Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kromede's Revenge Returns

Kromede is back to celebrate Aion’s 9th Anniversary. Lurking inside of the Smoldering Fire Temple, you’ll need to grab two friends and infiltrate it to keep her sinister plans at bay.

- How to Participate -

In the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum, you can find Annaerunerk willing to transport you and your party (max of three players total) to the Smoldering Fire Temple for levels 40+. The event instance is available once per day but you can unlock additional entries with the Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls available for purchase on the store. Once inside, you will find three adventurers named Irish, Shine, and Stomper – each with their own unique abilities. At the beginning of the instance you will also find a Potion Chest that will give you consumables you can use during your exploration.

Proceed through the Smoldering Fire Temple defeating monsters and Kromede for points. After eight minutes, you will be given a grade based on your group’s total points which will determine how many Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain. You can use one key to open the Elegant Treasure Chest or use three keys to open a Dazzling Treasure Chest. You have a chance of receiving an Elite Treasure Chest from both the Dazzling and Elegant Chests. Open it with an Elite Treasure Key, which is available from the store for even greater prizes! Elite Treasure Keys can also be used to open the Elegant Treasure Chest and the Dazzling Treasure Chest.

Note: Treasure Chests do not disappear when you leave the instance, however the Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain will!

You can find Elite Treasure Keys, Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls, as well as special bundles in the store.

- Rewards -

You can find the full list of available rewards on our forums here.

Hurry and explore the Smoldering Fire Temple while you still have time! Annaerunerk will only be around until October 3, 2018.

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