Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patch 4.0: Craftable Godstones

The last update in Aion Korea, Songs of the Battlefield, bring to Aion a new way to get Godstones, crafting. The new designs are avaible for Armorsmithing and Tailoring.

In order to acquire the Craft Design, the player must go to Subterrean of Katalam and use your Old Coins (it’s a new coin, you can get it doing the new instances) and also, your crafting skill must be lv 500 and your Lv 60+.

- Crafting

The system to craft Godstones is the same to craft another items, with a chance to craft a Divine Godstone (Fabbled)
Crafting SkillCraft ResultProc
TailoringChance of 2% to cause 1012 of Damage
-Master of Courage
-Master of Wisdom
-Master of Knowledge
-Master of Marginally
Chance of 1% to cause 4050 of Damage
Divine Master of Outraged
Divine Master of Regret
Divine Master of Opposite
Divine Master of Oath
ArmorcraftingChance of 20% to cause 101 of Damage
-Master of Encouragement
-Master of Intelligent
-Master of Sages
-Master of Agility
Chance of 1% to cause 405 of Damage
Divine Master of Counter-Attack
Divine Master of Selfishness
Divine Master of Process
Divine Master of Heat

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