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League of Angels 2 Overview

League of Angels 2 is a Browser-based Role-playing (RPG) video game where players command a group of Angels to drive the evil out from the beautiful fantasy-based world. In the game, players form a party or a group of heroes and struggle to take down vicious monsters, using the automatic gameplay feature to relax while the players play.


The game is set in the fantasy-based environment consists of three beautifully crafted kingdoms such as Celestial Kingdom, Tempest Kingdom, and the Midas Kingdom. Each kingdom has a set of quests for players to complete and the brutal creatures including monsters to fight. The game is played from an isometric perspective and the battle takes place in the turn-based system, where players attack each other during their turns and attempt to eliminate the members of opposing team. The world is invaded by brutal heroes and cruel monsters who spreading chaos everywhere. Like other MMORPGs, the player has an option to select his gender, pick up his character, make the combination of items and accessories to customize the character in his/her style.

Create a Role

In the beginning, the player needs to input his registered account and password on the login page, after that he must select the gender, which has no relation to the profession. The player is capable of inputting the name of his/her character or can pick up the random name by clicking on the die.

Basic Operations

The basic heroes and characters comprise three parts such as Basics, Skills, and Affinity. Players can improve their basic skills by the improvement and rank up of Relics, Mount, 918kiss, Equipment, and more. They can improve their skills by ranking up of heroes and characters, while players can activate their Affinity by the collecting of needed Relics, Heroes in the team, and Equipment.


According to the gameplay, the player needs to assemble his team of heroes to defeat the evil and restore the peace in the land. In-game, the player can advance through the 2D stages by taking down enemies, making his/her way from left to right around the world, and struggle to unlock new areas using earned points. During the journey, the player encounters the heroes possessed by evil forces, defeat them, and invite them on your part to help him on the epic journey. The game introduces the “Automatic Systems”, in which the combat and leveling enable the player to progress passively. Players will experience their powerful heroes and watch their unleash attacks, demolishing the endless hordes of foes. Get into the massive arena and test their group of heroes against the AI (Artificial Intelligence) or other players from all over the world to dominate Multiplayer Dungeons.

League of Angle 2 Key Features

Watch your team of heroes unleash a variety of colorful and smoothly animated attacks.

Unlock new powerful heroes by taking down monsters and enemies in combat and then buy them in the Shop.

Engage in Single-player Arena combat to test the skills and win diamonds and prestige.

Assemble a guild with other players starting at level 25 to dungeons and collect huge rewards.

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