Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boiling Point Event 2016

It’s starting to cool down around the world of Atreia, how about some some hearty chowder to warm you up? Mendrunerk is back once again with his famous Mystic Chowder, and he needs the help of all Daevas and Archdaevas to find the missing ingredients.

Starting November 2, 2016 you will be able to find him, and his cauldron, in the capital cities, where he will be eagerly awaiting the ingredients you bring him. If you don’t have enough ingredients for his chowder, he will gladly exchange your left over ingredients for some Superior Recovery Potions!

Part One: Mystic Chowder (for level 21+)

When you defeat instance bosses, steal the chowder ingredients for Mendrunerk. Instance bosses have a chance to drop [Event] Bone Broth and [Event] Rolled Dumpling or you can pick up the items from our store to make the chowder. Take them to Mendrunerk in Pandaemonium or Sanctum.

Part Two: Bone Broth & Rolled Dumplings (for level 21+)

If you have extra Bone Broth or Rolled Dumplings, Mendrunerk will happily trade you Superior Recovery Potions for the spare ingredients.


Rentus Base

Tiamat Stronghold

Raksang Ruins

Dragon Lord's Refuge

Hidden Kysis Barracks

Hidden Miren Barracks

Hidden Krotan Barracks

Danuar Sanctuary

Ophidan Bridge

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary

Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

The Eternal Bastion

Archives of Eternity

Drakenseer's Lair

Adma's Fall


Turn in one Bone Broth and four Rolled Dumplings to acquire one Mystic Chowder. Give the chowder a taste for a chance to receive one of these items:

Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Berdin's Lucky Star

Berdin's Lucky Star (x3)

Ancient Coin (x20)

Blood Mark (x15)

Blood Medal (x15)

Tempering Solution

Omega Enchantment Stone

Enchantment Stone

Ceramium Medal (x3)

Starfall Clubwear

Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

[Event] Armor Box of the Full Moon

[Event] Weapon Box of the Full Moon

[Event] Dye Bundle

Brilliant Archdaeva Manastone Bundle

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x3)

This event ends on November 16, 2016. Find the missing ingredients and fill your belly today!

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