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The Hungry Hatchling & Minion Awakening

 Hungry Hatchling has returned, and with it, an abundance of rewards you can reap! Alongside this event we’ll be running an Awakening promotion, so be sure to log on and take advantage while you can! 

Hungry Hatchling 

Event Dates: August 24 – October 19 

Taking care of a small creature can be a lot of work—but taking care of a baby Stormwing? You may have your work cut out for you, Daevas! This little guy may one day grow up to rain down chaos on the realm, but for now he’s a Hungry Hatchling in need of your care! This baby Stormwing is in fact a Hungry Hatching that if you nurture, you’ll earn special rewards. 

Free Stormwing Egg

Start off by picking up a Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb from the Black Cloud Marketplace for 0 Black Cloud Coins. This little egg can be used to bring your very own Stormwing to life. 
Once summoned, this little Stormwing has quests available just for you! You are limited to one Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb per account, so make sure you pick it up with your preferred character. 

Storm Tokens To begin raising your Stormwing into the vicious adult it can become, you’ll need to gather Storm Tokens. These Tokens can be acquired through the following means: 

  1. 5 Storm Tokens can be purchased for 0 Black Cloud Coin from the Black Cloud Marketplace every day for the duration of the event 
  2. Earn up to 10 Storm Tokens per day by completing Lugbug missions 
Items QuantityBCC Sale End Limit 
[Event] Storm Token (x5) 10/19 1/Day 
[Event] Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb 10/19 1/Account 

Growing Stormwing

The Stormwing you have is mighty, but needs to be even mightier. In the main cities of Inggison and Gelkmaros, you’ll find Zudra standing by, waiting to evolve your Stormwing Hatching! 
There are 7 additional Stormwing Orbs available to purchase from Zudra with each subsequent Orb requiring an increasing amount of Storm Tokens to acquire. You must purchase these Orbs in the following order: 

  1. Baby Stormwing Orb 
  2. Timid Stormwing Orb 
  3. Hungry Stormwing Orb 
  4. Curious Stormwing Orb 
  5. Playful Stormwing Orb 
  6. Affectionate Stormwing Orb 
  7. Loyal Stormwing Orb 

Use these Orbs to evolve your Stormwing Hatchling for better quest rewards! 

Stormwing Levels & Rewards 

Your Stormwing offers daily quests for rewards, which improve as you level it up. You’ll also get one quest per level (with the exception of the first level) that provide bonus rewards. 

Stormwing Level Required Storm Tokens Rewards for Leveling Up Daily Quest Reward 
[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box
[Event] Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box (x2)
25 [Event] Daeva's Legendary Transformation Selection Box*
*Provides a selection of random boxes, each of which contains a focused list of Legendary transformation contracts.
[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box (x2)
40 [Event] Rank 4 Grade A Minion Contract Box[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box (x2)
70 [Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box x5[Event] Zudra’s Impressive Gift Box
80 [Event] Ultimate 100% Manastone Socketing Supplement x2[Event] Zudra’s Impressive Gift Box
100 Daevanion Essence x3[Event] Zudra’s Impressive Gift Box
100 [Event] Legendary Apsotle Transformation Contract Selection Box (12 types)[Event] Zudra’s Prime Gift Box


Daily Quest Reward 

Bundle Item Quantity Bundle Type 
[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box [Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Box Select    
[Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Box 
Grade A Minium 50 
[Event] Special Transformation Contract (62 types) 
[Event] Zudra’s Impressive Gift Box [Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box Select         
[Event] Legendary Engraved Manastone Selection Box 
Grade A Minium 100 
[Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone 
[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) 
[Event] Special Transformation Contract (62 types) 
[BCM] Refining Stone/Sanctity Potion Selection Box 
Abyssal Star 
[Event] Berdin's Lucky Star 
[Event] Zudra’s Prime Gift Box [Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box Select              
Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box 
Grade S Minium 70 
Grade A Minium 150 
[Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone 
[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) 
[Event] Special Transformation Contract (62 types) 10 
Empyrean Lord's Holy Water 
[BCM] Refining Stone/Sanctity Potion Selection Box 
Techrunerk's Kinah Box 
Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone 
Giant Abyssal Star 
[Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star 

Stormwing Buff 

Buff NPCBuff Name (Duration)Buff
Newly-Hatched Stormwing N/AN/A 
Baby Stormwing 
Timid Stormwing Stormwing's Cheer (60min) Physical Attack +40 
Magical Attack +40 
Accuracy +75 
Magic Accuracy +75 
Attack Speed +2% 
Casting Speed +2% 
Moving Speed +2% 
Hungry Stormwing 
Curious Stormwing 
Playful Stormwing +1 Zudra's Approval 
Physical Attack +80 
Magical Attack +80 
Accuracy +150 
Magic Accuracy +150 
Attack Speed +3% 
Casting Speed +3% 
Moving Speed +3% 
Affectionate Stormwing 
Loyal Stormwing 


Lugbug Mission List (Daily) 

Quantity Task 
Use consumable 30 times 
Use Transformation Scroll 3 times 
Extract XP 1 time 
Complete 8 Daily Missions 

Minion Awakening 

Promotion Dates: August 24 – September 7 

Minion awakenings are back in fashion in the coming weeks as another official Awakening Promotion begins! 

Daevas interested in participating in the promotion need only attempt to synthesize several Grade A Rank 4 minions, and they will be awarded a Grade S Minion Contract Selection Box (10 Types). It should also be noted that Customer Support will not be offering restoration of Minion Combination items during the event, so be careful with your Combinations! The types and quantities of qualifying synthesis attempts are below: 

  1. Synthesize 4 Grade A Rank 4 minions in a single attempt, regardless of success. 
  2. Synthesize 3 Grade A Rank 4 minions in two separate attempts, regardless of success. 
  3. Synthesize 2 Grade A Rank 4 minions in three separate attempts, regardless of success. 

Keep in mind that Synthesis attempts will be counted per account, regardless of which character they were attempted on, and Customer Support will not be able to honor token restorations for minion synthesis attempts during the promotion. 

Any Daevas which fulfill at least one of the conditions above will receive their box no later than 9/14/2022, and rewards are limited to one box per account. Rewards will be provided to the account’s first character to synthesize during the promotion. 


Item name Contents Quantity 
 Grade S Minion Contract Selection Box (10 Types) Fierce Kromede Minion Contract 
Valiant Kromede Minion Contract 
Deadly Sheba Minion Contract 
Deft Sheba Minion Contract 
Fierce Hyperion Minion Contract 
Valiant Hyperion Minion Contract 
Rugged Viola Minion contract 
Vivified Viola Minion contract 
Stubborn Modor Minion contract 
Agile Modor Minion contract 

Store Offerings: 

Bundle Items Included Quantity BCC Sale End 
Rank 4 Grade A Minion Selection BundleMinium Selection Box*
[BCM] Rank 4 Grade A Minion Contract Selection Box1
Minion Buddy Fragment

*Minium Selection Box contains a selection of either 200 Rank A Minium or 100 Rank S Minium. 

**Please note the following: 

  1. Event items will be deleted during the regular maintenance on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (Wednesday)
  • [Event] Stormwing Lv1~LV8 Summon Orb 
  • [Event] Stormwing Lv1~LV8 
  • [Event] Storm Token 
  • [Event] Zudra's Gift Box 
  • [Event] Zudra's Impressive Gift Box 
  • [Event] Zudra's Prime Gift Box 
  1. All items acquired through this event cannot be traded or brokered.
  2. Items to which [Event] is applied may be deleted after notification.
  3. Event items including all levels of the "Stormwing Orb" cannot be traded to additional characters. Please make sure you claim the "[Event] Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb" on your preferred character, support will not honor any requests to transfer this item.

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