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EasyAion - Free Aion Bot

EasyAion is a program that plays your character in the mmorpg Aion. Use EasyAion to farm quest items, get a higher profession, spam, make kinah or gain experience points. With EasyAion, you can do all these things on autopilot.

Here you can see the EasyAion Features

  • Very Simple & Easy Setup
  • Automatically Heal and resting
  • Automatic Hunting and Looting
  • Support for Every Class
  • Advanced Killing of NPCs - Targets and Fights NPCs
  • Simply find a decent grinding place and the bot will farm for you how long you want
  • Craftbot
  • Chatlogging and answer bot for human behavior
  • Spambot
  • completely free
  • weekly updates
  • Safe to use
  • New GUI
  • Memory reading skills

Please always remember!:

EasyAion is only available here!
EasyAion is only working on F2P EU servers. NA support comming soon.

And also remember, that this is just a beta/test phase. Please don't be vulgar if something is not working. That's why we're releasing a beta, because we want to find the issues and solve them.

If you still have some questions visit othe FAQ's.

EasyAion Overview:

This picture shows the first page of EasyAion, the "General" page. Here you can see the character and target informations like HP, MP and the current coordinates. The "General" page also shows a log. With this log, you can always see what the bot is doing or what it did. But EasyAion saves the log in a log.txt file, too, so you can always see what happened.

This is the Option page. Here you can set up your walkkeys (mostly like w,a,s,d) and your loot, rest and attack key. Also, you have the possibility to tick one of these checkboxes. They've some useful functions like "logout on death" or "skip looting". And if you want the bot to shutdown your pc, the shutdowntimer can make this job.

This is the skill/heal page. As the title says, you can set up your skills and heal skills here. Just type in your skill number (the number where your skill is laying ingame) and your combo and the casttime. If you don't need all skill input boxes, leave them empty. Same thing for the combo and casttime boxes. If you want to use a healskill, just type in the number in the field. If not, leave it empty. Same for the buff, bandage and potion fields.

The rest options fields must be filled in, otherwise the bot won't rest or heal!
Just type in the % when the bot has to rest or heal.

On the Craftbot page, you just have to click the "Start Setup" button.
After that, a Setup is initializing and you just have to follow these steps and if you're on the right position with your mouse cursor, press "CTRL" (On German keyboards "STRG").
The macro field is for the macro that you must create to use the craftbot.
The macro should be like this:

/select CraftNPCname

Of course, you have the change "CraftNPCname" into your NPC's real name.

The "Message" page is for security and spamming. The chatlogging function is very useful if you're botting several hours or you've got many ingame friends. If someone whispers you ingame and the chatlogging function is activated, you have two options:

1. Option: Bot loggs you out
2. Option: Bot answers

It's up to you what you would rather chose.

Of course, the spamming function is interesting, too. You can type in a message and start spamming. But there, you've another two options:

1. Option: Bot makes regular pauses
2. Option: Bot makes random pauses between x and y

The second option is recommended, because it's more safe.Of course, You can type in your own values for x and y.

Last, but not least, the Assist page. Here you have another 3 options:

1. Option: The bot attacks for you
2. Option: The bot loots for you
3. Option: The bot does both

You just have to tick one or both checkboxes and click on the button "Start Assist Bot" and the bot start assisting for you.

If there are any questions, please post them here in the thread.
Have fun using our free bot!

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