Monday, January 28, 2013

[4.0] Steel Rose [Steel Rake revamp]

- Steel Rose (Steel Rake Revamp)

Here comes a new instance in 4.0 for players Lv 61+! Avaible in Solo and Group (3 members) versions!

The entrance is located in South of Katalam. The instance is divided in 3 parts: Dock, Cabin and Deck and you can play Solo or in Group, you choose.

Reasons to run it:New skills books for players Lv 64Steel Rose Edie
Other infos
Instances Size Admission NPC Re-entry time Lv
Dock 1 (solo) or 3 (group) Yucca Rong Resets at 9am (solo and group time-sharing) 61+
Cabin 1 (solo) or 3 (group) Kiko Deng Resets at 9am (solo and group time-sharing) 61+
Deck 3 (Group Only) Sat Churang Resets at 9am 61+

- Items

When doing in group you can get Steel Rose Pirate Set, when in solo mode you can get the Steel Rose Sailor Set.

The Edies drop in both modes, solo and group

Have another unique items also, like Souvenirs

- Curiosities

Some Shulacks appear using a robotic armor… for me seems like a preview of the new class with no infos released so far.

- Images





Infos gathered and translated from Aion Korea Powerbook.

note: The Aion Korea page lack of informations about this instance (-__-)”

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