage of yourself eventually is the hunting of mobs. There are a large number of different kinds of mobs to hunt and different reasons to hunt them. Here is a breakdown of how the process works and how it will benefit you.

The Different Forms of Mobs to Hunt

There are three different mobs of note to hunt. There are the Elites, the Rares, and the Named Mobs. Mobs can be Named and not Elite or Rare and they can be Elite without being Rare or Named. But, generally, if a mob is rare, they are both named and elite. The important factor here is that most of these mobs will drop a much greater set of loot and items than the standard mobs you’re used to farming on.

And to top things off, the Balaur mobs in the Abyss can be all three of these things, plus they drop higher amounts of experience as well as a greater number of rare items, plus Abyss points that can be used later in the game for a variety of different things.

What You Can Gain

The primary thing you will gain from mobs that are higher level s or rare than others is green and blue gear. You might even find a few mobs that drop even higher level gear (though it is exceptionally rare). These items, along with the crafting materials that many mobs will drop, can be worth a tremendous profit in the Trade Broker or for a crafter who will take them and flip them into valuable goods.

Balaurs for Cash

As you see, hunting Balaur mobs will be the most profitable of any of these because of the added drops that come with the Abyss. The biggest problem of course is that this region is also a PvP zone which makes it hard to get time to yourself to maximize the speed at which you farm.

However, ultimately, if you spend your time in the Abyss, taking control of fortresses to get the rare recipes, and farming on the Balaur there, you will gain Kinah, rare items, rare materials, and Abyss Points, all of which can be turned into cold hard wealth in game. This is by far the most efficient and profitable way to go about loading up on what you need to be competitive in Aion.

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