Monday, October 28, 2019

Pumpkin King’s Haunt 2019

Esta is back and needs your help to make her famous Pumpkin Ghoulash for the rest of the Candy Galaxy Corporation. Despite her good intentions, the Great Pumpkin King has his own sinister plans and has taken her Ghoulash. Help Esta get her Ghoulash back and she will reward you with sweet prizes.

How To Participate

The Great Pumpkin King

Beginning October 23, the Candy Galaxy Corporation can be found in the capital cities, Lakrum, and Demaha. Players with a Level 76 character or higher can seek out and speak with Esta to receive the quests to recover the Stolen Pumpkins from the Great Pumpkin King – the more Stolen Pumpkins required by the quest, the higher the reward.

The Great Pumpkin King will be hiding inside various instances. When you find him, you’ll need to defeat him by using Candy Blasts* to blast through his spooky magic in order to recover the Stolen Pumpkins. Esta’s quest is repeatable, so take on the Great Pumpkin King as often as you’d like.

Obtaining these Candy Blasts couldn’t be sweeter ­-- every 10 minutes, you will receive two Candy Blasts in your inventory automatically (up to a maximum of 10 per day). Additional Candy Blasts can be found inside Detonation Stations provided by the Candy Galaxy Corporation scattered around Pandaemonium, Sanctum, Lakrum, and Demaha. These first-come, first-serve Detonation Stations will only appear hourly between 6:00 p.m. -12:00 a.m. server time each day. Additionally, you will be able to purchase 10 Candy Blasts from the Black Cloud Marketplace (once per day) for 240 Black Cloud Coin.

*Note: Instances require different amounts of Candy Blasts depending on the group size.


  • Infernal Drakenspire Depths
  • Primeth's Forge
  • Frozen Monolith
  • Bastion of Souls
  • The Veilenthrone
  • Herelym Mine
  • Stellin Development Lab (Easy)
  • Stellin Development Lab
  • Tiamat Stronghold

Spooky Coffin

During the event period you will find a large, spooky Coffin near the Candy Galaxy Corporation. Players with a Level 10 character or higher who try to open this Coffin will be granted a 1-hour buff that provides a 400% bonus EXP boost and 100% bonus drop boost (this boost does not stack with the Amulets).

Candy Queen

Next to the Candy Galaxy Corporation members you will find Kabe, the Candy Master. She may appear to be just a cat, but each day she will hand out a special trick-or-treat goodie bag filled with two Ancient Transformation Potion Chests to players who have a Level 76 or higher character.


Once you have recovered all the pumpkins for Esta’s quest, return them to her to collect your rewards! Here are some of the delightful goodies you can receive:

The Great Pumpkin Bundle

Revival Stone (x5)

Administrator's Boon (Single Use) (x2)

Transparent Transformation Scroll (x25)

Gold Ingot

Upgraded Secret Remedy of Recovery Bundle (x5)

Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone

Manastone Fastener (x10)

Ancient Transformation Potion Chest

Ornate Harvest Revel Art Chest (Temporary)

Harvest Revel Art Chest

Spooky Harvest Revel Art Chest

Transformation Contract (62 Types)

Ornate Harvest Revel Art Chest

[Event] Equipment Extraction Supplement

Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone

Candy Galaxy Bundle

Transparent Transformation Scroll (x50)

Cute Minion Contract (14 types)

Ancient Manastone Box (x5)

Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)

Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone (x5)

Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone (x5)

Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone

Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone

Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day)

Spooky Harvest Revel Art Chest

Ornate Harvest Revel Art Chest

Gourmet Candy Galaxy Bundle
(Choose one of the following)

Legendary Manastone Selection Box (x3)

Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)

Ornate Harvest Revel Art Chest

Cute Minion Contract (14 types) (x2)

[Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box (x5)

Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box

Harvest Revel Art Chest

Sorcerer's Hat

Sorcerer's Robe

Reveler's Reverie

Jack-o-Sorcerer Hat

Enchanting Sorcerer Robe

Enchanting Sorcerer Hat

[Event] Jack O' Lantern

Can Costume

Spaced Out

Red Riding Hood Outfit

Big Bad Wolf Outfit

Spooky Harvest Revel Art Chest

Reveler's Reverie

Spooky Spandex

The Invisible Biker

Kumiho Ears

Mystic Graduation Gown

Mystic Graduation Cap

Mystic Downy Wings

Mystic Leathery Wings

Mystic Cavalier Plume

Halloween Pumpkin Weapon Box

[Emotion Card] Harvest Reveling

Ornate Harvest Revel Art Chest

Dazzling Arabian Costume

Dazzling Arabian Hat

Red Witch and Werewolf

Kumiho Silks

Kumiho Tails

Halloween Weapon Box

Abyss Knight's Gear

Abyss Knight's Skull

Dapper Jack's Dour Digs

Dapper Jack's Gourd

Mystic Fencing Attire

Esta will be departing November 6, so be sure to have a scary good time before she leaves!

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