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Shugo Games: Final

 Event Duration: July 13 – July 27 

Level Limit: 10+ 

Daevas, aren’t you just dying to get your hands on delightful rewards? Maybe you’re looking for a dose of adrenaline while having some harmless fun? Then now is your chance to test your reflexes and your luck in another round of the Shugo Games! 

The gates have opened once again, and those brave enough to compete in this final installment of deadly minigames shall be rewarded handsomely with a selection of treasures! A word of caution: those beautiful, gilded boxes will not wait, and there will be many contestants racing to the finish line. Do you have what it takes to make first place? 

How to Play 

The Shugo Games is a 12-24 person instance open on Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 24:00 server time

Everyone shall receive eight free tickets via the survey system each week on Friday to participate (1 survey per account), with additional entry tickets purchasable for 1,000,000 kinah (+tax) from the NPC Kanurnerk in your main faction city. 

Date Open Close July 15 (Friday) 22:00 24:00 July 16 (Saturday) 22:00 24:00 July 22 (Friday) 22:00 24:00 July 23 (Saturday) 22:00 24:00 *Hours open and closed are based on server time. 

Once you have your ticket in hand, visit the Shugo Games Entrance in your main faction city to participate. After enough players have registered, you’ll be ported inside and transformed into a cute little Shugo to start the games!

Seems harmless enough, right? Unfortunately, you only have a few minutes to complete each game! You’ll collect bright marbles, hop steppingstones, and push other characters out of your way to victory! 

Should you succeed within the time limit, a treasure room awaits you at the end! These rewards are first come first serve, so make sure you pick what you want, and quickly as other contestants are likely to rush for the best loot as well! 

Stage #1: Odds and Evens Stage #2: Cross the Steppingstones Stage #3: Drive 'em Out 
Playtime: 6 min Playtime: 3 min Playtime: 3 min 
How to Play: ① Talk to NPCs located throughout the map in Stage1 and play a odds and evens game using Bright Marbles 
② After collecting 20 Bright Marbles, move to the compensation room after delivering them to Hojarunerk in the center of the stage 
- You can move to the stands immediately by clicking the Kimchi Cube located throughout the stadium (Not eligible for first-come, first-served compensation) 
③ First come, first served reward and then move to the stands. Move to 4Games at end of playtime How to Play: ① Choose a safe one from the two rows of steppingstones in Stage 2 to complete the race  
② Characters who choose a safe stone can get a reward from the bonus reward box: Puzzle Box - You can move to the stands immediately by clicking the Kimchi Cube located throughout the stadium (Not eligible for first-come, first-served compensation)  
Reward will be First come, first served and then move to the stands. Can move to Stage 2 at the end of playtime How to Play: ① When entering Stage #3, a game is played in which another character is pushed out of the stadium with a special skill - Acquire two skills to transform another character into Golden Saam and skill that defend the Golden Saam buff 
② Push other characters away and be first one to talk to Pushy Pushy to move to the reward room and get the final reward 


Reward Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 
Main Reward No Reward First one to complete the mission (+Event Quest Item) First one to complete the mission (1 reward per character) 
Bonus Reward No Reward First one to land on a steppingstone (Can get multiple) No Reward 

Once you successfully complete stage one, you have a shot at stage two and three which will reap direct rewards. But don’t fret, if you don’t manage to come in first, you’ll still be able to snag a Shugo Mark which, when collected, can be used to purchase new exclusive cosmetic items! 

Stage 2 Reward (24 players) - 1 reward per person 

Reward Box # of Winners Reward Items 
Major Shugo Box  13 x [Event] Shugo Games Bundle 1 x [Event] Shugo Games Mark 
Greater Shugo Box 32 x [Event] Shugo Games Bundle 1 x [Event] Shugo Games Mark 
Lesser Shugo Box 201 x [Event] Shugo Games Bundle 1 x [Event] Shugo Games Mark 

Stage 3 Reward  (24 players) - 1 time limit per person 

Reward Box # of Winners Reward Items 
Major Shugo Box
12 x [Event] Shugo Gold Bundle 2 x [Event] Shugo Games Bundle 
Greater Shugo Box
31 x [Event] Shugo Gold Bundle 1 x [Event] Shugo Games Bundle 

Bonus Reward 

 Bundle  Reward Qty Rate 
Puzzle Box [Event] Shugo Game Bundle random 
[Event] Shugo Gold Bundle 

Shugo Gold Bundle 

 Bundle  Reward Qty Rate 
[Event] Shugo Gold Bundle [Event] Shugo Games Candy Box 3 Random Manastone: Resist Magic +14 (Tradeable) 1 
[Event] Force Kisk Summoning Stone Bundle 
[Event] Tombstone of Revival 
[Event] [Event] Stigma Shard 100 

Shugo Game Bundle 

 Bundle  Reward Qty 
[Event] Shugo Games Bundle [Event] Fine Power Shard 1000 
[Event] Stigma Shard 50 
[Event] Fine Recovery Serum 
[Event] Shugo Games Greater Scroll Bundle 

[Event] Shugo Games Greater Scroll Bundle (Select 1) 

 Bundle  Reward Qty 
[Event] Shugo Games Greater Scroll Bundle [Event] Greater Running Scroll 10 
[Event] Greater Awakening Scroll 10 
[Event] Greater Courage Scroll 10 

[Event] Shugo Candy Box (Random) 

 Bundle  Reward Qty 
[Event] Shugo Games Candy Box [Event] Tough Pink Tiger Candy 
[Event] Quick Polar Bear Candy 
[Event] Inquin Form Candy Selection Box (Navy, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow) 
[Event] Doggo Form Candy Selection Box 
[Event] Meow Cat Form Candy Selection Box 
[Event] Mountain Panda Form Candy Selection Box 
[Event] Sea Panda Form Candy Selection Box 

[Event] Force Kisk Summoning Stone Bundle 

 Bundle Race  Reward Qty 
[Event] Force Kisk Summoning Stone Bundle Elyos [Event] Elyos Alliance Kisk 
Asmo [Event] Asmodian Alliance Kisk 


Remember how we said you could redeem your Shugo Marks for some exclusive new Cosmetics? Here’s how! 

Quest Mission 
[Event] Collect Shugo Games Marks for Hat (1 limit per character) Collect 5 x [Event] Shugo Games Mark 
[Event] Collect Shugo Games Marks for Outfit (1 limit per character) Collect 10 x [Event] Shugo Games Mark 

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