Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Aion - Aion Private Server

AION Retail fun without limitations!
- No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win!

Welcome to Just Aion

Server Rates

  • EP - x5
  • Group-EP - x5
  • Quest-EP - x5
  • Quest-Kinah - x2
  • Drops - x5
  • Sammel-EP - x2
  • Crafting-EP - x2
  • Crafting Krit - 25%
  • AP-PvP - x1.2
  • AP-PvE - x2

Just Aion Features
A small overview of Ariel's Features. Of course everything substantial is available.

  • Custom Battlegrounds with different modes
  • Higher Rates
  • High amounts of players online
  • Rewards for veterans (read more)
  • Fully functional 'Dredgion' system with extended rewards
  • All instances fully implemented
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril- medal exchange (read more)
  • Worlddrop-system
  • Qualified in-game support
  • Basic equipment- and consumable-packages for new players
  • No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win
  • 8 Characters per account
  • 2 crafting-masteries per character
  • Reduced instance cooltimes
  • Additional daily tickets for the official PvP Arenas
  • '.noexp' command for 'stay-low-level'-PvP
  • '.decompose' command to decompose high amounts of items easily
  • Player managed boards for Elyos and Asmodians

Just Aion Battlegrounds
The Just Aion Battlegrounds are instanced PvP maps allowing you to fight against other players in different game modes.
If you enjoy fair PvP and you also want to earn various kind of rewards like Abyss Points and Just Aion Tokens, you only have to type ".bg" in your chat. Rewards are limited for 4 rounds a day.

Would you like to know more about Just Aion Battleground, click me.

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