Thursday, March 16, 2017

Homeward Bound 2017

With Aion: 5.3 launching tomorrow, now is the perfect time for all Daevas to return to Atreia. The Giving Ayas Flock have returned to cheer on and assist all new, and returning Daevas. Also joining them this time around are some helpful NPCs. If you are a new or returning player, speak to these friendly people for wonderful items and help.

-How To Participate-

If you are a new player, speak with the Helpful Ayas to receive a quest which will reward you with [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Welcome Bundle. If you are a returning player, speak to the Friendly Aras’ to recieve [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Support Bundle. Opening these boxes will grant items which will be very helpful on your journey. For both new and returning players, you will be able to speak to Friendly and Helpful Ayas daily for [Event] Ayas Daily Transformation Candy Box. All players will also be able to obtain the [Event] Ayas Daily Transformation Candy Box available once weekly via survey.

Also during the event there are friendly NPCs, named Leta and Lief, to assist you on your journey. These NPCs will grant new players a special combat buff that last for two hours. They will also be kind enough to teleport any player to many different instances, so use them often because it beats walking!

Bottles of liquid EXP will also drop for new and returning players in the world and in instances. These bottles will have varying EXP amounts. Consuming any of these bottles will immediately grant you the said amount of experience.

Also in the event, for new and returning Archdaevas, you will be rewarded with items everyday just for logging in! These items will be in a menu on the right and includes rewards like Spinel Fragments and other items. All you need to do it stay logged in for the amount of time required for each reward, and you can do this every day during the event.

For all players level 20 or under you will be able to claim a survey that contains Twin’s Gift. When you open this chest it will grant you items for your level and another chest you can open at a higher level. There will be various chests at different levels as you level up which will all grant you useful items.

For all the items in the Ayas Fuzzball Bundles, please follow this link.

Aion 5.3 launches on March 15. Begin your journey while you still have time because Homeward bound ends on April 5.

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