Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shugo Sweep Returns

Shugo Sweep returns to Atreia! Immediately after the end of maintenance on June 20, test your luck with each roll and see what rewards the dice have in store for you!

How To Participate

To get started find the Shugo Sweep icon in the bottom right portion of your screen. Clicking this icon will open up the Shugo Sweep game board where you will be able to roll the die and get rewarded with an item for the spot you land on. The item is immediately placed into your inventory and once you claim an item, you can’t land on that spot again. You can go around the board as many times as possible until you run out of available spots, at which point the board will be refreshed with new items!

Accounts with level 46 characters and higher will receive one free roll per week during the event. Additionally, a survey containing one Golden Die will be sent out to all players once per week during the event. If you are a Prestige Pack subscriber, you will also receive an additional Golden Die. The board and dice pool are shared across all the characters on the account. If you are looking for additional rolls, you can purchase Golden Dice in the store. Not liking the items on your board? You can purchase a Shuffle Card from the store to refresh your board immediately.

While progressing through the board, you may come across a Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace Card. If you combine all five of these cards together you will be granted a Golden Card which you can open for fabulous prizes.



When opening a Golden Card, you have a chance to obtain any one item from the list below:

Shining Eternal Glory Weapon Box

[Event] Provenance Weapon Box

Shining Prime Royal Captain Weapon Chest

Exotic Frigida Legion Weapon Box

Caeus Equipment Box

Shining Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest

Royal Captain's Accessory Box

Harvester's Accessory Box

Transcendent Tempering Solution

Pure Void Dragon King's Weapon Box

The Skilled/The Wise Title Card Box

+12 Manastone Selection Bundle

Harvester's Weapon Box

Harvester's Armor Box

Get your dice ready, Shugo Sweep will be taking place from June 20 – July 11. For a quick look at how Shugo Sweep works, check out at this video from TestLadyJane.

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