Friday, November 19, 2021

Feast on These Upcoming Thanksgiving Events


Event Duration November 18 - December 8

The season of thanks has arrived, and this year we’ll be running a series of special promotions to show our gratitude for your continued support of Aion!

Black Friday Celebration Bundle

To begin, we will distribute a free Black Friday Celebration Bundle to all players, which can be claimed from the Quna shop. This bundle contains a set of Turkey Hunt Wings (30-day) and a Turkey Hunt Gift Box where players can choose between two reward options: rare equipment, or Ancient Crowns. Limited to one per account.

Experience Bonus

In addition to the bundles above, we will also be activating a +100% Bonus Experience Event where all experience gained from monsters, gathering, and crafting will be doubled throughout the event!

Brigade General Presents

Each faction’s Brigade General will be spawning alongside a Gift Box at certain intervals throughout each day in Heiron for Elyos and Beluslan for Asmodians.

  • For Elyos, Perento can spawn at Senea’s Campsite, Arbolu’s Haven or  Jeiaparan Village.
  • For Asmodians, Nerita can spawn at Bakarma Barracks,  Hoarfrost Shelter  or Red Mane Cavern.
  • A system message with the location will be sent out when it spawns.

Speak with the Gift Box to receive a weekly quest, and then speak to it again to complete the quest. However, you must act quickly! Both the Brigade General and the Gift Box will despawn after just a few minutes time.

In total, there are 3 Gift Boxes which will spawn at an interval of 5 minutes between one another.

The following quests are obtained when opening each of the Brigade General’s Gifts:

[Event] Nerita/Perento's Gift[Event] 3000 Stigma Shards
[Event] Joyful Nerita/Perento's Gift[Event] Legionnaire's Relic Bundle
[Event] Happy Nerita/Perento's Gift[Event] Pleasant Enhancement Stone Bundle

[Event] Legionnaire's Relic Bundle contains one of the following items at random:

[Event] Legionnaire's Relic Bundle
Lesser Ancient Icon
Greater Ancient Icon
Major Ancient Icon
Lesser Ancient Seal
Greater Ancient Seal
Major Ancient Seal
Lesser Ancient Goblet
Greater Ancient Goblet
Major Ancient Goblet
Lesser Ancient Crown
Greater Ancient Crown
Major Ancient Crown

[Event] Pleasant Enhancement Stone Bundle contains one of the following items at random:

[Event] Pleasant Enhancement Stone Bundle
[Event] Level 70 Enhancement Stone
[Event] Level 75 Enhancement Stone
[Event] Level 80 Enhancement Stone

Dark Poeta Turkey Hunt

Earn [Event] Turkey Hunt Coins which can be exchanged for various rewards by finding and killing Turkeys throughout Dark Poeta.

Boost your ability to hunt down turkeys by visiting the NPC Kinarunerk in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. For 200 Kinah per purchase, they will offer you a myriad of different, helpful items which can be purchased up to once per week!

[Event] Fine Power Shard (200) Gift Box200 kinah20/week
[Event] Greater Running Scroll (200) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Greater Awakening Scroll (200) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Greater Courage Scroll (200) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Stigma Shard (200) Gift Box200 kinah20/week
[Event] Administrator's Boon (20) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Tombstone of Revival (2) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Divine Life Serum (20) Gift Box200 kinah1/week
[Event] Divine Mana Serum (20) Gift Box200 kinah1/week

Besides [Event] Turkey Hunt Coins earned from Turkeys, additional Event Coins can be obtained from logging in. Every 30 minutes, Daevas will earn one additional Event Coin up to a total of 6 coins per day.

Once you have some Event Coins in-hand, you can exchange them for any of the following rewards:

[Event] Turkey Hunt Crown Box901/week
[Event] Turkey Hunt Enchantment Stone Box901/week
[Event] Major Anti-Shock Scroll Box15/week
[Event] Turkey Hunt Optional Time Scroll Box201/week
[Event] Fine Power Shard (200) Gift Box15/week
[Event] Flavorful Turkey Hunt Wine110/week
[Event] Flavorful Turkey Hunt Bread110/week

Black Friday Sale

Finally, we are excited to announce that on Black Friday Weekend all Quna purchases will receive 20% off their total purchase price!

To help you make the most of this promotion, we've updated the Quna Shop with a series of new items from now through December 1. Preview them below!

ItemContentsQuantityCostLimit InfoNotes
Tough Pink Tiger Candy 3-pack (x10)Tough Pink Tiger Candy 3-pack1036010/week/account20% off
Transparent Form Candy 3-pack (x10)Transparent Form Candy 3-pack1048010/week/account20% off
Fire Temple Entry Scroll BundleInstance Entry Scroll - Fire Temple51605/week/accountNew
Steel Rake Entry Scroll BundleInstance Entry Scroll - Steel Rake51605/week/accountNew
Draupnir Cave Entry Scroll BundleInstance Entry Scroll - Draupnir Cave51605/week/accountNew
Dark Poeta Entry Scroll BundleInstance Entry Scroll - Dark Poeta52005/week/accountNew
I Am Yours BundleI Am Yours Couple T-Shirt1400 20% off
Bear Ear Headband1
Beatific Set BundleBeatific Outfit1520 20% off
Beatific Hairpin1
Cool Swimsuit BundleCool Swimsuit1520 20% off
Cool Swim Cap1
Uptown Apparel BundleUptown Apparel1520 20% off
Neat Hat1
Animal Pajamas BundleAnimal Pajamas1800 New
Animal Pajama Wings1
Meow Cat BundleMeow Cat Outfit1520 20% off
Meow Cat Hairpin1
Vibrant Swimsuit BundleVibrant Swimsuit1520 20% off
Vibrant Swimsuit Cap1
Silver Daru BundleSilver Daru Fur Tunic1520 20% off
Silver Daru Fur Cap1
Black Friday Celebration BundleTurkey Hunt Wing (30 days) Box101/accountFree!
Celebration Selection Chest allows you to choose between 'Event Elite Centurion's Shoulderplates/Gloves/Shoes Selection box' or 'x5 Major Ancient Crown'Turkey Hunt Gift Box1

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