Monday, April 27, 2020

Lost Ring Event

Atreia has a new Silversmith - you! Gather Promise Ring pieces and assemble them for Pamred to appraise. The rarer the ring, the better the loot! The event will begin after maintenance is complete on April 15 and will end when maintenance begins on May 13.

How to Participate

Pamred is looking for Promise Rings. These rings potentially lead to great fortune, so the search is on to find and appraise as many as possible. You can acquire Promise Ring pieces through the following methods:

  • Completing various event Lugbug Missions

Defeat the following bosses:
  • Mutated Daeva in Stellin Laboratory
  • Weakened Mutated Daeva in Stellin Laboratory (Easy)
  • Frigida in Primeth’s Forge (Normal)
  • Cloak of Dragon Lord Beritra in Infernal Drakenspire Depths
  • Nergal in Frozen Monolith

  • Earn up to 5 Promise Ring pieces per day after being logged in for 5 hours (1 per hour awarded). This is open to all characters who are level 76 or higher on an account.
  • Completing a Weekly Quest from Denio in Stellusia
  • Groups of players who defeat the following world bosses will have a random chance to win several completed Promise Rings, which will be included in their loot drops:
  • Kadari, Tremor of the Sands
  • Yanohas, the Avatar of Flame
  • Agaru, the Horned Malevolence
  • Lahmaga, Beloved of the Balaur Lords

Once you combine 10 Promise Ring pieces, you’ll receive an [Event] Promise Ring. The value of this ring is unknown, so you’ll need to take it to Pamred in Stellusia to have it appraised. There are three different grades possible, each with their own rewards.

If you’re not happy with the appraisal by Pamred, you can always attempt to upgrade it with Enio (also in Stellusia) in exchange for some Kinah. Enio’s upgrade process is a little invasive, and if he is unable to succeed, the ring will be destroyed and some [Event] Pulverised Ring Dust will be returned to you. Enio’s upgrading is the only way to obtain the Brilliant Promise Ring.

Lovely Buffs

To help aid you in your search for Promise Rings,you can find Serene Love Angmu, a love bird with the locations of Budding Love Angmu, Kind Love Angmu, and Steamy Love Angmu, who are ready to provide buffs to all in the area. Interact with one of them and all Daevas nearby will receive the following buffs for 20 minutes:

Attack Speed +5%
Casting Speed +5%
Movement Speed +5%


With your appraised ring in hand, you’ll need to find the location inscribed on the ring (located in the tooltip for the ring). Go to that location and click on the ring to receive the following rewards based on the ring grade you possess:

[Event] Ancient Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone (x3)
[Event] Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone (x3)
[Event] Consumable Bundle

[Event] Legendary Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone (7 days)
[Event] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone (7 days)
[Event] Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Box (x5)

[Event] Ultimate Promise Ring (receive all of the following)
[Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days)
[Event] Engraved Legendary Manastone Box

[Event] Brilliant Promise Ring (select one of the following)
[Event] Ultimate Starlight Flare Earrings Selection Box
[Event] Ultimate Noble Soldusk Weapon Selection Box
[Event] [Motion Card] Happy Wedding

Prepare to search for your Promise Ring pieces before the event ends on May 13!

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