Friday, June 17, 2016

Aion Online Professions - What is Profitable?

Professions represent just one of the numerous intriguing aspects of Aion Online game-play and while their direct impact on the overall game-experience is questionable in some cases, they do indeed add to the depth of the action, and some of these professions can indeed be profitable in the long-run. What exactly are we looking at though? We have Weaponsmithing, which is a rather interesting-sounding proposition indeed, as it allows players to work some metals and to make various melee weapons such as maces, polearms, swords and daggers.

Armorsmithing sounds equally attractive: it's about the ability to manufacture plate- and chain armor as well as helmets and as such, it involves some metal-working skills as well.

Handicrafting will endow players with the ability to make various rings, necklaces and earrings as well as offensive weaponry in the shape of bows and staves - mostly stuff made out of wood.

Tailoring is about making leather armor, belts and cloth armor, while Alchemy allows those who master it to create magical scrolls, potions, orbs as well as spellbooks. Cooking - although it may not look like much at first glance - is in fact one of the most interesting and potentially most rewarding professions. It allows players to create food which restores health, mana and provides temporary boosts to various abilities.

Despite the fact that they seem to be the least glamorous of the bunch, when it comes to kinah-making, Cooking and Alchemy seem to be the right choice. Alchemy is what many swear on in this respect and it is indeed very profitable, but its tie-ins with aethertapping and gathering may make it uncomfortable for some. For those with a single toon, a combination of the two is also a decent-enough option. Master Cooking goes well with Expert Alchemy, as it will allow players to make food tables and the balic jellies and foods as well as the various attack/run/cast scrolls.

Those looking to have access to several professions will need to employ alts though. The thing about the whole Aion online profession system is that it requires a certain degree of dedication on the part of the player. There are players for instance who enjoy gathering , but because it now takes so long, for others it is a true bane...therefore, when picking a profession, it is also important to know what it will require of you and whether you will enjoy fulfilling those requirements...otherwise it will all degenerate into a dire grind and you will end up losing interest.

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