Friday, September 7, 2018

Upcoming MMOs For 2019/2020

If there’s one genre of gaming that refuses to go down, it’s the MMORPG niche, and it’s one that is constantly releasing new games. While some have seen success, most of them ran aground as players lost interest and moved on: it’s part of the reality of living in a world where the next trend only lasts for a few months at most.

Despite this, there are some exciting and interesting MMOs around the corner, and most should debut within the next two years. From sprawling, beautiful open world games to more PvP-centric battlegrounds, the MMO genre is very much alive and kicking.

These are the 5 most anticipated MMORPGs coming out next year and the year after, and each is worth keeping an eye on over the next few months, as they are as exciting as playing the blackjack online Canada has to offer.

1. Bless Online
First announced in 2011, Bless Online has been under development for the better part of a decade, but a release is imminent. Built using Unreal Engine 3, all gameplay videos and screenshots of the game look simply gorgeous, and while it has the same classes and races as most other high fantasy MMOs, it’s unique world and look should set it apart.

2. Project Gorgon
Available at the moment only on Steam Early Access, Project Gorgon is shaping up to be one not to miss for those that love fantasy RPGs and spending time online. Although the visuals aren’t great, the refined skill-based levelling system will allow players to build their characters however they want. It’s also being touted as difficult, with the devs explaining that there will be no hand holding.

3. Dual Universe
Breaking away from fantasy, this sci-fi MMO that focuses on the constructions and usage of space ships. The construction is done on a manual level by players, meaning that there could be some truly deep customisation possible. On top of this, the game promises trade, warfare, and the building of civilisations, all set within an open, sandbox world.

4. Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen
Like most of its brethren, Pantheon is set in an open world environment, with most of the focus being on social interaction and group content. The theme of the game will see the player put on a world populated with gods and heroes, and they will be tasked with scouting the world for ancient and powerful relics. Combat will be unique in that players will need to take the time to prepare and to learn to be fully aware of their surroundings at all times.

5. Valnir Rok
Vikings are all the rage at the moment, and for Viking fans and gamers, Valnir Rok might just be the game to scratch a very specific itch. Using Norse mythology as the backdrop, Valnir Rok will see players trying to survive in a dangerous land full of mythical beasts and baddies. Players will be given the chance to build up their own cities and towns, each with specific customisation options.

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