Thursday, January 4, 2018

Big Changes Coming to Aion in Korea

Aion Korea is about to go under a pretty radical change on January 17th. In addition to making the game F2P there (currently you get charged what is effectively a sub fee) many changes are being done which will have BIG changes here.

Some key points (sourced from here and here):
  1. New items will be divided into 3 new categories. Ancient, Legendary, Ultimate. Instead of mythic, etc.
  2. Items are divided between PVE and PVP attributes. To upgrade PVE, you need to PVE. To upgrade PVP, you need to do Sieges and PVP things.
  3. Existing Enchantment Stones and Holy Upgrade Serums/Temperings will disappear. They will be replaced by new Enchantment stones that focus on ither PVE or PVP attributes. They can be used on any item regardless of the slot. Omegas are gone.
  4. Breakthrough has been removed. All items can be enchanted up to level +15. The increase of stats will be higher for each level than currently. Already enchanted items can still be used. Ie, no more enchanting past +15.
  5. Various new manastones have been added. The number of manastone slots has been reduced to 3. It seems archdaeva manastones are going away (?) and we're moving back to stats.
  6. Items can no longer be improved with idians, godstones, augmentation.
It should be noted that players in Korea have not liked much of 5.0 releases, and many streamers have quit the game over them. The game has historically been VERY pay to win in Korea where full +20 items are common and you can pay via the cash shop (on top of sub fee!) for stat increase buffs.

Thus, a lot of these changes will drastically rework how endgame in the game works.

For updated information, check out this forum post:

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