Friday, July 1, 2016

Real Estate Pains in Aion Online

For some of the Aion online players, housing is obviously one of the major aspects of the game on which they would not want to miss out, and by housing, in this instance we specifically mean Estates and Mansions. Now then, the problem with this aspect of game-play is that the game was not designed to allow every single player to own such prestigious status-symbols, therefore the costs associated with such proprieties can indeed be rather prohibitive. That fact alone would not be the object of many a complaint from players though. What most don't like about the system is the fact that - just like an actual real-estate market - the Aion online real estate system is prone to inflationary swings and bubbles.

There are players out there, who have been with the game from the very beginning and who have industriously accumulated kinah to buy weapons, armor, mounts and everything they generally need in the game to get by. Some of these players have obviously decided they may want to go further and eventually purchase a mansion or an estate. Such a move will always set one back billions of kinahs, so it's not a lightly taken decision. There were players out there who have kept their eyes on the market for months as they were accumulating kinahs, to make sure they would get a decent deal when the time came to make the move. In the end though, when they were ready to commit, they found the market had simply exploded, and they were left without enough kinahs to buy their dream house. Such setbacks, although probably natural, can be extremely frustrating and disheartening. Frustration always leads to scape-goating and accusations, and thus some of these frustrated potential home-buyers have begun directing their anger towards gold-bots who sell kinah.

The bottom line is though that it is possible for people to own tons upon tons of kinahs in a perfectly legitimate manner in the game, by buying and selling things. Yes, someone can outbid you over an Estate one day and then do the same the following day over a Mansion and still be legitimate. The fact alone that one has tons of kinah doesn't mean they've acquired it in a shady manner. Also, remember that the game has not actually been designed to allow everyone to have such housing, so with that in mind, things seem to be working as intended indeed...

Philip Thalberg has been involved with e-sports since 2004, when he joined GosuTeam for a journey that's lasted more than a decade now.

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