Saturday, October 29, 2016

Aetherforging and Coalescence Preview

We have already gone over the new instances and arena changes in a preview here, and today, we will focus on the new crafting profession, Aetherforging, and a new means to dispose of unwanted gear called Coalescence.

Once a Daeva becomes an Archdaeva they will have access to the new crafting profession, Aetherforging, automatically. With Aetherforging, you will be able to craft a variety of items including consumables, weapons, armor, accessories, pets and more. You can use Aetherforging anywhere without requiring you to be near a crafting station; just open the window and get busy!

To get started with Aetherforging, you can start crafting materials you will need for later designs. Nearly all Aetherforging crafts will be available to you without the need for design recipes. As long as you have the materials and are at the appropriate proficiency level, you can craft the item!

Leveling Aetherforging works by crafting the available designs. There are no work orders available and there are a few crafts to help you start leveling Aetherforging. Leveling can take a long time, so be sure to craft as often as possible and use any crafting boosts you may have saved up!

Coalescence is a new way for you to dispose of you unwanted Archdaeva gear. After selecting the core item, you can add up to 6 additional pieces of equipment of the same type (weapon, armor, or accessories) and the same grade or better. You can then sacrifice them for a random item of the same type! By using more items and higher grade items in Coalescence, the odds of a high quality item goes up, along with a chance for the item to include enchantment levels.

The next Aion: Echoes of Eternity update arrives on November 9, 2016. Stay tuned for additional previews!

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