Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Patch 4.0: Gunslinger Class Info + Stigmas List

The Gunslinger is a sub-class of Technician. This class can use a new weapon, Cannon and swap to Dual Guns.

They have also nice Area Accumulative Skills with low MP consume, until now, Aion didnt have a class with good AoE skills.

Check this video too see a Gunslinger doing a new instance, Steel Rose, in solo mode.
 And have this one, of the Gunslinger in a new Siege in 4.0

- Stigma Tree
- Cannon

IconNameLvMPCast TimeDelay
Freezing Shot I

Cause 570 of Water damage in a target, the target can’t move for 8s
Anger Abrasion* I

Step 1: Cause 530 of Fire damage and decrease the Defense in 35 for 10s
Step 2: Cause 867 of Fire damage and decrease the Defense in 60 for 10s
Step 3: Cause 1591 of Fire damage and decrease the Defense in 110 for 10s
36Step 1; 118mp
Step 2: 141mp
Step 3: 176mp
Step 1: 1,5s
Step 2: 1,4s
Step 3: 5s
Grace of Horsepower I

Increase Magical damage in 10% for 30s
Radiation Bombardment I

Step 1: Cause 627 of Fire damage in a target (hits up to 3 enemies in range of the target around 10m)
Step 2: 907 of Fire damage
Step 3: 1186 of Fire damage and can hit 5 enemies
45Step 1: 251mp
Step 2: 294mp
Step 3: 333mp
Step 1: 1.5s
Step 2: 1.4s
Step 3: 5s
Crack of the Sheels I

Cause 757 of Wind damage in a target, for 18s the target mana is reduced in 100 and Healing Boost lower in 50%*
Concussive I*

Step 1: Cause 815 of Wind damage in target, can stun a target for 2s
Step 2: Cause 1086 of Wind Damage
Step 3: Cause 1630 of Wind damage and can stun the target for 3s or 4s
50Step 1: 206mp
Step 2: 227mp
Step 3: 248mp
Step 1: 1,5s
Step 2: 1,4s
Step 3: 5s
Captive Shell I*

Cause 389 of Earth damage and put the target under Aethers Hold state
Section HONPO* I

Step 1: Cause 1461 of Wind damage in a target and decrease 8% of target MP
Step 2: Cause 2119 of Wind damage and decrease 10% of target MP
Step 3: Step 2: Cause 2776 of Wind damage and decrease 15% of target MP
55Step 1: 344mp
Step 2: 369mp
Step 3: 393mp
Step 1: 1,5
Step 2: 1,4s
Step 3: 5s
Dual Pistols

IconNameLvMPCast TimeDelay
No Name I

Cause 519 of Water damage (Aditional effect to be translated)
Shot of Silence I

Cause 381 of Wind damage and silence the target for 5s~6s
Breath Power I

Increase MP and HP recovery in 5 points*
Underbelly Penetrating I

Cause 1141 of Earth damage in a target and put under Bleeding State for 9s
Quickly Speakers I

Cause 439 of Earth damage in a target, can be Triggered 5 times in a row
Charged Horsepower Shot I*

No description
Strengthening Horsepower Shotsl I* [Self Buff]

Cause a aditional damage of 132 for 8s
Taking Aim* I

Cause 642 of Fire damage and put the target under Stun State for 3s

Note 1: The items tagged with * and Italic means a not right translation, No Name too.

Note 2: The names can change when it release in NA server.

Note 3: Steps = Accumulative Skills

Source: Heavens Reapers

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