Monday, October 17, 2016

Aion: Echoes of Eternity Update Preview

The next update to Aion: Echoes of Eternity will be making its way in November. This update includes new instances, new high level PvP arenas, a brand new crafting profession for Archdaevas, and more!

Aetherforging and Coalescence
Aetherforging is a new crafting discipline for Archdaevas only. With Aetherforging you can craft a wide variety of items including consumables, gear, mounts, wings and more! No need to be at a crafting station either, open the Aetherforging crafting window anywhere to begin crafting!

Coalescence is a new way to dispose of your unwanted Archdaeva gear! Use gear of the same type (Weapon, Armor or Accessory) and grade and receive a random piece of gear, and if you’re lucky a better grade and bonus enchantment levels. Save your gear, because the more items you use in one coalescence can yield better results.

Two new group PvE instances for Archdaevas will be added in the update, as well as one new solo instance. Cradle of Eternity takes you into an ancient garden where a malevolent serpent named Typhon has taken over. Fallen Poeta takes you back into a Balaur controlled Poeta in the future. Fissure of Oblivion is a new solo instance in which you explore the memories of your past life.

Additionally, Archdaeva versions of existing PvP instances are arriving. Idgel Dome Landmark, Ophidan Warpath, Ashunatal Dredgion and level 66+ Arenas will become available. Lastly, Kamar Battlefield and Iron Wall Warfront will be updated to be Archdaeva-only.

Archdaeva Transformation Abilities
Command the power of the elements and transform into mighty Avatars. These Avatars give significant stat bonuses and gain powerful exclusive abilities. Use your Essence to charge the transformation skills to enhance the transformation!

These are just some of the additions in the new update. Stay tuned for other updates that look further into some of the content as we get closer to the release!

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