Thursday, November 21, 2019

All Aboard the Demaha Express

Hop in game and take the next teleport to Demaha. The zone is abuzz with special events for its visitors.

Event Details
  • Event participation is open to players level 76 or higher.
  • The event will begin after maintenance on November 20 and ends when maintenance begins on December 11.
Login and Collect Rewards

For each day per character, you can collect items just for being logged in! Every 2 hours (up to 6) collect these rewards:

Login Duration

Reward Item

2 Hours

Manastone Fastener (x150)
Fighting Spirit Fragments (x50)

4 Hours

[Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days) Piece Bundle
Stellium (x20)

6 Hours

[Event] Mysterious Legendary Transformation Contract Piece Bundle
[Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days)

All earned rewards will be automatically sent directly to the eligible character’s inventory.

Defeat Violent Tuca

Throughout Demaha, Violent Tuca will spawn twice each day at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. server time. These cute but deadly monsters will drop valuable Pointed Tuca Thorns to assist you with crafting the Ultimate Soldusk Weapons and Accessories through Aetherforging. The limited-time recipes require Pointed Tuca Thorns and have a 22 hour cooldown.

Defeat Raid Bosses

In addition to their random spawn rotation, this event will include a bonus spawn at 9:00 p.m. server time. At this exact time each day during the event period, you’ll find four familiar yet formidable foes spawning around Demaha. Gather your allies to defeat them!

Get Additional XP

Enjoy a 300% XP boost during the duration of Demaha Express event! In addition to this, we’ll be giving out a survey (one per account) that you’ll find particularly helpful for those leveling up.

  1. [Event] Tea of Repose – 100% Recovery (x50)
  2. [Event] Berdins’ Gold Star (x50)
  3. Nochsana Training Camp Novice Recruitment Letter
  4. Nochsana Training Camp Experienced Recruitment Letter
  5. Nochsana Training Camp Veteran Recruitment Letter
  6. [Event] Consumable Bundles (x10)
Increase Ultimate Grade Equipment Drop Rate

The final bosses of the following instance will have increased drop rates on Ultimate Grade equipment.
  1. Primeth’s Forge
  2. Infernal Drakenspire Depths
  3. Stellin Development Lab (Easy)

Punch your ticket and get a ride over to Demaha before the event ends on December 11.

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