Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rainbow Snake Festival 2017

Hiss Chromatic Brilliance, Rainbow Snake, has returned, and in the capital cities, Rainbow Snake disciples have gathered to extol the virtues of the Rainbow Path. During the next five weeks, Hiss disciples will offer buffs and gifts to all Daevas who would bask in Hiss prismatic beauty.
- How To Participate -
Blessing of the Prismatic Serpent

During the festival period, every Wednesday after the maintenance, Hebi Rumin will offer you an [Event] Rainbow Gift. The bundle offers one 1-Day costume for Rainbow Snake, Spotted Snake or Turquoise Snake. Wearing Hiss robes will bring you one step closer to the Rainbow One.

For the Glory of Rainbow Snake

Rainbow Snake is known for Hiss benevolence. Stay logged into the game and every hour you’re on, you’ll receive a scale from Hiss Chromatic Brilliance. There are three different scale colors, all acquirable by simply playing the game. After the first hour, you’ll receive the Blue Scale; the second hour, a Yellow Scale; and the third hour, a Red Scale. Right-click any of these scales to combine into the Brilliant Scale. You can exchange the Brilliant Scale with Baem Rumin for an [Event] Chromatic Gift.

Note: These scales are only available for level 30+.

*[Event] Blue Scale

Received after logged in the game for the first hour

*[Event] Yellow Scale

Received after logged in the game for the second hour

*[Event] Red Scale

Received after logged in the game for the third hour

*[Event] Bright Scale

Created after combining the three color scales

Scales can be acquired once per day with its daily reset at 9 AM server time. Additional scales can be picked up on the store.

Hiss Chromatic Gaze

Rainbow Snake has spoken to Hiss disciples Ahas Rumin and Serpente Rumin to buff Daevas during the festival. The disciples will work in shifts providing 2-hour buffs to all those who speak with them.



Serpente Rumin

*Increase item drop rate by 50%

*Increase gathering, extraction, & aethertapping by 100%

March 29 to April 19

Ahas Rumin

*Increase crafting by 100%

*Increase AP gain by 50%

April 19 to May 3

- Location -

All Rainbow Snake disciples are located in the capital cities near Temple of Gold or Hall of Prosperity.

- Rewards -

When you trade in the Bright Scale to Baem Rumin, she will give you an [Event] Chromatic Gift. Open the gift to randomly acquire one of the following:

Dye: True Black

Dye: True White

Spotted Snake Costume

Rainbow Snake
Turquoise Snake Costume

Tempering Solution

Rainbow Dye Pack II

Fragmented Spinel (x250)

Abyssal Star (x1)

Abyssal Star (x3)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x1)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x3)

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Ancient Coin (x30)

Blood Mark (x5)

Blood Medal (x5)

Essence Core

Red Natural Magic Stone

Blue Natural Magic Stone

Green Natural Magic Stone

Purple Natural Magic Stone

Omega Enchantment Stone

Enchantment Stone

Upgraded Healing Potion (x10)

Vital Recovery Serum (x10)

Vital Recovery Potion (x10)

Tiamat's Glimmering Wings

Rainbow Big Wig

Berdin's 100% XP Amulet V

[Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle

Rainbow Snake Festival ends on May 3, 2017. Visit the Rainbow Snake disciples in game now to learn more about Hiss Chromatic Brilliance. May Rainbow Snake watch over you.

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