Monday, August 1, 2016

August Update Sneak Peek

Now that Aion: Echoes of Eternity has made its grand entrance, we will be adding the next update to the expansion in a few weeks’ time. This update includes additional quality of life changes, new quests in the new zones, changes to the plume accessory, the introduction of the Luna Shop, and more.

New Quests
For additional EXP, item gathering, or exploration opportunities, a series of daily, weekly, and party quests in Norsvold and Illuma will be introduced.

The Updated Atreian Passport
In this updated Atreian Passport you can now see which rewards are available each day. When you complete the month, you can acquire a Mythic Armor Box. The anniversary reward box will have updated items as well! Be sure to log into the game to collect these rewards.

Plume Changes & the Pure Plume Accessory
In this upcoming update, plumes will no longer explode or lose tempering levels if the plume fails to temper. You can temper your plume without it going boom!

Also, if you have a +10 or above plume, you can visit the Equipment Purifier to purify your plume to the all-new Pure Plume. During the purification process, the tempering levels will be reset and the Pure Plume stats boosted. You will also select an additional stat for the Pure Plume. For a Magic Boost plume, you can purify it to add Magic Accuracy or Crit Spell. You can also temper the Pure Plume with Tempering Solutions to continue to boost the accessory’s HP and secondary stats. If the temper fails, the Pure Plume will not go boom, but its tempering level will be lost.

The Luna Shop
The Luna Detachment, an independent organization of Shugos and Daevas, is making their way to Atreia and they will need your help. Soon you can visit the Luna Shop where you can exchange Luna, a new currency, for unique services from the shop. Services include accessing a mini wardrobe allowing you to register and reuse a skin multiple times, and collecting crafting materials from missions to create a variety of aesthetic items including skins and mounts.

These highlights are just a few of what is to come in August 2016. Stay tuned for our release date and additional information these additions!

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