Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Instance: Lunadium

This instance is located in the underground of Katalam, its located at 12 o’clock of the map. If you are really lucky, you could get mythical grade weapons and armor.
Located at the 12 o´clock of the map, you need to complete a quest to enter.
Reset time is Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9am.
How to get there
You need to get special items that can be bought from an NPC and drops from monsters, after you get them, you need to deliver it to the NPC that has a quest to enter the instance.
Go to Underground Katalam and move to the 12 o’clock position, but be carefull, because this is a PVP area.

Entrance to the instance, underground of Katalam

Entrance Mode Selection

Structure of the Instance

The instance has wide open spaces and a few pillars, normal and named monsters will appear inside.


Once you defeat this instance, you will get a treasure chest, containing various items, If you are really lucky, you can get the mythical grade weapon/armor that is best for each class

Upon Defeating the instance, the exit will appear and a chest will spawn

There is a chance to get mythical gear

Soon we will post information about the weapon and gear that drops from this instance, so come back and read this post again ^_^

Source: Plaync

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