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Introduction to the Vandal

Long ago, a Muse named Irnin infused paint with Aether, ushering in a new way to fight. With the support of Lady Siel, he worked to recruit the first Vandals. Having mostly disappeared after the Cataclysm, they are emerging from the shadows and working to teach fellow Daevas the way of the Vandal.

The Muse’s second sub-class is coming with Aion: Mark of the Vandal. The Vandal is eccentric class that uses Aether-infused paint as an offensive means to fight. Every fight becomes a show and a masterpiece of color.


The Vandal is a DPS-focused class, wielding paint-slinging Chromablasters as their weapons and utilizing physical stat-based cloth armor for defense. The Vandal is a mid-range damage dealer with a few never-before-seen tricks up their sleeve – be it avoiding certain death or channeling paint attacks for extended periods of time on enemies. The Vandal is more than just style though, as Vandals can use a colorful array of abilities to assist themselves and fellow Daevas in battle.


The uniqueness of the Vandal also extends to the gear that it uses. While the Vandal equips a Chromablaster in each hand, it’s actually a 2-handed weapon and not individual weapons like the Gunslinger or Assassin. Because of this you’ll need to find a second weapon for Armsfusion to get the most out of your weapon.

Martial Cloth is a unique type of cloth armor that Vandals will utilize. Because they’re a physical-based cloth wearing class, you’ll need to be careful when acquiring new cloth gear to ensure it doesn’t have magical stats. Acquiring new gear will be the same as other classes. That means finding them through instances and quests, or purchasing them from merchants for various currency. Similar to other physical stat classes, you’ll want to prioritize Accuracy, Critical Chance, and Attack for your Manastones.


The playstyle of the Vandal is similar to other quick damage dealing classes such as the Assassin and Gunslinger, while offering some utility for themselves and their group. Being a mid-range damage dealer, Vandals will find themselves between the front line and the back line during boss fights. However, the Vandal also has the ability to switch their approach and be very mobile when needed. Damage is the Vandal’s highest priority.

Unique Abilities

The Vandal brings in some unique abilities not seen with other classes. Here just a dab of what they bring to the easel.

Ability Name

Ability Effect

Target Sketching

Causes target to receive extra damage for 10 seconds.

Resurrection Chroma

Prevents the character from dying one time for 10 minutes.

Chromatic Freedom

Fires a beam of paint that petrifies target.

There’s plenty more to be discovered in Aion: Mark of the Vandal. Don’t forget to log in an create a new Vandal class character when the update launches on August 21 to receive a FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack.

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