Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wishing Fountain Returns

Once again, a realm like ours is linked by the power of Aether. When the two realms meet, it causes Aether Blooms to sprout in our world. Collect these Blooms and throw them into the Shimmering Fountain to receive an event prize bundle. Prizes include [Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle, Tiamat's Glimmering Wings, all-new Flower Petal Dress, and more.

- How to Participate -

Part One: Collecting Aether Blooms
Every day during the event, you can speak to NPC Fountess Lilly for a daily [Event] Aether Bloom. At the same time, for every 30 minutes you are online, a Bloom will automatically be inserted into your account. Up to four per day can be collected this way. For those with a Prestige Pass, you will get an additional Bloom every 15 minutes you are online for a total of 8 to be collected this way daily.

You can collect additional Aether Blooms from picking them by rifting into Enshar or Cygnea. Asmodians can pick the Ruby Aether Blossom in Cygnea, and Elyos can pick the Yellow Aether Blossom in Enshar. The Pure Aether Blossom in Levinshor are available to both factions in Levinshor.

If you need even more Aether Blooms, the boss from certain instances will drop an [Event] Aether Bloom Bouquet that offers one to three Aether Blooms. Follow this link to the forums for the complete list.

For those who enjoy some PVP, collect the PVP quests from Fountess Lolly. They will reward you with even more Aether Blooms for defeating members of the opposing faction.

Part Two: Wishing in the Shimmering Fountain

Once you acquire an Aether Bloom, throw it into the Shimmering Fountain. In return you will either get a Fountain Gift, Blooming Gift, or an Aether Wilt. The Aether Wilt is a junk item.

- Location -

Event NPCs and the Shimmering Fountain is located in Pandaemonium for Asmodians and Sanctum for Elyos.

- Reward -

Opening an [Event] Fountain Gift will randomly reward you with one of the following:

*Ceramium Medal (x2)

*Saam King's Herbs

*[Event] Nutritional Rice

*Unknown Petal

*[Event] Premium Recovery Serum

*Conqueror's Mark (x5)

*[Event] Lucky Scroll Bundle

*Blood Mark (x5)

*[Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Box

*Blood Medal (x5)

*L. Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal)

*Tombstone of Revival

*L. Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic)

*Greenwood Visor

*Major Ancient Crown

*Crown of Daisies

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Tempering Solution

*Empyrean Plume Chest

Opening a [Event] Blooming Gift will randomly reward you with one of the following:

*Tiamat's Glimmering Wings

*Illusion Godstone Bundle

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal)

*Stigma Sack

*L. Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal)

*Major Ancient Crown

*L. Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic)

*Ceramium Medal (x2)

*Greater Running Scroll (1 hour) (x30)

*Conqueror's Mark (x10)

*Greater Awakening Scroll (1 hour) (x30)

*Blood Mark (x10)

*Greater Courage Scroll (1 hour) (x30)

*Blood Medal (x10)

*Elite Composite Manastone Chest

*Greenwood Outfit

*Shining Ancient Manastone Bundle

*Flower Petal Dress

*[Event] Manastone Bundle

There is also a chance to also get an [Event] Split Bloom in addition to one of the rewards from the Gifts. Combine the Split Bloom with the [Event] Bonding Powder available on the store to make a Blooming Gift. That's double the rewards!

The connection between the two worlds ends May 18, 2016. Collect your Aether Blooms and make a wish in the Shimmering Fountain!

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