Sunday, August 28, 2016

Party/Alliance Roles in Aion Online Quick Join Instances

People cannot be expected to understand how things work in a game component as intricate and at the same time appealing and potentially rewarding as Aion Online's Quick Join Instances. Indeed, these instances do attract all sorts of players, some of whom simply fail to acknowledge their ignorance and they end up leading their teams into oblivion, thusly aggravating everyone and generally hurting the quality of the game experience. The information presented below is addressed to such players. It's mostly common-sense and rather obvious, but it does indeed hand newbies the fundamentals they'll need to stop sucking and to become a contributing member of the party/alliance.

The first thing one has to know instance-wise is that in every party/alliance, there are players with certain roles and one always has to stick to his/her role not just as part of good etiquette, but also to further the goals of the entire team. Depending on whether one is part of a group or alliance, there will be two or three role-categories. One will be able to easily identify the role of his/her teammates by the crowns that appear next to their names: these can be gold crowns, silver crowns or nothing at all.

The player bearing the gold crown is the captain/leader. He's the one calling the shots in regards to which enemy the team should aim to kill first, who should tank, who should receive a healing buff etc. This is obviously the most important role, and players can fill it regardless of class. There may be capable captains out there not wearing the crown, but it is always best to clearly communicate these roles to everyone in the group. It is also important that if you wake up with this crown next to your name, and you have no idea how to fill the shoes, you should just pass it on to someone else, but always ASK whom to pass it to, don't just offload it on someone. One of the most important tasks of the captain is to position the group properly before the instance actually begins, so it's important to do it quickly.

The Vice Captain is only present in alliances, where he's often tasked with leading a group. Marked with a silver crown, the vice captain has to follow the orders of the captain the same way the other members have to, but he/she has some authority as well, which covers marking when the captain isn't doing it, and generally aiding the captain's work a step down the chain of command.

The unmarked players are essentially the troops and it is their role to follow the orders issued by the captain/vice captain. As peculiar as it may seem, this role is the most difficult to properly fulfill for most players. Alliance members have no authority during instances but they do play an instrumental role as long as they do indeed follow orders. As soon as they step out of line, they contribute to the failure of the instancing group as a whole.

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