Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kumuki's Daring Rescue

Oh no! The prized Porguses, and Poppy, have been captured by the Kumukis! You will need to infiltrate the Kumuki Cave alone and save all the Porguses before they are turned into Porgus BBQ. Hansel and Gretel will give out prizes to Daevas for each Porgus they rescue.

- How To Participate -
In the Capital Cities you will find Gretel the Mischievous looking for the assistance of any level 46+Daeva willing to help. She has a carriage waiting to send you to the Kumuki Cave where Hansel the Troublemaker is waiting to tell you more on how you can help.

Once inside the cave, Hansel will inform you the Porguses are being held in cages at the end of the cave. You will only have 15 minutes before it’s dinner time, so be sure to get to the end before then! Opening the gate will transform you into a Shabby Kumuki which also grants two special abilities. You can also grab a Shabby Kumuki Transformation Scroll from the Supplies Box if you need it.

Fear Grenade

Causes the target to be feared and disappear.

Stink Bomb

Causes a group of Kumukis to be temporarily paralyzed.

You will need to use these abilities to progress through the cave in a stealthy manner avoiding the vision the Kumukis have. Also available are objects you can use to blend in so you won’t be detected. If you aren’t careful and get detected too many times, the butcher will be sure to kill the Porguses before you get there.

As you make your way through the cave, you will need to keep an eye out for four Key Chests, which contain the keys required to save the Porguses. Also hidden in the cave is a Suspicious Box which has the key to open the Kumuki Crate at the end.

Looking for a bit of experience while saving the Porguses? Three Nutritious Ginseng can be found in the cave, killing them will grant EXP so be sure to kill them if you have time! You can also choose to let the helpless Porguses die and kill the Kumukis for additional EXP.

For each Porgus you save you will earn one Hansel’s Gift Bundle (but only if you talk to them after opening the cage door), and an additional one if you open the Kumuki Crate. On the store you will be able to find tradeable Golden Kumuki Chest Keys which you can use to open the Golden Kumuki Chests for even more fabulous prizes.

- Rewards -
For the full list of rewards, please visit the forums here.

Be fast! Hansel and Gretel will need to return home in three weeks with or without the Porguses. Kumuki’s Daring Rescue runs from April 19 to May 10.

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