Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's go back to the beggining. I first started on Gorgos server as an Elyos and frankly, Gorgos was a pretty decent and balanced server. Then, when other servers started to get unbalanced, NCS decided to merge some of them, so I ended up in Spatalos, were Elyos were already dominating Asmodians, which in my opinion, kinda ended up breaking the balance that existed on Gorgos before the merge. As the server started to fall for a single side, people started transfering, thus making the server less crowded and "forcing" even more people to migrate to better crowded servers.

As patches came by, servers started to get inbalanced and people started to get fed up and left. I ended up moving to the Asmodian on Telemachus about 2 years ago.

So here's where NC/GF or whatever failed a bit.. Server balance. Telemachus used to be fun also (I even was Elyos there in the first place), but everyone was just making more and more Elyos characters. And that happening on an already Elyos dominated server is not a good option.

So here's what I think would be some good ideas, to at least try to restore some order to the servers and maybe make the game more interesting again:
  • Restrict Character Creation on the Dominating Faction on EACH server (Kinda like what NA has) and rewarding new and low level players on the weaker faction with Consumables, Gear (also kinda like NA has);
  • Once a month (for maybe a week) give an extra PvP buff to the weaker faction (ye, cuz it's not fun to PvP when the opposing faction has Abyss 65 +15 and we're still using strife, cuz we can't have enough number to win Katalam Forts);
  • ADVERTISE!! C'mon, you guys are a freaking Big Company, I'm sure you have the means to it.
  • Have a look on how Instances Resets work on NA or in Korea... I think it's a bit simpler than having to wait 2 and half days to go Katalamize, for example. (I know, you gotta make money somehow, but trust me, your store as enough of tempting stuff to buy already)
  • Make some fun PvP events (1 for All in a specific Map/Area for example)

These are just some raw ideas, feel free to contact me if you want to hear more of what's on my mind.

I guess you guys have a lot of stuff to do, specially when dealing with a lot of multi-languaged servers, but if that's the case, hey, I'm studying translation, I can help a bit.

So please, read this, and everyone else make this thread up to the top. We need to support those who can make Aion more thrilling again for us. Blaming never takes us anywhere. I get frustrated with GF a lot of times too, but maybe they need some community love instead of community rage.

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