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Patch 4: Hall of Knowledge Pathway

  • The scores of the monster are shown above its head.
  • Avoid the monsters with low scores and continue your adventure throughout the dungeon to get higher scores.
Random Placement
  • Treasure box are randomly placed and located where monsters are at.
  • Acquire the hidden treasure box and it will give you additional scores.
Rank Determined
  • At the end of the dungeon in zone 4 (as shown above on map) after killing the officer you will obtain your rank depending on your score obtained and time consuming.
  • If you acquire a S rank the hidden named monster will appear.

Zone 1: Rune Library

Rune Library is a place where you can get many points.

Zone 1 consists of three layers.

Under Lvl/Middle Lvl/Upper Lvl are composed of three layers. On the under lvl and middle lvl earn as many points as you can. Starting point connects with the upper level and under level by gliding back to the upper level.

Throughout the pathway you will find numerous of runes.

Range attacks can break the artifact in the under lvl.

Stairs are destroyed so jumping is necessary.

If you unintentionally fall down use the gliding spot.

Zone 2: Destroy the passage into the underground sewers

Zone 2 will lead you to the destroy pathway underground sewers. Jumping across the debris is important acquire the jail key in the required three zones. Additional points can be obtained from the hidden room.

Destruction of the aisle

Is a passage on the second floor that was destroyed. Destroy the large amount of monsters on the first floor and descend into the underground sewers. Jump over the broken debris to climb over to the second floor. You can get higher scores in the second floor by killing monsters and obtaining structures in each room.

Into the underground sewers

Five rooms are based on long passages. Get scores in each room for killing monsters, kill the guards to get treasure chest key and open them. Glide or jump fast because if you touch the contaminated floor your movement speed will slow down.

*Note, there is a hidden room passage through the underground sewers so you can acquire additional scores.

Jump over the destroy debris you can obtain higher scores on the second floor.

Kill monsters and acquire the runes to get points in the room.

In the corner there is a hole to the underground sewer.

In the underground room there are 3 monsters with the same score.

Stepping on the contaminated floor will slow down your movement.

Zone 3: Prison Doors

Zone 3 has eight prison doors inside them you will find experimental monsters that will each give you 2010 points. Jail keys are necessary to open the prison doors you can find them in Zone 1&2&3. The “researchers” and the “cross-heads” (285 points) are the ones that drop the keys.

8 prison doors

Key points to one per 2010 available!

Press the “Tab”key so you can find the monsters.

Zone 4: Forgotten Valley
In zone 4 you will find three barricades blocking your way the safe way to cross over is to glide as the picture below shows, there is no need in destroying them because it will take you extra time.

Glide down to pass the barricades.

Officer 3051 point will determined your rank

From this point down glide.

Pass the barricades.

At the end of zone 4, you will find 2 monsters 285 points and 3051 points kill the 3051 and you will obtained your rank and time determined.

Zone 5: S Rank Hidden Named Monster

Rune Research Journal.

In order to progress in the quest you need to move to the underground Katalam and enter the instance in the last chamber you will find the research journal.

S rank hidden named monster can appear.
Info gathered from Play NC

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