Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All Dolled Up Event

The Nesting Doll Brothers have made a stop in Atreia to share with Daevas their culture and customs of nesting dolls. These mysterious nesting dolls can be opened to reveal another nesting doll! With a little luck, keep opening these nesting dolls for a prize!

Part One: First Nesting Doll Brother (Level 30+)
In the capital cities, talk to the First Nesting Doll Brother daily for (2) +1 Nesting Dolls. You can also get one Nesting Doll per hour while you are logged in for up to three Dolls earned this way. Open each Nesting Doll to reveal another Nesting Doll. At +10, opening the Nesting Doll will reveal an[Event] Magic Paint and [Event] White Nesting Doll. Combine it to create a [Event] Magic Nesting Doll.

If the Nesting Doll fails to reveal the next doll at any point before +10, random prizes will automatically be redeemed into your inventory including a [Event] Broken Nesting Doll.

Part Two: Second Nesting Doll Brother
If you collect 10 [Event] Broken Nesting Doll pieces, Second Nesting Doll Brother will be more than happy to trade your broken pieces for (1) +1 Nesting Doll. [Event] Broken Nesting Doll can only be acquired when your Nesting Doll explodes before +10.

Part Three: Youngest Nesting Doll Brother
The Youngest Nesting Doll Brother still has a lot to learn from his three older brothers so in the meantime, he offers an [Event] Youngest Nesting Doll's Bundle for interested Daevas. You can pick up this bundle daily. Open the bundle to receive (1) [Event] Dye Bundle and (1) random buff scroll. Various types of buff scrolls can be acquired.

+1 Nesting Dolls can also drop from defeating bosses in these instances:

Nochsana Training Camp
Udas Temple
Alquimia Research Center
Aetherogenetics Lab
Aturam Sky Fortress
Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge
Beshmundir Temple
Carpus Isle Storeroom
Danuar Reliquary
Danuar Sanctuary
Dragon Lord's Refuge
Drakenspire Depths
Illuminary Obelisk
Hamate Isle Storeroom
Indratu Fortress
Infernal Danuar Reliquary
Linkgate Foundry
Infinity Shard
Kromede's Trial
Infernal Illuminary Obelisk
Lower Udas Temple
Padmarashka's Cave
Occupied Rentus Base
Raksang Ruins
Ophidan Bridge
Rentus Base
Sauro Supply Base
Sealed Danuar Mysticarium
Steel Rake Cabin
Seized Danuar Sanctuary
Taloc's Hollow
Tiamat Stronghold
The Eternal Bastion

- Rewards -
Please follow this link to the forums for the complete rewards list.

The Nesting Doll Brothers are only here until June 1, 2016. Collect your dolls and reveal the rewards hidden within them!

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