Monday, February 27, 2017

5.3 Item and System Preview

Aion 5.3 is launching on March 8, 2017. There are many updates and changes in the patch other than what we've shown previously. Keep reading for a preview of server new items and system changes in this update!

Essence Core
Essense Core is a new item for Archdaevas that will allow you to obtain additional Essence points, which you will be able to equip on your character screen. Characters can equip up to three essence cores at any given time. Each Essence Core can be enchanted up to a maximum of +10, with additional Essence Points being added for each enchantment level. The amount of essence added is not randomized.

Essence Cores can be obtained through Aetherforging, and can be enchanted with Omega Enchantment Stones or the new Essence Core Solution, which will be available from bosses in Archdaeva instances. Essence Cores can be traded at any enchantment level.

Atreian Passport
The Atreian Passport will be updated so it no longer resets every calendar month. Each day you log in, it will progress one more day on the calendar and give you the subsequent reward. After you receive the 28th and final reward, the rewards will reset.

Empyrean Bracelets
The Empyrean Lords have forged blessed bracelets to be worn by Daevas. Empyrean Bracelets increase your PvP Defense, and can be improved via tempering up to tempering level 10.

At level 5 and 10, the Bracelet’s appearance changes, and a small amount of PvP attack is added at each level starting at level 6. The bracelet also gains a Manastone slot at tempering levels 5, 7, and 10. Failing to temper a bracelet will reduce the tempering level to zero, and will result in losing any Manastones that were socketed. Empyrean Bracelets are available for Daevas level 10 or above and are tradeable at any tempering level.

Atreian Bestiary
The Atreian Bestiary is a log you will keep of monsters you kill in Iluma and Norsvold. Both regions will be available for each race. Each monster in the Atreian Bestiary will have five levels of rewards, which can be unlocked by defeating a specific number of a given monster.

After finishing a reward level, you are awarded with experience. Each subsequent reward level will have larger experience rewards, but will also require more monsters to be defeated than the previous level. You can view the locations for almost every monster in the Atreian Bestiary, but some rare ones you will have to find on your own!

Skill Changes
In the Skills window, you will find a new tab where you will have the ability to create custom skill chains. You can set up to 4 skills per chain, and each character gets 5 chains total. After creating your custom chain, you can drag the first skill to your hotbar. When it is used it will chain to the next skill in the custom chain.

If a skill is already a part of a chain naturally, the natural chain must be completed before the next part of the custom chain triggers, and conditional statuses must still be met. You can arrange skills in any order, so get creative!

There are many more additions to the update! Stay tuned for the next preview which will go over the Abyss Siege changes in 5.3.

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